7 Best Cinemas in London for Couples to Date

Cinemas in London for Couples

Are you having romantic sensations lately for your partner? Feeling like love is in the air? London has always been a place for romance, culture, and history.

And, what’s a better way to date your partner in London than to book two movie tickets in the most luxurious and eminent cinema houses in the city?

Just imagine….the magic of entertainment, darkness, and you two, spending quality time with each other in the couple seats! Isn’t it awesome to even dream of that?

So, think how exciting it will be if it will happen in reality!

No matter whether you two want to pamper yourselves with some timeless classics or are interested in recently released movies, the 7 best cinemas in London will cover up your whims.

Feeling eager to know about these picture houses in detail? Then, why wait? Let’s proceed with it! Allow them to ignite the sparks of your love and arouse the passions within you! 

Best Cinemas in London – Our Selection Criteria

We have selected the best cinemas in London for you where couples can fix their dates. We have done it based on the following criteria-

  • How convenient the accessibility of the place is.
  • How cozy and luxurious the ambiance of the place is.
  • The interior designs and descriptions of the movie halls. 
  • The types of films these movie halls showcase or their selection of films.
  • The seating arrangement of the movie halls and the comfortability of their seats. 
  • The amenities of these cinema halls like cafes, bars, etc.
  • The ticket price they charge. 
  • The hosting of special events in these cinema halls. 
  • The type of foods and drinks available in their cafes and bars. 

Best Cinemas In London – Our 7 Picks

1. Electric Cinema

Looking for the best cinemas in London with plush seating sofas and comfortable footrests? Are you a fan of vintage decor? Then, count Electric Cinema in.

This movie hall with a relaxed setting is not only a good place for intimate meetings. It also comprises a stylish bar to cater to both of your tastes.

The luxurious decor combined with the A-class screening quality makes it a must-visit place for the locals as well as tourists. The sound and picture quality is simply awesome.

The only things that may come in the path of your enjoyment are higher prices and limited showtimes.   

Located At – Portobello Road In London. 

Google Rating – 4.7 / 5.

2. Everyman Cinema

Wanna feel like watching a movie in your bedroom with your partner? Then stop searching for the best cinemas in London because here’s one before you!

Everyman cinema not only gives you comfortable sofas and armchairs to make your date night feel special. It also serves you with blankets, cushions, etc so that you can feel like you are at your home with your partner.

The best part about this movie house? It’s the gourmet cuisines and drinks that are irresistible. The food department of this hall gives you diverse options of foods to choose from.

And, believe us, they all taste like “Wow”! You will get anything you order, whether it’s a pizza or snacks and cocktails.

The location of the place is in fashionable neighborhoods, thus enhancing your overall experience. The top-notch audio-visual screening quality of various films makes this place a favorite among movie lovers.

The diversity in film selection is also a trait of this hall. 

Located At – Baker Street In London. 

Google Rating – 4.5 / 5.

3. Curzon Mayfair

Curzon Mayfair is one of the best cinemas in London whose Classic Art Deco is something worth praising. This place offers a sophisticated ambiance and elegant surroundings.

And, they are enough to attract visitors from all over the world. 

This movie house is known for showcasing a curated collection of independent films. Most of those movies are foreign in nature. In this movie hall, you will find comfortable seating options.

Also, it hosts special premieres at different times of the year. You can attend them with your partner and enjoy your date to the fullest.

However, one of the downsides of this picture house is that it provides the visitors with very less mainstream movie options. Also, the price of those movie tickets is super expensive. 

Located At – Curzon Street In London. 

Google Rating – 4.5 / 5.

4. Genesis Cinema

Still excited to know the names of the other best cinemas in London? Then, let’s explore Genesis Cinema virtually which is situated in Mile End. The historical significance of this cinema hall is immense.

The building has a rich cultural heritage. The hall showcases the diverse nature of films on its screens and that too at affordable prices. The atmosphere of the picture house is friendly.

You will never feel a lack of hospitality once you arrive at the place.

The community events hosted by this cinema hall draw worldwide tourists throughout the year. They are organized regularly along with various film festivals and other interesting events.

The downside of this movie hall is that you will find limited amenities there and that too not so luxurious. Besides, the setting of the hall is also not very opulent. 

Located At – Mile End in London. 

Google Rating – 4.4 / 5.

5. The Prince Charles Cinema

Interested in the best cinemas in London that are budget-friendly? Looking for picture houses that are mainly popular for eclectic programming? Then The Prince Charles Cinema is your ideal suit. Yes, this picture house offers you many options like –

  • Sing-along screenings.
  • Double features.
  • Cult movie nights.
  • Unique events, etc. 

Apart from that, the lively atmosphere of the hall along with the vibrant setting will keep on cheering you and your partner all along the movie. Besides, you can expect special screenings in this picture house.

However, the options for snacks and drinks in this hall are limited and you have to accept it if you choose this movie hall as your dating site.

Also, the hall might not satisfy you by offering you various upscale amenities. Upscale amenities are mainly facilitated in luxurious cinema halls. This hall is not exactly a luxurious one. 

Located At – Leicester Square. 

Google Rating – 4.7 / 5.

6. Rich Mix 

Not just satisfied with watching movies in cinema halls? Want something more than that? Okay, let us guess! You are looking for a picture house that’s a cultural hub as well, right?

Just go for Rich Mix. This well-known movie hall in London will spark your romantic feelings on date night. You will confront live performances, cultural programs, workshops, and whatnot!

Being one of the best cinemas in London, here you will get to see the diverse types of films. The films range from indie films to documentaries. Also, you will get to see lately released movies here.

Besides, the cinema hall exuberantly focuses on​​​​​​ international cinemas as well. Plus, the energetic atmosphere within the hall and its vibrant cafe cum bar will further enhance your mood.

As for the cinema tickets, you will find them quite affordable. 

Located At – Shoreditch in London. 

Google Rating – 4.5 / 5.

7. Ritzy Cinema And Cafe 

Here’s another Art Deco cinema hall that is always named among the best cinemas in London. This picture house also offers a diverse film program. The programs include –

  • Mainstream releases.
  • Indie films.
  • Documentaries, etc. 

The cafe cum bar of this picture house is also something worth mentioning. This is because its vibrant atmosphere and delicious foods and drinks will make your heart yell with joy.

The watching together of the community-focused events that this cinema hall organizes will have good effects. It will make your bond with your partner even stronger and the night more romantic.

Hey, wait! Let us also mention before you about the place’s historic charm. Isn’t it a great idea to spend the entire evening with your partner in this venue and turn the dusk into a passionate one?

This place always calls for budget-friendly entertainment. So, you will never have to think about money before visiting this place. A great relief, isn’t it? 

Located At – Coldharbour Lane in London. 

Google Rating – 4.4 / 5.

Some Tips To Make The Moments Special

  • Book your tickets for the cinema in advance before visiting your chosen hall.
  • Arrive early into the hall to enjoy the movie from the start. 
  • Spend your money on the right film. Research the film’s subject matter and check on the customer reviews before booking a ticket for it. 
  • Upgrade your experience by booking luxurious seats or choosing VIP packages. It will double your enjoyment. 
  • Give your partner a treat with a few flavorful foods and drinks and make the moment more romantic. 
  • Enjoy the intimate atmosphere of the cinema hall. Grab the opportunity of the darkness of the cinema hall to enhance the love relationship between you and your partner. 
  • Respect fellow moviegoers and various staff of the hall. Maintain silence. 
  • While you engage in a romantic date with your partner in the movie hall, also pay attention to the movie. 
  • Attend special events that are organized by the best cinemas in London and participate actively in them. 
  • Make the bond with your partner strong by discussing the romantic scenes of the movie that you just watched with him/her. You can also discuss with each other the points of common interest about the movie. 
  • Plan future visits to the cinema hall. 


1. What are a couple of seats in theaters? 

In movie theaters in London, the couple seats are the seats that have partial or no armrests at their joining. Also, the seats are given the option to get reclined, if the couple wishes so. These are done to allow the couples to get intimate with each other and make their movie dates more special and romantic. 

2. Which London cinema has beds? 

In London’s Electric Cinema, you will find beds. These bed facilities are made for those people who sometimes doze and feel like sleeping while watching a movie. Also, at the back side of this picture house, you will find 3 sofas, each with accommodation for 2 people.

Also, if you look at the front row of the cinema hall, you will see that there are 6 beds, each having the capability of accommodating 2 people. While watching the movie in this hall, you will get an utterly luxurious feeling. This is especially because of the cashmere blankets that the hall staff offer to their visitors. 


The London air has magic that stimulates the romance between couples to a great degree. And, which places can bring better fulfillment of their dates than the best cinemas in London?

Whether you’re a lover of history and culture or a devotee of luxury and art, no issue about it. The picture houses which we have mentioned above will surely fulfill your requirements. What we suggest is to choose your couple’s date venue wisely according to the preference of your partner and we are sure that your evening will go great. Long live your love!