7 Best Dinosaur Parks in the UK

Dinosaur Parks

Ask your kids about their favourite vacation and probably related to the dinosaur parks. And although they may struggle with seemingly difficult basic terms, they can read any dinosaur’s name!

Dinosaur parks in the UK have become so popular and popping up all over the country that there are stills so many dinosaur days to be had! The parks are suitable for family day, whether you are looking for something to do locally or vacationing in the UK.

Here are our picks of the best dinosaur-themed attractions around the UK. They are given by,

Roarr dinosaur adventure: 

Roarr dinosaur adventure
Roarr dinosaur adventure

Roar Dinosaur Adventures in Norfolk is the UK’s largest dinosaur adventure park. It was the first dinosaur park in the UK. And it’s the one you go back to because it’s so good.

It is known for being one of the best dinosaur attractions in the UK with dinosaur trails (of course), high ropes mazes, dinosaur digs, indoor soft play and more. In the summer, there is a great splash zone.

Dinosaur Trails winds through forested areas where you will encounter enormous life-sized dinosaurs, including Brachiosaurus!

Accommodation near Roarr Dinosaur Adventure:

You can stay at the modern art house in the heart of the city with free parking, about this rental: 2 bedroom, two bathroom house and areas like kitchen and garden

Another great theme is Cottage In Brampton (Near Aylsham); Norfolk Dove Cot is a beautiful 200-year-old brick and flint cottage located in the pretty village of Brampton along the River Bure, 13 km from Dinosaur Adventure.

Ticket price:

  • Adults: £16.50
  • Children over 90 cm: £16.50
  • Children under 90 cm free

Paradise wildlife park:

Paradise wildlife park:
Paradise wildlife park

It is in Hertfordshire and is home to the fabulous World of Dinosaurs, one of the best animatronic dinosaur parks in the UK. It has a very impressive Jurassic Park-style entrance. The walk takes you past dinosaurs that move and roar.

And you will be able to hop aboard a jeep for great photo opportunities to recreate the scenes in Jurassic Park, with the T-Rex chasing you.

The Rex Express is a narrow train with a dinosaur theme. This costs an additional £2, and dinosaurs dig in a giant sandpit where you can dig up dinosaur bones.

The paradise wildlife park is not just a dinosaur attraction. Most of them are zoos with many animals such as lions and white tigers and the UK’s most enormous anaconda. There is also a wonderful playground.

Accommodation in Hertfordshire:

The cottages are spread over two floors with an open-plan living room: vintage dining room and kitchen decorated in French farmhouse style, white beams and oak floors.

Ticket price:

  • Adults (16+): £22.00
  • Children: £20.00
  • Children under 2: free

Knebworth house:

Knebworth house:

Knebworth House is a beautiful rural estate in Hertfordshire. There is so much to see and do, including a beautiful play area (Fort Knebworth), a giant slide and a maze, as well as a house.

But it’s your kids’ favourite dinosaur park. In the Knebworth house, the Dinosaur Trail takes you past 72 life-sized dinosaurs with information boards. The soundbox winds up making the dinosaurs roar, and a large chalkboard at the end to draw your caveman.

You can enjoy outstanding events including How to Train Your Dinosaur, Classic car show, Horrible Histories and the Great British Food Festival.

Ticket price:

  • Total: 10.00 Euros
  • Family of 4: £36.00
  • Children under 3: free

Combe Martin wildlife and dinosaur park:

Combe Martin wildlife and dinosaur park:
Combe Martin wildlife and dinosaur park

The Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park is home to over 19 animated dinosaurs with a life-sized T-Rex. The Dino Express train takes you a short ride. In the dark tunnel, you will be surprised by the sneeze of the dinosaur!

There is also a small dinosaur museum with authentic fossils and replicas, including an indoor dinosaur play zone. On the non-dinosaur side, there’s a pharaoh’s tomb and a botanical garden.

Ticket price:

  • Adults (15+): £15.49
  • Children (3-15): £14.49
  • Children under 3: free

The dinosaur park Tenby:

The best dinosaur parks in Tenby are dinosaur-themed amusement parks aimed at young children. There are many dinosaur-themed activities, such as a dinosaur activity corner.

You will find an island box to create your own dinosaur habitat or Draw Alive, where you can draw your own dinosaur and watch it come to life on your TV screen.

Dinosaur Path offers more than 30 dinosaurs to see in lush surroundings as you walk through the forest paths, and there are many rides and attractions.

Ticket price:

  • Adults (15+): £12.75
  • Children (3-15): £11.50
  • Toddler (age 2): 4.95 pounds
  • Children under 2: free

Dino park Dumfries:

Dino park Dumfries
Dino park Dumfries

You can find up to 15 dinosaurs in the dinosaur park and many other dinosaur-related activities. You can hear the story of dinosaurs in Dino Den. You also walk through the dark Dino Mine, bouncing with bouncy dinosaurs or digging for fossils.

If the weather is not favourable, there is also a dinosaur toy centre.

Ticket price:

  • Adults (14+): £3.50
  • Children (2-14): 6.50 Euros.
  • Children under 2: free

Wingham wildlife park: 

Wingham Wildlife Park in Kent is mostly a zoo. But there are excellent dinosaur parks. You can see Dinosaur A-Z, which is really informative about their 22 dinosaurs.

Ticket price:

  • Adults: £19.00
  • Children (2-15): £16.00
  • Children under 2: free

Hope you can understand the unique features and ticket prices of the best dinosaur park in the UK. You can choose based on your preference and enjoy your day out with your kids, friends and family members.

Final verdict:

Did you know that dinosaurs are the second most attractive among children under five years old? It’s the best surprise for your kids of Roaring Dinosaur-themed theme parks and attractions to visit all over the UK!

So no matter where you are if you have kids who love dinosaurs, you will be able to find the fun of stomping on your feet! These amusement parks are worth a visit with the family!