Top 9 Korean Restaurants in London for Authentic Cuisine

Korean Restaurants

Let’s be honest, the Korean culture is hitting up, isn’t it? Everyone is going crazy over BTS boys, not to forget K-dramas are crazy popular even more so than Japanese anime. So, of course, you want a taste of Korean food, and guess what?

We have brought you the best Korean restaurants in London. This is a handmade list of Restaurants that serves the best authentic Korean food in London. This selection is done keeping in mind varying affordability and dining experiences.

We have tried our best to curate a dynamic list of Korean Restaurants, for every Korean food lover in London, without further ado, let’s get right to it. 

Best Korean Restaurants in London

#1. Bibimbap Soho:

Korean Restaurants
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  • Menu: Kimchi, hot stone bowl, rice, noodles, beef, chicken, noodles, beverages
  • Address:11 Greek St, London W1D 4DJ, United Kingdom
  • Pricing:£

Of course, Bibimbap Soho comes first, with the most affordable prices on the list. Bibimbap serves you quality Korean food that you will not find anywhere, and it will keep you returning. Know why? Because that’s what it has been doing with its customers for years.

You only need to visit once, the tantalizing aroma, exquisite bibimbap, and tacos would seduce you into submission making the best Korean restaurant in London. Every dish on their menu is a delight my friend and that is saying something. The interior is amazing, and you will look forward to your next visit with them.

Chef’s Special: Korean mixed rice

#2. Bento Bap:

Korean Restaurants
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  • Menu: Dumplings, korokke, seafood, kimchi, Kimbap, beef, pork, chicken, beverage, Noodles, rice dishes
  • Address:4 Commercial St, London E1 6LP, United Kingdom
  • Pricing: £

Located 30 seconds from Aldgate, Bento serves great Korean food in London through the super friendly staff and awesome ambience. Order food with the help of a QR code scanner.

I guarantee you to have a great time at Bento Bap with their quick service and excellent portion size. They halal their meat and you will see great colours and flavours in your dishes that I am sure will be to your liking.

Chef’s Special: Chicken BBQ Kimbap

#3. Gogo Pocha:

Korean Restaurants
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  • Menu: Rice, bibimbap, seafood pancake, hot pot, kimchi pancake, cheese dishes.  
  • Address: 30 Lower Marsh, London SE1 7RG, United Kingdom
  • Pricing:£

This street-style cosy Korean Restaurant in London offers affordable and delicious Korean cuisine. Gogo has all checks ticked from service to food to ambience. You name it, they have it.

You will always leave stuffed, food made and served quickly with flawless taste. They serve their food scrumptiously fresh. Goga Pocha is friendly, small, and super comfortable. You will most definitely love it, amigo.

Chef’s Special: Fried Squid and pork

#4. Lime Orange:

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  • Menu: Kimchi pancake, hotpot, began, udon, chicken wings, miso soup, noodles
  • Address:312 Vauxhall Bridge Rd, London, United Kingdom
  • Pricing: ££

Line Orange is a small Korean restaurant that serves authentic Korean food in London. The staff is super kind and extremely welcoming. This place is a great keep if you find it.

The food is faultless, portions are generous, and service is friendly. What more can you ask? I know! It also happened to be affordable and pocket friendly.

Chef’s Special: Deep-fried Chicken

#5. Gogi:

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  • Menu: Dumplings, Korean fried chicken, Pancake, Rib eye, Udon, BBQ platter
  • Address:451 Edgware Rd, London W2 1TH, United Kingdom
  • Pricing: £££

A modern restaurant with a sleek presentation serving classic Korean dishes with table-side barbecues. The place is super cosy, and chic, and rest assured, you will have a pleasant experience.

They serve the best Korean food in London and are exceptionally good. A bit on the pricy side of things but you get premium service. The food is not spicy at all, and you can tell them your preferences and have the food made according to your wishes.

Chef’s Special: Chicken dumplings, Crispy chicken, Udon

#6. Kimchee Restaurant & Bar:

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  • Menu: Cocktails, Noodles, Rice, BBQ, Beef, Chicken, Seafood, calamari
  • Address: Unit 4, 2 Pancras Sq, London N1C 4AG, United Kingdom
  • Pricing: £££

Kimchee serves you perfectly grilled meat and vegetables at the table. Kimchee is the best casual Korean restaurant in London. They offer everything from dine-in to takeaway to delivery.

A perfect place for people who like to take themselves on a date, with great food, exquisite service, and aromatic delicacies Kimchee is all time favourite of food lovers ready to get the best Korean Food in London.

The grilled flavours are just so delicious you will be left gasping for words to describe the food. One that comes close to it is simply divine!

Chef’s Special: Pork Bulgogi, Beef Dolsot Bibimbap

#7. Jinjuu Soho:

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  • Menu: Cocktails, Tacos, Sliders, Prawn, small plates, edamame, tofu lollipops
  • Address:15 Kingly St, London, United Kingdom
  • Pricing: £££

Jinjuu is an evergreen name on the lips of Korean street food goers. They serve the best Korean food on London streets. This restaurant is very spacey, and you will like their fine dining experience wrapped in superb service.

Their cocktails are served in a classy ground-floor bar and the dining is given in the basement. The décor is amazing and if you feel like it, grab your cocktail and get a seat by the window. The perfect end to a Friday!

Chef’s Special: Honey BBQ Skewers, Tom ka Noodles.

#8. Yanji BBQ:

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  • Menu: Lamb, Pork, BBQ, Classic Korean
  • Address:153 BethnalGrn Rd, London E2 7DG, United Kingdom
  • Pricing:£££

This cosy hidden gem of a restaurant offers London’s best Korean BBQ made with rich and fine ingredients that are not only flavorful but also fresh.  The chefs are talented with diverse culinary experiences to offer.

The dishes served are both beautiful and elegant making the service even more worth it.  If you want fine Korean dining Yanji fulfils it for you.

Most definitely, check this place out.

Chef’s Special: BBQ Skewers

# 9. Korean Bistro:

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  • Menu: Bulgogi, Korean fried chicken, rice, gluten-free
  • Address:53 Brewer St, London W1F 9UL, United Kingdom
  • Pricing: £

Korean Bistro comes highly recommended by its customers, the food is delicious. The people at Bistro are very kind and polite. You will have the experience. Go there twice and it will be your go-to Korean food place in London.

It’s a small hidden gem in the streets of Piccadilly. It’s a perfect place for a pre-show dinner. The menu is simple, and the prices are simply great.

Chef’s Special: bibimbap, Kimchi


There are a lot of places to eat Korean food in London, but none are like the ones that we have mentioned in our hand-curated list. They offer a price range for everyone. The dining experiences are made varied, and the food is the very best Korean Food in London at every restaurant mentioned in our list. Enjoy Folks.

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