The Cheapest way to drive from the UK to Spain

Cheapest way to drive from the UK to Spain
The Cheapest way to drive from the UK to Spain

Nowadays, #wanderlust has become one of the most common and trending Hashtags going on the social media platform. You must have seen those quotes “ save money and go for the world tour” The trips become more interesting when it’s the road trip. Often I get some of the questions regarding the cheapest way to travel to Spain. Most of my friends are explorer, I have shared this query with them, and they have the following suggestions. 

In this article, you will get the solution to your query. And I can assure you that while reading this article you will enjoy driving from the UK to Spain free of cost. So without making any far conversation, let’s start the Article. Happy reading!! 

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The cheapest way to drive from the UK to Spain.

Your travel budget certainly depends upon which time of the year you want to visit Spain from the UK. The number of people you are taking with you for the trip. The costliest time to travel to Spain is during Christmas time and school vacations. Flights trains are some of the ways you can travel to Spain. Apart from these two, you can travel by car. Here is the best way to travel to Spain by car on a low budget. 

The channel crossing :

It entirely depends on you from where you start the journey to how much you can drive the car. While traveling from the UK to Spain, you have to cross France and a few small cities attached to the coast. Here are some of the best routeway. 

Dover To Calais:

 Suppose you are planning to commence your trip to London. Traveling via London will be the easiest way to tour Spain. Choosing Dover for travel will help you to save around 1.5 hrs. This crossing is the fastest way to drive to Spain. And to same more time, you can choose the Eurotunnel, and you will be able to visit France within 30 minutes. If you decide on the ferry, it will be longer and costliest.

Portsmouth to Santander/ Bilbao: 

 When you were searching route for Spain, you must have seen this route from Portsmouth to Santander / Bilbao. This route is considered as one of the most important and direct ways to Spain. You don’t have to wait, and you straight end up to your Destinations. But this direct route is a bit time consuming as you have to spend 28hour on the ferry. Moreover, the journey can be a bit tough and harsh. This route is short and relieving to those who don’t want to drive long and want to cut your corner by saving petrol. 

Poole To Cherbourg

Another way to drive to Spain is the Poole to Cherbourg. It just takes 4 hours to cross and take a short sailing time. Poole is the best route you can choose for your drive. You have to take the ferry, which leaves at 8 am. Within 12 pm, you will reach the coast of Cherbourg. After that, you can wake up, have your breakfast, and then start your driving to Spain.  


Here is the best route that you can choose for driving to Spain from the UK. Planning a road trip is the most adventurous thing one can do. You can enjoy it utmost only when you know which route you choose and how much you can save. Realize you have got the idea of the route to select one according to your favorite, take your car key and enjoy the trip.