5 Things to Know Before You Shipping from The USA to UK


In the past few decades, the world has developed so much that we no longer face any trouble with transportation. If you are a businessman and you want to export your goods to other countries.

Then the best solution to this is shipping. Now shipping products, from one country to the other has been very easy, and it is the best way to reach out to new customers from other countries. Not only a businessman but even if you want to send some gifts to your loved ones living in another country, shipping such products can be a good option.

Suppose you are living in the USA and want to export your products to the UK. Then it is also possible because shipping from the USA to the UK is very easy, but you must be aware of 5 important things before shipping your products.

Things to be taken care of before Shipping

When you are shipping goods from one country to another, you must take care of some important things; otherwise, you may face a problem in shipping the product. If you are shipping from the USA to the UK, you must follow the rules and regulations imposed by both countries for exporting the goods and importing goods.

Mostly you should take care of the economic and political situations of importing countries. Sometimes, due to various economic and political issues, the imports of goods are not allowed by the country. So, to have a safe and uninterrupted import and export of goods, you must take care of 5 things:

Need to Obtain an EORI Number

Suppose you are a businessman living in the European region. In that case, you must be aware that without having an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number, the import and export of goods and services are not allowed.

Any businessman or individual must obtain an EORI number before shipping goods. EORI must be obtained from their national customs authority of their before proceeding towards further customs activities.

Validating the EORI number is not so difficult. It can be easily validated from an online platform. You don’t have to do any extra struggle or hard work to validate this number. 

The European Parliament Council established the EORI system to have no problems in terms of security. The products can be securely exported and imported.

If you want to export your goods from the USA to the UK, you must have an EORI number because the UK lies in the European Region. Even if you don’t need this EORI number in the USA, it becomes mandatory for you to obtain an EORI number because you are exporting goods to the UK.

No need to worry if you don’t have an EORI number because the UK government provides an online service to apply for an EORI number, and you will get it in 3 days.   

Get Yourself Acquainted with the SAD or C88 form

The Single Administrative Document (SAD), also popularly known as Form C88 in the UK, is one of the most important custom forms used for international trading.

The SAD form or the C88 form must be filled up by the consignee or any agent representing the consignee. When declaring import, export, or status declaration in manual processing situations, the SAD form or C88 form is required. Without having this form, you will not be allowed to export or import anything.

SAD legislation keeps a look at all the rules and regulations that have been followed by the trader or not at the time of inspection.

This SAD is also known as C88 form in the UK, and it is also known as Border Protection’s 6059B form. There are complete details given about the importer and exporter and what kinds of goods are transported in this form.

What is the method of transportation that the exporter has used also maintained in this form? Then this form is to be submitted online through Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight.

Once the UK customs office accepts it, you have to clear all the US to UK import tax. Once you have followed all these steps, then only your product retrieval will be permitted.


Track Shipping

Tracking your shipment is a big part of the logistics chain. It’s important to track everything in an efficient way and do it with great accuracy and speed. All this requires a lot of effort and time, so having software that makes this process easier is key.

If you are shipping orders on your own, you can use eCommerce shipping software to track your orders. These tracking systems will help you avoid any potential misunderstandings. For example, if an order is damaged or lost, you can use these programs to see what happened with your orders.

If one of them goes missing, this will help you contact the customer and find out more about their order. This software will help you to know if your package was shipped and when it will be delivered.

It is also helpful to keep tabs on whether your order has been delivered and make sure you get credit for returns and if it is damaged in transit.

Keep A look at the HS code, duties, and Taxes

If you are importing any goods and services to the USA, here the HTS code is used, and if the UK imports any goods, it uses a 6-digit HS code. This code is used for determining the amount of VAT and duties that are to be paid to the UK government, and it also includes the cost of shipping and insurance.

If you are already a VAT-registered business, then by filling and submitting the C79 form, you will not be asked for import duties. 

What is the amount of import duties from the US to the UK that has been paid and has to be paid can be checked from the UK commodity code guide? If you have any doubts regarding tax and duties, this commodity code guide is the best tool to clear all your doubts.

Here all your paid and unpaid duties and taxes will be visible, and any queries related to this will be cleared to you by our support team. 

Choose Air freight or Sea Freight for importing Goods to the UK

While shipping goods from the US to the UK, air freight proves to be a more suitable option for faster delivery because it will reach there within a couple of days. But there are many restrictions imposed on air freight which so leads to making the shipping process costlier.

Besides this, you can only export goods to a certain amount. But in case you are exporting goods from ocean fright, then here you will be available with two options.

The first option is to use the fastest route through which the exported goods will reach the destination within a few days, but you will have to pay a higher price in this case. The second option is the longer route, in this case, if you choose the long route, then your goods will take more time to reach the destination, but the cost of transportation will be less.

So, both air freight and sea freight are suitable for exporting and importing, and now it depends on the trader which path they want to select according to their needs.

Keep a Note of different transient times while choosing departure seaport

Los Angles and Long Beach are some of the busiest seaports in the USA as these are some of the busiest ports of the USA, so it will take a lot of time to port your carriage to the UK. So, if you will choose this path, then it will not be a wise decision.

But if you choose the west coast seaport, your exported goods will reach them within four to six weeks in the USA because this is a long route. It is essential to keep a check on your transient time so that US-to-UK shipping will be much easier and cost-effective. 


Export of goods and carriages can be easily done now. You just need to keep a check on some important things and know the rules and regulations whose care you need to take. Then it will be easier for you to export carriage from one place to other.