6 Things to Do in London During Christmas

London during Christmas

Christmas is one of the most anticipated moments of the year; it may be because of the lights adorning the streets or because of the smell of roasted chestnuts.

But the truth is that almost all of you wait for these dates to arrive so you can go on vacation. In terms of destinations, London is one of the favourites: some of the most beautiful areas of the city have a special charm with Christmas trees marking their silhouette in the streets and squares.

From Trafalgar Square to Covent Garden, Christmas in London is an experience. For all of you who have thought of the British capital to spend your holidays, here are some things to do in London at Christmas.

1. See the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree

London During Christmas
Trafalgar Square Christmas tree

Trafalgar Square at Christmas is a place that you cannot miss. The majestic fir, which Oslo gives to London every year as a thank-you for their support during World War II, is the main attraction in the square.

Nelson’s column is decorated with white Norwegian lights. Very popular with tourists and locals, the lighting ceremony is followed by a torchlight procession and finally.

Witnessing the lighting of the tree, singing Christmas carols or lighting candles to honour the holidays, are some of the activities that can be done in Trafalgar Square at Christmas.

2. As night falls, watch the street lighting

London During Christmas

When it gets dark, few things are as beautiful as seeing the vastness of London covered in twinkling lights that cover the streets in reflections of colour.

So prepare your camera to keep the beauty of night London forever. The famous shopping street in London, Regent Street, is adorned with extravagant lights, during the day the Christmas lights are turned on the traffic is cut for this occasion, and a famous person turns on the lights.

It is one of the best Christmas things to do in London.

3. Ice skating

London During Christmas
Ice skating

During the months of November and December, London is full of beautiful skating rinks. You can find them all over the city, from financial districts like Canary Warf to university neighbourhoods like the ice rink in front of the Natural History Museum.

Get a glimpse of the grandeur of Somerset House and slip on your skates to glide across the 900m2 rink. Located in central London, between the Strand and the Thames, Somerset House is one of the most popular spots in the city during winter for hosting this open-air ice rink.

In addition to being a temptation for skaters, concerts and other activities are also held on the rink.

4. Go to Leaden Hall Christmas Market

London During Christmas
Leaden Hall Christmas Market

You’ll be in the Christmas spirit the moment you set foot in Leaden hall Market. The decoration of the ceilings and the magnificent Christmas tree are perfect to create a warm atmosphere that contrasts with the cold winter that makes its triumphal entry during these days.

5. Drink mulled wine

London During Christmas
Drink mulled wine

This season, a good option to warm up is to have a cup of mulled wine, a recipe little (or not at all) but very typical in the Christmas markets of London and Central Europe. It consists of drinking the wine, after boiling it with a little sugar, lemon peel, cinnamon and aromatic cloves.

The perfume is reminiscent of cakes, and the warmth and comfort after having been touring the city.

6. Take a carriage ride

London During Christmas
Take a carriage ride

In a city full of charm and history, what could be better than a ride in an elegant horse carriage? These tours are done at Christmas, and it is one of the tourist attractions that you have to do once in your life.

You will see a different perspective of London! In this way, Christmas in London is celebrated.