Changing The UK Company Address 101

Company Address

Change is a common theme of life and all things go through it. Well-established enterprises have had to undergo change and try to make it through moments of hardship. One may even say that the right word for change is evolution. The same is true for companies attempting an actual relocation from the main place of business. Several factors can be brought forward to explain the said relocations. However, the one constant thing is that you will need to know how to change a company address.

Before getting into the basics of how to change company address in the UK, you have to understand the field. This means having some in-depth knowledge of your registered company because changing an address is a big deal that can’t be breezed through. The move of your company address can range from another complex to an entirely foreign country. The world as it stands constantly has companies moving their base to new locations. As such, it is important to know how to do this just in case the time arrives.

Registered address

Every company has its base of operations or in other words, its headquarters. These headquarters are places where several activities are conducted. Things such as the reception of official mail from governing bodies are conducted here. From these centers, a link is formed between the government and the company, allowing it to be monitored and easier to track. If a company has such a place in the UK, they are definitely in possession of a registered address.

Registration in the UK is mandatory for all enterprises of all sizes in the country and it comes with a set of rules that have to be adhered to. The most notable one is that the registered company has to have a physical base and not a simple P.O box. The P.O box can be used, however, as long as the postcode and complete address of the physical building is provided.

The importance of a company address

As aforementioned, all UK companies have to be registered. This means that you have to be careful with the address you use during registration. This refers to the question of working from home, or for example, virtual offices, and whether that address can be used to register. In short, it can be used, however, it poses a great personal risk to you. This is why, if you can, find another place that can allow you to properly conduct your business or use the Hoxton Mix virtual office services.

Professionalism and the general appearance of being formal is something that attracts customers to you. What’s more?

  • Having a verifiable company address does this by making you seem trustworthy.
  • There is also a sense of organization that comes with an address that is completely separate from your home.
  • At a different place of work, there can be no mix-up and confusion between the operation and the domestic life, making things easier.

Having a company address, in general, is also a way of creating prestige and building a brand just based on your headquarters. Being in a place of affluence, culture, innovation or any other things can attract customers to you, making you seem well experienced.

Additionally, when you create your website, it is crucial to add your official address to the landing page and contact details. It is also important if we speak about the insurance issues and company registrations, and many more aspects. For example, in some cases, if you move to another city or even a country, you have to close your old bank accounts or make a registration within a new address or open a new one because otherwise a company will be incapable of making transactions and you have to set up everything again as well as waiting days to get it approved. So it is important to pay attention to such details when changing the company’s address.

Changing the business address

Before the moment comes for you to change your business address, you have to understand a few things. The first thing to note is that changing the business address doesn’t cost a thing on Companies House, which is the body observing registrations. Upon realizing this, you can now begin the process of registration which is made up of three steps which are as follows:

  1. Registration is done on the Companies House site where you can begin the process;
  2. On the visible portal, you can then enter your email address as well as create a unique password;
  3. After these details are set, you can now enter other necessary details concerning the nature of your business. Companies House will then release a six-digit code of verification to your new registered business address;

The code itself is fairly complex which should help with privacy and its purpose is to grant access to information uploaded on the web. You often can wait for about five days to get the code, however, longer spells can occur on busier days. For this reason, you should always ask for the code before the relocation

This process is done online via an online application and Companies House will usually approve within 24 hours. Once the relocation has occurred, the process of physical and digital change can begin. This new address has to be added to all facets of your business, especially online. It is also important to inform the appropriate authorities of your changes within 14 days of the changes.

Final thoughts

With the process of changing a business address no longer needing to be done with paper and being completely online, life is much easier. It is practically spelled out for you from the moment you click that portal. The only thing to remember is to do the proper notifications to the HMRC, VAT, PAYE, National Insurance, and similar authorities. By doing this, a company’s journey of relocation ends about as smoothly as it begins. Proper organizational changes and management are the keys to transformation success when changing the company’s address. You can also hire professionals who can help you with documents and formal aspects as great management could play a crucial role in your company’s evolution journey. These are some of the key points and areas to address in the process.