Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This policy statement intends to help you understand how The Business Time utilizes and secures the data you give us when you access our website or services.

We still have the privilege to alter the policies at any given time and update you with the changes. If you intend to stay up-to-date with our policy changes, we recommend visiting this page often and subscribing to our notifications for policy changes.

What data do we collect from our users?

We usually collect contact information if you subscribe to our newsletters by providing personal details such as email, phone number, and personal address. We also collect some information directly from your device when you access our website. The information may include-

  1. The information about your devices, such as your os, hardware specifications, display settings, and browser information, helps us adapt our website to your device.
  2. Your advertisement identifiers if you access Google’s targeted advertisement experience. This feature helps us tailor our advertisements to your tastes and the data reserved by Google.
  3. Unique identifiers such as your IP address to help us know if you are a previous visitor or a new guest help us create experiences suitable for your tastes and users similar to you.
  4. Device information such as your interaction with objects on our website tailors experience depending on the user’s interaction with our content.
  5. We will also take information from cookies on your device and may store your cookies.
  6. With your permission, we may collect your device’s location to give you the services you request on the website.

What we give with your consent

  1. Direct communication: we will directly send you newsletters if you sign up for them on our website. You can later opt-out of the service and contact if you change your mind.
  2. Place cookies: we will ask your permission to place cookies inside your device and use general cookies technology.
  3. Social media: social media sign in with our website will give us your user ID and the ID’s name. If you connect your social media with The Business Time, your information will be under Facebook’s privacy policy. You can opt not to connect your social media with our website.

How we use your data?

  1. Sharing to affiliates and partners for analysis: our news corporation groups help organize and analyze your data to tailor our website and services according to people’s preferences.
  2. In some cases, we are legally obliged to save your data under the General Data Protection Regulations.
  3. We further analyze your data to find what you view on our website and what apps you use related to our services.
  4. We carry out marketing analysis to find what your interests are to make advertisements more tailored to your preferences.
  5. We collect and log the users’ IP addresses to monitor our website and how the user interacts.

Using data for ages under 13

We do not create any of our posts for children under 13, and we never knowingly collect data of a child below 13 years of age. Some of our services can be for people of higher age restrictions, and you will see the information at the point of registration. We comply with all the laws and regulations of GDPR.

Security of personal data

We have all the technical and organizational security management to ensure none of your data goes out by unauthorized access. We also make sure that no data leaks from an accidental loss or destruction. You can protect your data with a secure password to manage the content you use from our website. Sending data through the internet is unfortunately partially secure, and we cannot guarantee the protection of data that is still in transit to our servers from your device. You can ensure the data you send is secure by using multiple third party security options.

International data transfer

Data we collect can be transferred, accessed, and stored in any country outside the UK where The Business Time has one or more facilities. While the government might not have the same protection or laws, we will keep your data as secure as possible while in transit with this policy.

Advertising, Payments and refund policy

If you purchased any of our advertising services then kindly follow our payment terms given by the editorial team. Any kind of policy violation may pay extra amount of the deal or May lose the services for further collaboration.

Content policy

We’ll edit the content on every week/month according to visitors behavior. External, Resources, Internal links can be added or removed anytime. As we know we don’t have Google’s algorithm terms and policy’s control, so links can be change anytime dofollow to nofollow. If any content is not indexed in google search result we might be removed it accordingly.

Changes to policy It is within the rights of the website to change and modify the policies without prior notice. Search changes will be under our legal rights. At times such changes are also mandated by broader modifications and additions on a sociolegal level. Users are requested to routinely verify the existing privacy policy of our website and trust our dedication and integrity in providing you with an honest and holistic service