Top 5 Perishable Foods That Require Refrigerated Transportation

Perishable Foods

How fresh and overall quality of perishable foods can change rapidly even from the smallest temperature change. For this reason, insulated shipping products are a must to keep the items safe throughout transport.

Extra attention is needed when it comes to shipping temperature-sensitive products that require a low temperature during transport. Chilled packaging helps keep products in pristine condition, protecting them from sudden temperature changes during shipping. Some of the most temperature-sensitive foods that require cold chain logistics are: 

1. Alcohol Beverages

Yes, indeed, heat and wine don’t go together. Wine lovers know the difference between flat wine and fine wine. Wine ages faster if it’s stored in a hot environment. The more it ages the flatter the taste. If the shipping takes longer, then you must make sure that these beverages are transported in special vehicles, so that their quality is not ruined.  

2. Ice Cream 

Ice cream is a very fragile product and needs to be kept at a very low temperature, away from the heat during transport. If ice cream gets exposed to temperatures above -10°F it melts. If the ice cream melts, it becomes spoiled from bacteria, and it overflows from inside the package. Re-frozen ice cream becomes more crystallized from absorbing moisture and can end up giving a bad flavour experience for your consumers. 

3. Fresh Fruit 

Berries are very temperature sensitive, more than any other thin-skinned fruit. The most common mistake that happens when transporting fruits and vegetables is incorrect packaging, which leads to bruised fruit that consumers will avoid. Cold chain logistics for fresh fruit require chilled packaging to keep temperatures at a stable cool level which will massively decrease the chances of bruising the fruit from rough handling.  

4. Meat 

Meat is a product that can easily get spoiled if it isn’t kept at an optimal temperature. Meat that was exposed to environmental temperatures that are above 40°F, needs to be thrown away. It is an essential rule when transporting raw meat. Remember that it is better to be safe than sorry. Meat needs to have an exceptional quality standard that can be fulfilled with special packaging designed for cold goods. It is crucial to transport these products in a refrigerated truck to achieve your goal of meeting these high-quality standards and ensuring the delivery of a safe consumer product. 

5. Seafood 

Fish and shellfish are perishable food products that need to be properly cared for from the moment they are caught till when they get cooked or processed in the factory. As soon as the fish dies, the spoilage process begins, and it affects its texture and appearance. For this reason, transportation plays a significant role in this process. When boats bring their catches ashore, all seafood and shellfish products must be transported and stored properly. These products can be transported by trucks, on rail or by sea and delivered in properly cooled conditions, all the way from the catch of the product to the end customer