Penne Lisce Unveiled: An Authentic Old Italian Pasta Delight!


Does pasta make you drool over the plate instantly? Then, you must be excited to learn about exciting pasta recipes. Be it in red or white sauce, pasta can make a sumptuous meal.

You can have it for dinner, breakfast, or just to satisfy the mid-day break. This tasty Italian dish is now a worldwide favorite recipe for anyone. I am here to tell you about the authentic Penne Lisce in this piece. 

Among so many varieties of pasta, penne is in very high demand. Moreover, you can get multiple recipes using this type. However, if you are looking for versatility in cooking a dish with pasta, go for Penne Lisce Pasta. The smoothness of this rich, creamy delight will genuinely make your day. 

Want to delve deeper into the world of Penne Lisce? Follow this article. 

Delicacy in the form of Penne Lisce Pasta

Penne Lisce Pasta

Have you ever tried the mouth-watering Penne Lisce? This Italian delight will undoubtedly blow your mind as soon as you take a bite. It is a diagonal-shaped pasta with a smooth finish. Moreover, you can enjoy a palatable dish as you prepare any special recipe with this remarkably soft member of the pasta clan. 

Penne Lisce Pasta has angular ends and a tube shape, so it looks almost like a pen point. Normally, Penne Pasta is ridged. However, in the case of Lisce, the smoothness will surprise you. To enjoy this pasta best, you should make a thick and creamy sauce. 

Although Pasta rules the list of the most cherished dishes for many, Penne Lisce is an old delight. It is not very popular in the modern generation. However, a touch of uniqueness can convert this authentic Italian delicacy into a delectable recipe on the palate.

A perfect sauce for this pasta can be a fabulous tomato-based puree. The added bonus will be the Tuna fish. Penne Lisce will taste heaven if you take it with Tuna. 

Let us now concentrate on the incredible Penne Lisce recipe in tomato and tuna sauce. Want to have a bite? I bet you will crave more after finishing one plate. 

Penne Lisce: The Authentic Italian Recipe

I will specify the authentic Spanish name for this recipe of Penne Lisce. It is called Pasta al Tonno.


  • Penne Lisce pasta
  • Normal Penne pasta without ridges (80 to 100 grams for one portion)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Plum or Marzano tomatoes (1 can)
  • Canned Tuna in olive oil 
  • Garlic
  • Orange Zest
  • Salt (as per taste)
  • Capers

Here is the detailed Penne Lisce Recipe. However, it is only one variety. You may try several other preparations with Penne Lisce. 

Step 1: Cover the bottom of a large pan with olive oil. Heat it, and add garlic slices. For taste, you may add some paprika or chili flakes. 
Step 2: Cook the garlic slowly on medium heat until it takes a slight golden color. 
Step 3: Turn off the oven and put the tomatoes in the pan. Use a spatula to crush them. 
Step 4: Now add salt and capers for the taste
Step 5: Mix it well, and finally, put the canned tuna in it. 
Step 6: Please break the tuna fish to have a lovely and thick texture
Step 7: Cook them well on medium flame and stir until the mixture is thick
Step 8: You can add some grated orange zest for a fabulous aroma
Step 9: On another pan, place the pasta to cook. Undercook it for one or two minutes. 
Step 10: Drain the water and finally mix it with the previously prepared sauce. 
Step 11: Stir the tasty pasta with the sauce well, then continue to cook for two more minutes. 

Your favorite pasta is ready to serve hot. Sprinkle a little oregano and chili flakes on the top to enhance the taste. 

Alternative for Tune and Tomato Sauce

Apart from the mild tomato and tuna sauce, you may go for a spicy alternative. Therefore, if you want your Penne Lisce to be spicier and more red, this recipe is a must-try. 

The spicy red sauce is known as Arrabbiata. It is also made with tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic. However, another alternative can be Amatriciana.

The specialty of this sauce is pork jowl bacon, which is called guanciale. First, you need to cook the pork bacon. After that, prepare the tomato sauce by cooking the tomatoes in pork fat. The flavor is very rich and creamy. 

Prepare the pasta for dressing after adding the crispy guanciale to this red sauce. Add pasta water with a pinch of salt to the recipe for added flavors. It is better to avoid olive oil while you are cooking the pasta with the sauce.

It is not a very long process. Moreover, do not cook for more than two minutes. Overcooking can spoil the whole taste of this incredible delicacy. 

Follow all the steps mentioned above. The sauce will be of your choice. The procedure will remain the same to ensure a marvelous Penne Lisce recipe. 


From where does the name Penne come?

Penne Pasta received its name from its shape. You will notice that this type of pasta has a tube-shaped ending, resembling a pen. The cylindrical shape also looks like a quill. The sauce will retain on the large surfaces and make the preparation tastier. The credit goes to the incredible shape. As it looks like a pen, hence it is called Penne.  

Who invented Penne pasta?

Giovanni Battista Capurro, a pasta maker from Genoa, invented this stylishly shaped pasta after getting the patent for the diagonal cutting machine. 

Can I make Penne Lisce in white sauce?

Yes, you can make Penne Lisce in white sauce. However, most people love a spicy version of the recipe with tomato sauce. 

What is the difference between normal Penne Pasta and Penne Lisce Pasta?

There are two types of Penne Pasta, viz. Penne Lisce and Penne Rigate. On the one hand, the Rigate type has grooves in every noodle. However, you will not find such running lines in the case of Penne Lisce. Rather, Lisce has a smooth texture, with no grooves or Rigates. Therefore, cooking Penne Lisce Recipe in various ways will be easier. 


Taste the best pasta ever at your home. Have you read the full recipe of Penne Lisce described in the above section? Please read it thoroughly to understand every point. Cooking pasta is no less than an art. You can have all the freedom to choose the tasteful sauce for a mouth-watering bowl of pasta. 

Be it the Arrabbiata or any other sauce; your Penne Lisce will be delicious if you take a little care of the time. Avoid overcooking and stir the mixture for a creamy feel. Instead of the red sauce or the spicy mix, you may choose the white sauce Penne Lisce Pasta also.

Add more cheese, butter, milk, and salt appropriately for a perfect mix. Ensure that there is no lump formed. Some use the flour for the white sauce, and some want to avoid it. It is your choice what to use for the outstanding sauce. 

The Penne Lisce can also be gluten-free, especially for health-conscious people. Therefore, if you are obese or diabetic, instead of eliminating pasta from your diet, search for a healthier version.

The gluten-free Lisce will ensure taste and health at the same time. Try different recipes and write to us about your favorite one. Share your unique recipes to be published here.