Enjoy This Winter Visiting Paris: Things to Do Event’s of Paris This Winter

Enjoy This Winter Visiting Paris

With blinking lights, dazzling window displays, and Christmas markets, Paris ushers in the holiday season.

Paris is one of the most enchanting cities to visit in December!  Take a whirl around the ice-skating rinks at some of the city’s most iconic spots, go window shopping at the grand magasins(Stores) and enjoy Christmas in one of the most romantic cities in the world!

List of events held in December Africolor music festival, Ice skating rinks, Christmas lights, Christmas markets, Christmas trees, Christmas in Disneyland, and Christmas at the Notre dame cathedral.

Paris weather in December.

Paris experiences an average minimum temperature of 3.9°C (39.02°F) in December (the minimum temperature is typically recorded during the night). With an average of 64mm, December’s rainfall is typical (2.5in). On average, it rains 11 days in a row.

Since this time of year is known for being freezing, most people try to avoid going to Paris during this time. The maximum daily temperature often hovers around 8.0°C (46.4°F). With 58 hours of sunshine throughout the entire month, there won’t be much sun to be seen.

Despite the rarity of snowfall in this month, it is best to pack gumboots to prevent slush on the ground. In December, Paris might expect a few days of snow. In order to stay warm while seeing Paris, don your snow boots and cosy mittens. You can get a good idea of the weather in Paris in December 2022 from our weather forecast.

Why visit Paris in December?

  • Winter market: Be careful to get some food in you before going to the Christmas party.
  • Better Photography: To capture the most romantic scenes in Paris, you won’t have to wait for the golden hour. The day feels like it is still in the golden hour.
  • Less crowding: Less is more during this season. Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but if you go during the first two weeks of December, you’ll find fewer people there.
  • Winter decor: Walking down the glimmering Champs Elysees and admiring the exquisitely decorated exhibits that line the streets is one of the greatest pleasures of visiting Paris in December.

It’s cold, but even more beautiful than at other times of the year. Yes, we won’t tell you that Paris is sunny every day in December. Wintertime temperatures are on average around 4°C.

Merchandise displays in department stores. Of course! Going on a visit to the Opera area to observe the gorgeous department store displays, such as those of Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, is one of the must-do activities in Paris in December.

Holiday markets are located across the city. A tour of the city’s Christmas markets is one of the most intriguing things to do in December. For instance, you can go to the well-known Saint-Germain-des-Prés Christmas Market, which is held yearly close to the church. Everything you require to travel to Paris in December 2022. Paris is a fantastic place to visit in December. The city is in full swing despite the chilly weather, with bustling cafes, lovely lights and decorations on the streets.

Reasons to visit Paris in December-

Paris Christmas market

While there aren’t as many Christmas markets in Paris as there are in Berlin, some of them are worth visiting for a cup of hot chocolate or a Nutella-filled crêpe.

Each market also offers vin chaud, or spicy wine, as would be anticipated since this is France. Even though the markets are open in the afternoon, they function best at night when the lights come on.

Christmas market at the Jardin Des Tuileries

One of Paris’s most well-known public gardens, the Tuileries Garden, is located in the first arrondissement (area/district) between the Louvre and Place de la Concorde.

The Christmas village in Les Halles

The majority of the cottages in Le Village de Nol at Les Halles Xmas are hidden beneath the retail centre’s canopies at the top of the escalator. Ideal in a downpour. There are a few more outside as well. The mall also displays a large tree with elegant decorations. There are no public spaces in this secluded market.

Christmas market in saint Germain Des Pres

Along the crowded Boulevard Sant Germain, a number of Christmas huts decorated with fairy lights provide mulled wine, cakes, and tree decorations.

If you do manage to find this market, make a quick stop at Aux Merveilleux to get some meringue. It was nothing but sugar bliss, not even a holiday. I challenge you to avoid being drawn in by the smell while attempting to pass it.

Parish holiday decorations should not be missed.

Paris is quite good at decorating. Even at night, you may travel to observe them on an open-top bus tour.

For travellers like me, it’s very convenient that each neighbourhood has its own set of lights hanging in the air and a lit-up sign indicating where you are.

Around the city, public Christmas trees sport adorable silver bows in various colours, and some street lights even undergo a

Enjoy This Winter Visiting Paris
Enjoy This Winter Visiting Paris

Things to do in Paris at Christmas

1. Ride a hot air balloon in Paris

The largest hot air balloon ever!

Discover Paris like never before by taking a flight in the largest air balloon in the world, which will take you 150 metres above the city.

2. Visit Disneyland Paris

Mickey enthusiasts can travel 32 kilometres to Disneyland Paris, which has a connection to the suburban RER A.

There are two theme parks at Disneyland Paris: Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland, which has the castle from Sleeping Beauty. Big Thunder Mountain, It’s a Small World, and Space Mountain are the top attractions.

3. Luxembourg park

On the left bank of the Seine, close to the Sorbonne, is where you’ll find Paris’ Latin Quarter. The Latin Quarter is home to many higher education institutions, including the Ecole Normale Superieure, the Ecole des Mines de Paris, and the Ecole Polytechnique. It is known for its vibrant atmosphere, student life, and bistros.

4. Visit the Seine river cruise

Discover the most effective approach to view the “City of Light” while taking a Seine boat, particularly at night.

The monuments are softly illuminated as dusk falls. You receive a panoramic view, allowing you to take in all of Paris’s splendour, including the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Pont Alexandre III, and many more.

5. Go and visit Loure museum

The Louvre is the world’s most popular art gallery. This historic structure, a former royal palace with a total size of 210,000 square metres, including 60,600 for exhibitions, is located in the centre of Paris. The Louvre, where the museum is located, was first a stronghold constructed in the late 12th century under Philip II. In the museum’s basement, it is possible to see the fortress’s ruins.


What can I see in Paris in December?

In December during the holiday season, you can see Paris covered in lights, shimmers, and glitter, decorations in corner streets, Enjoy Paris’ department stores’ Christmas window displays.

Is Paris too cold in December?

The month of December in Paris is typically chilly, rainy, or frosty. There are frequent near-zero and occasionally below-freezing temperatures. Snow thoughts are uncommon.

What is there to do in Paris in December?

Activities in Paris in December 2022 Bateaux Parisiens’ VIP Dinner Cruise, hot air balloon ridesLUXEMBOURG park, LOURE Museum and several activities to do in December holidays. Reserve your spot on the Seine River dinner cruise especially.


We sincerely hope that we were able to assist you in finding some memorable wintertime activities in Paris. If you are planning a vacation for the time, make sure to visit Paris, especially in winter at least once.