Inspired Ideas for Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

What flowers should you have in your wedding bouquet?

As a rule, roses, lilies, eustomas, freesias, tulips, and orchids are used to make a bouquet. You can also make it from lily of the valley, violets, jasmine, daisies, daisies and chrysanthemums. Beautiful and symbolic wedding bouquet you get from the half-opened buds of white or pale pink peonies – this flower promises a strong family life and a happy wedding.

Decorate bridal bouquets Flowwow with the same as the usual – gypsophila, asparagus, sedge, aspidistra.

From which flowers in a wedding bouquet is better to give up

Callas, carnations and gladiolus should be avoided: firstly, they are believed to bring misfortune to newlyweds, and secondly, they are generally considered male flowers.

You should not order yellow, blue, black and dark maroon flowers – it can provoke quarrels and adultery in the future marriage.

In a wedding bouquet, it is better not to use fern and palm leaves. These two plants are magically incompatible with the union of two loving hearts.

The fern symbolizes a mist and is often used to bring it about, and the sharpness of the palm leaves portends conflict and hurtful words. This is in spite of the fact that the palm branch from time immemorial is considered a sign of victory.

Colour scheme ideas for your wedding flowers

Traditionally, wedding bouquets are made of white flowers with greenery. The white shade means light feelings and pure relationships, while green means timidity, attractiveness and youthfulness. Cream, peach, pink, blue, pale yellow and lettuce shades are also suitable.

Saturated colours are used for emphasis. In Europe, a yellow bouquet is placed on the table of the young, which symbolizes prosperity and fun, but in our country, it is considered a symbol of separation.

Nowadays, many weddings have a specific colour scheme. Guests know the hue of the wedding in advance and select the bouquet accordingly. For a wedding in the Chinese style, it will suit a bouquet of peonies, for the kind of fantasy – blue and purple flowers.

Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers and symbolism for your bouquet

Collecting a bridal bouquet is a responsible and time-consuming business. Only an experienced specialist can cope with it. A professional florist will find the perfect combination and play with any plant with particular elegance.

Combining plants in a special way can achieve a certain effect, for example, to attract good luck and prosperity. Each flower has its own sacred meaning:

  • Orchids – symbolize tenderness, innocence, and sensuality;
  • Roses symbolize love, passion and the procreation of children;
  • Peonies – the symbol of beauty, grace, and sincerity;
  • Tulips – symbolize dreaminess, romance, and playfulness;
  • Hydrangeas – the symbol of femininity, poise, elegance and spiritual happiness.

Colourful bouquet inspiration

A bright wedding bouquet will be a wonderful decoration for a bold, romantic nature, who is not afraid to show others the original taste.

For the bouquet to turn out bright, the future spouse does not have to use exclusively catchy colours.

Skillfully combining juicy shades with soft pastel tones, an experienced florist is able to make a real work of art, which will attract the attention of guests and remain a colourful memory in the photographs from the celebration.

In such an accessory, along with red, orange, purple, blue or yellow, there can be white, light pink, soft blue, lilac, cream and other pale colours.


What can I have instead of a bridal bouquet?


Instead of the usual bouquet, the bride can wear a bracelet made of fresh or artificial flowers. It can be both tiny and long, falling down literally to the floor like a cascade. Such an accessory is more convenient to wear because it’s not necessary to constantly hold it in your hands.

Such a floral attribute looks nice and romantic, especially if it is supplemented with a floral wreath. Or you can wear bracelets on both hands, giving the wedding image playfulness and originality.

A hoop

Another alternative to the bridal bouquet is a small hoop with fresh flowers. As the basis, you can use a headband made of both iron and plant materials, such as twigs. Such an accessory looks very effective because it gives the image of the bride’s elegance and sophistication.

Bouquets from alternative materials

Here there is room to play around because the bouquet of the bride can be composed not only from fresh flowers but also from the most unusual things: from greenery, succulents and cones to paper, buttons and brooches. Choose what will perfectly fit your image, and surprise your guests with an unusual wedding bouquet!


As an alternative to a bouquet, creative brides can take a small lantern to their wedding. It can be decorated with ribbons or fresh flowers. An especially beautiful attribute will look in the evening when the light inside it will play.

Geometric designs

Metal rhombuses, cubes and volumetric hexagons may well be used as the basis for an unusual floral composition. Supplementing the geometric base with flowers, you will get an unusual accessory, which will become the centrepiece of your holiday image.

One flower

Brides who like minimalism will like the idea of using one flower instead of a bouquet. For example, it can be an exotic protea, an airy hydrangea or the most common peony. Such a stylish composition will perfectly complement the modern image of the bride.

What flowers are best for a wedding bouquet?

For the wedding bouquet suit light, delicate, lush flowers, such as peonies, roses, chrysanthemums, daisies, eustomas. Volumetric plants look harmonious next to miniature violets, crocuses, and lilies of the valley.

How do you immortalize a wedding bouquet?

  • at any free moment put flowers in water. flowers get tired – it is normal, and even a 5-minute break in the water will give them new strength
  • do not “squeeze” the bouquet too insistently, flower buds and their stems are like peace. secure it, it is not difficult
  • try not to put the bouquet on a hard surface – the flowers will crumple or can break. petals, which took all the weight of the bouquet, crumple and darken surely, especially delicate flowers with thin stems can break
  • take a shipping box to the car, and ask your mom or girlfriend to prepare a vase or jar of water.
  • The water should be little, so it does not touch the bouquet ribbons, otherwise, they will get wet and stained with the green pigment released by the stems.

What can I do with my wedding bouquet?

Here are some popular tips to help dispose of the bride’s bouquet wisely:

Dry the arrangement in hot sand. The bouquet will retain its colour, neat shape, and will not look like a traditional herbarium. After this drying method, the bouquet looks as if preserved! The composition will delight your eyes for a long time yet, especially since it can be used at your own children’s weddings.

Dry individual flowers from the bouquet under the press, then arrange the petals as a colourful composition, place it in a frame and hang it on the wall. Such a picture will decorate any interior.

Put under the mattress several petals from the wedding bouquet. It is believed that in this case, the husband will be faithful and will never leave the family.