7 Best Moroccan Restaurant – A Taste of Morocco in the Heart of London

Best Moroccan Restaurant

If you happen to be a foodie, you must be looking for the best Moroccan restaurant in London to spice up your taste buds.

The Moroccan cuisine brings you a tantalizing blend of spices and flavours. Food enthusiasts across the world appreciate the enriched heritage and exotic appeal of these dishes. 

If you are in London, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting an authentic Moroccan restaurant. Over the years, this particular cuisine has been gaining popularity in London as well as other cities in the UK.

So, let’s take a look into this culinary adventure. In this article, we have listed some of the best restaurants in London where you can savour the beautiful dishes at reputed Moroccan restaurants.

Let’s take a closer look at the mouthwatering destinations across London.

What makes a Moroccan Restaurant Stand Out?         

Moroccan restaurants are known for a distinct charm that makes them different in the world of international food. Before taking you through the list of the best Moroccan restaurants in London, let’s take a look at the prime elements that food lovers appreciate.

Authentic flavours

When you reach out to any Moroccan restaurant in London, you will love the authentic food. In Moroccan cuisine, you will enjoy a calculated balance of savoury, sweet, and aromatic spices.

These include saffron, coriander, and cumin. Dining at one of these authentic restaurants, you would be thinking of the bustling markets of Marrakech or Casablanca with its coastal towns. The authenticity of Moroccan dishes defines their hallmark.

Traditional decoration

The enchanting decoration of Moroccan restaurants captivates food lovers. You would love to dine in a space surrounded by ornate lanterns, intricate mosaic tiles, and expensive cushions.

Therefore, guests enjoy the immersive experience, exploring the culture and heritage of the country.

Warm hospitality

Visiting a Moroccan restaurant is not just about the food, but the welcoming and warm ambience. The Moroccan culture is known for its hospitality. This hospitality is evident in the best Moroccan restaurant in London too. They treat guests as cherished friends and take care of their dining experience. This creates a long-lasting impression when you visit one of these restaurants.

Moroccan Restaurants across the UK

It’s important to note that other cities in the UK also have a vibrant dining scene with Moroccan cuisine. Even when you look beyond London, you will find the same kind of love for these dishes.

From the vibrant food hubs of Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Manchester to the charming streets of Exeter, Moroccan restaurants are popular across the country.

Many foodies search for Moroccan restaurants in Exeter to get a delightful taste of the country in this historic city. Likewise, when you visit a Moroccan restaurant in Bristol, you can experience the beautiful dishes in an authentic country setting.

When you head even North, you will come across Moroccan restaurant Manchester with bold and aromatic flavours. Likewise, you can also explore Moroccan Restaurant Edinburgh and  Moroccan Restaurant Glasgow for delectable dining options.

So, whether you are in London or any of these cities, make sure to hop into one of the reputed Moroccan restaurants and enjoy the cuisine.

Top 7 Moroccan Restaurants in London

Bab Mansour

Best Moroccan Restaurant

Bab Mansour is a famous Moroccan restaurant in London, located a few steps away from the Swiss Church. This is one of the premier restaurants in London.

The enriched cuisine reflects the high-quality dishes of Morocco. You might be in the mood for succulent grilled meat or tacos, and this eatery would cater to your taste buds.

At Bab Mansour, there’s a digital reservation system for tables. This makes it convenient to book your table for a romantic dinner date. The reviews reveal that foodies love the delectable dishes and impeccable service.

When you visit this Moroccan restaurant, make sure to try out the aubergine starter along with soft bread. Among other dishes to try out, you have chicken Tianjin.

In the colder months, the restaurant offers outdoor seating provisions. So, you can enjoy authentic dishes while sitting under the warmth of the sun.

The Barbary Next Door

Located in the Seven Dials, the Barbary Next Door is a subsidiary of the ‘The Barbary’ restaurant. This is one of the best Moroccan restaurants in London and comes with wine bars.

The restaurant caters to foodies with a diverse menu. The ambience in this restaurant reflects the original dining environment in Morocco.

You would enjoy antique mirrors, lime-washed walls, and a cosy Zinc counter capable of accommodating ten people. Diners love the intimate atmosphere of this restaurant.

When the weather remains warm, the restaurant opens up its front windows up to the terrace. Thus, this Moroccan restaurant creates the perfect atmosphere where you can explore the dining options. Popular picks at this eatery include the Jerusalem hub with fried quail eggs and avocado.

Souk Bazaar

Best Moroccan Restaurant

When you step into Souk Bazaar, you will feel like stepping into the heart of Morocco. This place is easily recognizable by its low seating, soft lighting, and vibrant colour palettes. Celebrities often visit Moroccan restaurants here. With this kind of ambience and silky cushions, the restaurants offer a family-friendly environment. 

This is an authentic Moroccan restaurant in London where you can enjoy the rich earthy flavors. The eater caters to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Among the popular starters, you have grilled aubergines and potato salad. The restaurant presents the tagines beautifully to the visitors. Make sure to get a taste of the fragrant sweets like chocolate and rose-water cream when you visit this restaurant.

Dar Marrakech

If you are looking for the best Moroccan restaurant in London managed by a family, visit this eatery. The ambience is pinkish, and this restaurant is identifiable with its distinctive Arabic doors. This is a perfect destination for foodies who love Moroccan and Lebanese dishes.

They have professional chefs who prepare the dishes to perfection. Also, you have delicious options such as lamb couscous, chicken skewers, and grilled lamb.

The restaurant also serves excellent wine and delightful baklava that creates an inviting atmosphere for the visitors. Try out authentic Moroccan tea or mint tea when you visit this restaurant in London.

Flat Planet

Moroccan Restaurant

Flat Planet is probably the best Moroccan restaurant in London that offers a nice selection of authentic dishes. On the menu, you have several items that promise to fulfil your craving for food.

Along with exciting your taste buds, you would love the charming decoration in the restaurant. This creates a captivating and soothing atmosphere for the visitors.

If you are looking for the perfect Moroccan dining experience in London, Flat Planet should be your destination. Whether you want a satisfying meal or a light breakfast, this restaurant won’t disappoint you.

Tagine Restaurant

Moroccan Restaurant

Tagine Restaurant is known to be one of the finest Moroccan restaurants in London. This restaurant caters to the needs of vegetarians and offers several vegan alternatives on its menu.

You would appreciate the welcoming atmosphere at this restaurant. Along with the friendly staff, this restaurant is a standout choice when you explore Moroccan dishes in London.

Particularly, people love Tagine, which carries the true essence of Moroccan dishes. With iron fretwork in window grills and low tables, the atmosphere can transport you to the cities of Morocco. On the menu, you can choose from tagines, stews, and other Moroccan dishes.

The Palomar

Moroccan restaurant

Located in Soho, Palomar offers different types of Moroccan dishes. You will come across the influence of North African, Spanish, and Levant dishes on the menu at this restaurant. This is one of the best Moroccan restaurants in London.

You would appreciate the hospitable behaviour of the staff, ready to assist their guests with their needs. If you are looking for an affordable dining option with Moroccan dishes in London, make sure to hop in here.

Some of the authentic picks from the menu include crab kofta, Metugan bream, and beef tartare.


Now that you are aware of the best Moroccan restaurants in London, it’s time to enjoy the delicious cuisine. In this article, we have included some hidden gems like Bab Mansour. Also, you can experience the enchanting ambience of Souk Bazar.

In this list, we have included restaurants with different menus and budgets. So, you can choose one that suits your preferences and needs. Visit the best Moroccan restaurant in London and cherish the unforgettable taste of authentic dishes!