Why Wokingham Has Been Considered The Healthiest Place to Live in England


From countryside landscapes, plenty of sports clubs and exercise groups, amazing parks have been considered as the reason why Wokingham has been considered the healthiest place to live in England.

The borough that is including the towns of Wokingham, Woodley, and Earley, and some of the villages like Swallow field, Twyford, etc. are top of the new health Index in England. The index has been developed by the office of National statistics and it is intended to track the progress of health outcomes in England.

Besides, Wokingham is prosperous and has numerous numbers of good schools, and high rates of employment make this place different from other cities. There is a wider range of factors that also need to be considered such as opportunities for social contacts, social service, communities, good houses, etc.

Here, in this article, I am going to provide all the relevant factors that make Wokingham the best and healthiest place in England.

Factors that make Wokingham the best healthiest place for living in England

Fitness classes:

Healthiest Place to Live in England
Fitness classes

There are plenty of fitness clubs and exercise groups in Wokingham. Heidi Strickland Clark is the fitness owner of the Fasttrack Fit Camp. During the non-pandemic time, she organizes outdoor fitness classes in the borough.

But during the pandemic, she was holding fitness classes for people aged 40 to 60 via Zoom. There is an incredible craving for her line of work in Borough.

There are many fitness trainers in Wokingham; who are also doing similar work to her. Besides, there is an incredible amount of sports clubs in Wokingham.

There is an enormous number of affluent middle-class families having the time and also the money to do exercise classes and things like that.

Plenty of beautiful parks:

Healthiest Place to Live in England
Beautiful Parks

Charles Margetts is the lead associate in Health and wellbeing at Wokingham Borough Council.  He explained some of the reasons that positioned Wokingham at the top of the heal Index.

He said, Because of several amazing parks and countryside factors, Borough has positioned top in the health Index. The town is full of sports clubs, where people can go and join in sports activities.

There are also good GPs, excellent hospitals, good care homes, and Frimley parks are used by the people for relaxation.

Although there is a lack of fast food shops in the town that can cause a smaller factor in the ranking. But, still, there are things like fish, and chip shops that take away the town center.

He also added that McDonald’s and KFC still not showing interest to become in Wokingham. They must know that there might be not a huge demand for them in the town.

In his explanation, he also added that they will try to improve the offerings for the people in Wokingham. There is tremendous community spirit among the people and people go out of their way to help each other in the city.

The affluence of Sports clubs:

Healthiest Place to Live in England
Sports clubs

Wokingham has an affluence number of the sports club. There are plenty of cricket clubs as well as football clubs where high-quality leagues are operated in most areas. One of the most popular clubs is finch Coasters.

The chairman of the club has stated that the membership of the club has doubled over the past few years. That means there is a true appetite for playing in the area.

There are too many open spaces for running, and people can also run on the roads. The green spaces are also safe for the sportsperson to run and play.

There is a huge increase in the number of people, who are interested in cycling, walking, and running from the lockdown.

These are the factors that positioned Wokingham at the top of the health Index. The Index is based on data and surveys but the data are in some years old. But even though, this year Wokingham is working too hard to secure the same health index position.


What is Wokingham famous for?

Ans: From the ancient period, 14th to 16th centuries, Wokingham is famous for its bell foundry that supplied many churches across the Southern region of England.

But, nowadays, it is famous for its brutal blood sports. Modern-day Wokingham is a place with a pleasant, calm place with low rates of crime.

What is the healthiest county in Europe?

Ans: as per the reports and studies, Spain is the healthiest country in Europe. Not in Europe, Spain is also the healthiest country on Earth.

Spanish people generally follow a maintained diet full of protein, Omega 3, fat, etc. this healthy diet reduces the chance of heart disease and cancer.

What is the happiest place to live in England?

Ans: The Cornish town of St Ives has been topped as the happiest place to live in England. This town is populated by around 11,000 and as per the report; St Ives has overtaken Hexham as the winner.

The Cornish coastal area is an amazing location for living. Not only did the beautiful beaches, have an amazing setting, but the iconic sense of communism also made the place the happiest to live in.

Where is the healthiest place to live in the world?

Ans: Japan and Switzerland are considered the healthiest place to live in the world. Japan was positioned first in the ranking. Japan has the lowest level of obesity on the earth.

Besides, there is excellent public transportation. For this reason, a few people own their private cars. This leads to a very low amount of air pollution.

Wrap up:

The Borough has ranked top on the new health Index for England, the index was intended to track the progress of health report outcomes across England. This Index was based on the data from 2015 to 2018.

A new measure looks at residents’ health, focusing on various health outcomes including long-term medical conditions, life expectancy, personal well-being, mental health conditions, eating habit, drug use, etc.

The leader of the National Council has stated that lots of open green spaces, countryside, and access to nature make this place beautiful and healthiest for living in.