Where Are The Most Popular Business Travel Destinations from The UK?

Business Travel

Business travel is a fundamental part of working life for many professionals. Whether domestic or international, it can help to build and maintain relationships, drive sales and solve operational challenges. Some destinations will, undoubtedly, be more popular with business travellers for business and leisure reasons. Fortunately, SilverDoor Apartments have revealed their most popular business travel destination for UK-based clients. Let’s explore some of these.

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London is one of the most popular destinations for business travel in the UK, largely due to its status as one of the world’s leading financial and commerce centres. The city’s proximity to mainland Europe, North America across the Atlantic and its time zone difference to Asia make it ideal for global business. It is home to the headquarters of some of the biggest financial institutions in the world. In addition to business interests, London is a very popular destination for leisure purposes – offering many world-famous landmarks and rich cultural heritage.


Singapore isn’t far behind London as one of the most popular business travel locations, for similar reasons. The city-state is a business-favourable location, driving significant amounts of foreign investment and entrepreneurship. Singapore is among the most technologically and economically advanced states in the world, thanks to thriving electronic manufacturing and financial service industries. Any business trip to the city will be spectacular, particularly if you stay in one of Singapore’s luxury serviced apartments.


Amsterdam may not immediately come to mind when you think of a common business travel destination. However, the city boasts one of the highest standards of living and a remarkably stable economy – making it an ideal location for businesses to set up, particularly in the wake of Brexit. It’s also home to the oldest stock exchange in the world – the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. All this coupled with its flourishing cultural and social scene, make it an ideal business travel destination if you get the chance.


Dubai has experienced a wave of new tourism in recent years, attracting both business and recreational tourists. The city is a luxury destination, showcasing the finest of modern construction and architecture. Dubai’s business hub is home to Fortune 500 companies and acts as a gateway to the Middle East, Africa and Asia. You won’t be disappointed if you ever get the chance to travel to the city for business.


Another very popular destination for business travellers from the UK is Dublin. Ireland has low corporation tax rates, and with its proximity to the UK whilst still remaining part of the EU, Dublin has developed a strong reputation as a business hub. Google, IBM and Facebook all have offices in the city, and a thriving start-up environment means that business travel is commonplace in Dublin.