Will There be A Disneyland in The UK? When Disneyland UK is Opening?

Disneyland UK

The United Kingdom is still in the minor leagues when it comes to theme parks. Sure, there are entire zones dedicated to Lego, Cadbury, and Peppa Pig, as well as a few destination theme parks with age restrictions on the roller coasters, but it’s all very little potatoes compared to the massive corporate wonderlands of Disney World and Universal Parks overseas.

However, after spending £3.2 billion, there will be a version of Disneyland UK right there in the UK by 2024.

Disneyland UK Theme Park

Even though it is called Disneyland UK, it is not linked with Disney. Instead, the new theme park is getting built by London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH), which is in charge of the multi-billion pound project. Although it will not get located in London, it will be known as The London Resort. The Swanscombe Peninsula location in Dartford, Kent, meanwhile, is only a 17-minute rail trip from St Pancras.

‘The London Resort is a first for the United Kingdom,’ says Humphrey Percy, the company’s CEO. ‘Together, we’re building a Global Entertainment Resort unlike any other in the country, propelling us into the top 10 theme park resorts on the planet.’ We’re combining a £3.2 billion investment with globally recognized brands, stories, and characters from television, cinema, literature, and games, all just 17 minutes from the world’s top tourist destination.’

It will be a massive attraction covering 535 acres, three times the size of any other UK theme park and the equivalent of 136 Wembley Stadiums. The Isles, The Kingdom, The Jungle, The Woods, The Studio, Starport, and High Street will be among the attractions. It will include a 2,000-seat theatre and more than 50 rides organized into ‘zones.’ It will have Europe’s largest water park (all inside to avoid the British weather) and a 3,500-room hotel on-site.

Following a rocky start, the creators have re-launched a relationship with Hollywood heavyweights Paramount Pictures to bring some Hollywood action to the game. They also have existing agreements with BBC Studios and ITV. So expect rides that span the spectrum of entertainment, from The Godfather and Mission: Impossible to Wallace and Gromit, to name a few

Disneyland UK Location

It will be the largest fresh new theme park investment in Europe since Disneyland Paris in 1992 and will be located between Gravesend and Dartford in Kent.

Latest Update On Disneyland UK

The London Resort, if finished, will be Europe’s largest theme park since Disneyland Paris.

The creation of a fantastic theme park nicknamed the “UK Disneyland” has progressed to the next level.

The proposed park has now entered its ‘pre-procurement’ phase, which means potential vendors may register their interest in the project via an online form after a few years of obstacles.

The Kent and Medway Federation of Small Companies (FSBDevelopment )’s Manager, Tim Aker, said: For small businesses in the Southeast, the London Resort is a tremendous opportunity.

This is an opportunity for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to join the supply chain and benefit from the economic advantages that this project will bring to the area.

At a time when the country is in desperate need of investment, this will benefit the local and larger economy. Small and medium-sized businesses are being encouraged to explore the role they can play in this exciting growth

The London Resort is expected to generate roughly 48,000 direct, indirect, and induced employment by 2038. The London Resort unveiled plans for the project in January, claiming, The project will be one of Europe’s greatest building projects.

A multi-billion-pound investment will turn a seven-million-square-meter plot of land on the Thames’s banks into one of the world’s largest immersive experience centers. It will be three times the size of any other park in the UK once completed. Over 535 acres, the equivalent of 136 Wembley Stadiums, two theme parks, and a resort water park will be built.

A customized entertainment area will be dedicated to a comprehensive range of hospitality experiences, including the availability of 3,500 hotel rooms. There will be something for everyone, and food and drink to suit all tastes. It’s the rides and experiences that will elevate The London Resort to a new level.

The London Resort will be a two-park resort in the future, with the second set to open in 2029.