Top 10 Halal Nandos Restaurant London 2024

Halal Nandos Restaurant London

Finding Halal Nandos Restaurant in London. London has a vibrant culinary landscape. Here the whole cultural diversity of various delicious dishes is preeminent.

But, what if someone is an Islamic person who has a firm belief in the concept of halal? Will he be able to relish his favourite halal foods in the city’s distinguished restaurants?

Of course yes! Whether you’re a fan of grilled chicken or any other eclectic dish, some famous halal nandos London restaurants will certainly cover them. ​​​​​

The casual yet fine dining experience you will get from these halal restaurants will leave you amazed.

The Magic lies not only in the tantalizing dishes of these restaurants but also in their cosy and gastronomical setting. Wanna delve deep into these restaurant details? Okay!

Let’s go for it…

Halal Nandos – A Brief Overview

The terms Halal nandos are used to refer to those restaurants whose chefs do the cooking of meats confirming Islamic dietary laws.

From preparing the culinary delights to completing them, the chefs of these restaurants cling to Halal standards. Also, these restaurants always say “No” to pork and alcohol.

Here you will find various types of dishes. The most famous dish among them that always remains in demand is flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken served with sauces.

The Nandos halal restaurants also offer various side dishes and signature drinks along with. 

So are you a believer in halal laws? Don’t worry! It no longer means that you can’t indulge yourself in eating tasty dishes. The dishes are made of meat in different countries like London.

These restaurants look into your halal requirements and give you culinary delights according to the way you want. The menu items of these restaurants are also many. 

Nandos Halal Restaurants – Our Selection Criteria

Our criteria for choosing the top 10 halal nandos remained the following –

  • The Halal certification of the restaurants. 
  • Their food quality. 
  • The variety of menus with side dishes they offer.
  • The hygiene standard of the restaurants. 
  • Their service efficiency. 
  • The ambience within the restaurants.
  • Their location accessibility. 
  • Their customer reviews. 
  • The portion size of the food they provide. 
  • The veg or gluten-free options they provide. 
  • The freshness of their food ingredients. 
  • The eco-friendly practices the restaurants adhere to. 
  • The seating capacity of the restaurants during the peak season. 
  • Their wheelchair accessibility options. It’s important for differently-abled customers. 
  • The amenities of the restaurants. 
  • If their environment is child-friendly or not. 
  • Provision for home delivery of their food or takeaway. 
  • Provision for online ordering of food. 
  • The loyalty programs they offer to their customers. 
  • The innovation and creativity in the food menus of their restaurants. 
  • The interior design and decor of the restaurants. 

10 Halal Nandos Restaurant We Suggest

1. Roti King

This Nando halal restaurant is of a Malay Fusion kind. If you want to fix your Nasi Lemak in London, Roti King is the best place ever for it. The signature dishes of this restaurant include – 

  • Roti Canai.
  • Halal chicken Malay, etc.

This place is especially popular for its meat dishes. And, all the meat dishes they serve maintain halal standards. The restaurant never keeps alcohol of any kind keeping in mind the interest of the halal community of people. 

Located At – Euston in Central London. 

Google Rating – 4.4 / 5.

2. The Halal Guys

Are you a halal food enthusiast guy who often dies for flavorful fast foods? Then, this restaurant is the ideal destination for people like you. Here you will find the authentic halal food of your choice.

This restaurant has got its unique popularity from the streets of the U.K. to America’s New York. The ​​American halal nandos meat chain of this restaurant is popular for –

  • Halal chicken platters.
  • Gyro platters.
  • Falafel sandwiches, etc. 

In their food, you will find a touch of classic American dishes. Also, these halal cuisines come with a twist in tastes that you could have never imagined. Once you visit the restaurant, the Middle Eastern cuisines are a must-try. 

Located At – Kensington in London. 

Google Rating – 3.6 / 5.

3. Chotto Matte Soho

Searching for a fancy Nandos halal restaurant located in Central London? Then, count this restaurant in.

Here in this place, you can expect the taste of traditional Japanese food cooked with a modern twist. The restaurant has an intimate setting. So, it’s ideal for romantic dates for couples.

Bring your partner to this place to surprise her with their mouth-watering collections of food. And, the restaurant will never let you leave disappointed. You will like the fine dining experience that this place will provide you.

The restaurant is famous for Japanese Peruvian cuisine and says a big “No” to alcohol. The place is also great for celebrating special occasions with friends and family. 

Located At – Soho in London.

Google Rating – 4.2 / 5.

4.  Standard Balti House

Have a fondness for Bangladeshi and Indian halal foods? Then, this halal Nandos restaurant is made for you.

Located at the central part of Brick Lane, this restaurant serves you authentic halal foods of Bangladeshi or Indian origin.

The food house is especially famous for its good value curries that it has been serving since 1989. The special dishes of this place are – 

  • Tandoori chicken.
  • Murgh Achari.
  • Succulent lamb shank, etc. 

The quality of the food is very good. Also, you can experience fast service from their staff. The best part about this restaurant? It’s quite affordable! 

Located At – Brick Lane in London. 

Google Rating – 4.5 / 5. 

5. Rosa’s Thai King’s Cross 

Love to eat modern authentic Thai cuisine but are bound by Islamic halal laws? Don’t worry, this halal nandos restaurant will make delicious modern Thai dishes for you.

The food items here are chosen to maintain halal standards. The delightful dining experience it offers will make the restaurant win your heart forever.

Visit this hotspot branch of the restaurant with your friends and family and make them relish its comfortable setting, flavorful dishes, and enticing atmosphere.

Need low-heated halal cuisines? Some of the dishes of this place that you just can’t miss are –

  • Massaman curry.
  • Gaeng Kiew Wan – A Spicy Green Curry, etc. 

Located At – Caledonian Road in London. 

Google Rating – 4.6 / 5. 

6. Coco Grill & Lounge

Who doesn’t want to enjoy delectable cuisines sitting in a halal Nandos restaurant in London, watching amazing London Bridge views? After all, many people dream of it!

If you’re one of them, then Coco Grill & Lounge is the best place for fulfilling such a dream of you. Yes, this social media active restaurant is a great place to enjoy –

  • Asian haute cuisine.
  • Halal mocktails. 
  • Shisha.
  • Coco Burger. 
  • Halal tender lamb chops.
  • Coco lemongrass rice, etc. 

The Anatolian flavours of its various cuisines will leave you licking your fingers even after the completion of your eating of those dishes.

Already feeling a tingling sensation in your taste buds just by imagining those dishes? Then, think, about what you will do when the food is served before you in the restaurant! Also, you can expect to get alcohol in this restaurant that meets halal standards. 

Located At – Tower Bridge (in Shad Thames) in London. 

Google Rating – 4.7 / 5. 

7. WingWing Krispy Chicken

Have a weakness for Korean dishes? Can’t control your appetite for fried Korean-styled chicken? Then, visit this Nandos halal restaurant and it will come to your rescue.  Wondering, which food should order in the restaurant? Well! There’s no scarcity of options there. You can choose as per your choice. 

But, don’t forget to order their signature mouth-watering item – fried chicken wings. It’s a perfect menu option in case your choice is limited to a casual fast-food meal.

​​​​​Another good news for you! All the fast food items in this place are affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket. Here you can also order halal standard meeting alcohol and they will happily serve you with it. 

Located At – Euston in London.

Google Rating – 4.1 / 5.

8. Pizza Pilgrims Covent Garden

Are you recently after the delicious pizzas of the town? Do you often feel a craving for Italian halal Pizzas? Then, this halal Nandos eating house is your ultimate destination.

Here you will find gluten-friendly options as well.

The flavours of their different Pizzas vary and are made consciously to curb the craving of authentic Pizza lovers and other people as well. The restaurant also served alcohol and other drinks to its customers, though after confirming to halal statutes.  

Located At – Covent Garden in London. 

Google Rating – 4.5 / 5. 

9. Steak On The Green Steakhouse 

Want to get the taste of a succulent steak without wasting much money? Then, the superior quality halal steak of this halal Nandos restaurant will give you a wonderful experience. You have rarely faced such an experience before.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxing and is ideal for romantic couples. Be it a date night, or a romantic candle night dinner proposal episode, you can trust this restaurant.

It’s an incredible halal restaurant that will create a lifetime memory for you both. The restaurant also serves halal-certified alcohol to make the date night of the couples more fulfilling. 
Located At – Ealing in London. 

Google Rating – 4.4 / 5. 

10. Hawker’s Kitchen 

Here’s a Malaysian cuisine expert halal nandos restaurant where you will feel the authentic halal food of Malaysia.

The use of rich spices in the cuisines makes the dishes so flavorful that it will make you keep wanting more and more.

The menu options are huge. The place offers diverse categories of halal foods for customers. Their signature dishes are – 

  • Roti Chenna Masala.
  • Daal curry.
  • Masala Dosa.
  • Nasi Goreng, etc. 

After eating in this restaurant, you will feel that every food item available here is value for money. You will have no issue with booking. This is because the restaurant accepts bookings even a few hours before the time of your meal. That’s amazing, right?

The atmosphere of the place is friendly and the prices are reasonable. The place is strict about alcohol. So, you will never get a bottle of it here. 

Located At – King’s Cross (at Caledonian Road) in London. 

Google Rating – 4.2 / 5. 

Halal Nandos Restaurant – Our Tips To Extract Maximum Pleasure From Them

  • Explore the different menu offerings of the Halal Nandos and taste them. 
  • Try different sauces including Peri-Peri sauce offered by them. 
  • Order shareable platters of food to make the occasion special and remarkable. Relish them with your family and friends by sharing the food with them. 
  • Customize your order to get the food according to your choice. 
  • Choose healthy dishes to relish them and stay healthy at the same time.
  • Don’t attempt to visit the restaurants during peak seasons. Instead, visit them at normal times to avoid the crowd.
  • ​​​​​Keep checking for promotions or discounts. Once you get to know that they are offering the same, utilize them to your advantage. 
  • Enjoy the ambience of the restaurants. 
  • Opt for takeaway or home delivery if you’re in a hurry. 
  • Opt for reserving your table beforehand to avoid last-minute booking. It is important to do so, especially during peak hours. 
  • Explore the side dishes that are served with the main ones. 
  • End your meal with their signature dessert. 
  • Stay hydrated. 
  • In case you’re not sure what to order, ask for suggestions from the restaurant staff. 
  • Eat the portion of food that you can digest. Don’t overly stuff yourself with extra food.
  • Order the food consciously so that it doesn’t get wasted. 
  • Engage yourself in a friendly conversation with other people in the restaurants. However, be sure before that, they too want to get acquainted with you. 
  • Don’t forget to go through the allergen information of the restaurant. It’s especially needed if you have any food intolerance.


1. Is Cadbury halal in England? 

No, the Cadbury company-distributed chocolates or Cadburies are not halal in England. According to Cadbury’s Twitter account in the UK, the products of this company have not yet been certified by the Halal standards.

This is because the company has never taken any initiative to make any changes to its chocolates to turn them into halal food items. 


So, which halal Nandos restaurant have you chosen to explore in the first attempt? Is it a luxurious one or the one that is affordable and delicious? We will be waiting to hear from you. Bye for now!