How to Hire The Perfect Employee


It’s hard to build an effective business if you’re alone. If a business starts with three people, it can have an initial efficiency of up to 300%.

But that’s if everyone knows what is required of them and what needs to be done. Let’s take a look at the approach to recruiting managers and motivating working employees.

Personality First

Look first and foremost at the person, at his personal qualities, not at his work experience. You can meet a thieving salesman with a lot of experience and an honest, motivated newcomer. Of course, there may be exceptions if we are talking about a narrow specialization, and there isn’t much to choose from.

When hiring a newcomer, you can always train him or her in the required competencies, nowadays it isn’t difficult.

You cannot find a cool salesman on the labor market, there are simply no such people. A cool salesman finds a new job before he leaves his old one. But it’s easy to hire someone who can only sell himself, promising a mountain of gold, but who in fact is nothing.

Don’t Put Pressure on the Future Employee

The job seeker is already under a lot of stress even without you, when he is forced to look for a job. There is no need to add to his negativity with your arrogance, maybe this person will become your business partner.

You need a clear understanding of the tasks for which you are taking the person. Don’t think that you will take the person, and you will think up the tasks later. Write everything down in advance on paper and view them to ensure that you’ve mentioned everything.

Observe the Vertical Power

Traditionally the founder of the business becomes a CEO. If he, bypassing the positions of commercial manager and administrative manager, starts hiring personnel who, due to their position, cannot make managerial decisions, then all decisions are piled up on one director.

For example, if has hired a sales manager, a business owner is forced to deal with customer issues related to contracts, payments, etc. And now the owner is no longer able to solve strategic issues, but is stuck in a routine and is not satisfied with the manager.

That is why such issues should be solved by the commercial manager without distracting the founder and slowing down the business.

Three Partners

At the initial stage, a bunch of three people works best. The efficiency of the two partners is 150% because the team leader assigns the task to the employee, and the employee, not having full authority, returns some of the tasks back to the manager.

The optimal composition for the start of the project is three partners, on the condition that all the functions are predetermined and understood by all three of them.

One can take on the production, the second organizational issues, and the third concentrates on development. And then the coefficient of performance grows threefold!

Communication Is Important

It’s unlikely that you will be able to develop based on your impressions. And it’s impossible to combine all three positions, development, production, and management.

That’s why it’s essential to provide feedback to the employees and to adjust the course of development based on their actions.

Don’t hire an employee if you don’t like him or her. You will find it difficult to work and communicate with someone you don’t like, and it will be bad for business.

Business Should Operate as a Single Mechanism

There are customers who don’t like everything, they think that your employees spoil everything on purpose. But your employees may not even realize that he is doing something wrong, it’s his experience. The tasks of your employees should be regulated and unified so that even a novice can’t make a mistake.

Take a computer, for example, all of its parts are made so that you just can’t put it together wrong. And the same should be true in your business; there should be no failures anywhere.

A Portrait of a Perfect Employee

Before you advertise, stop and think for yourself about what qualities the future employee should have. If you see a woman in the position, you shouldn’t specify that gender isn’t important.

If you don’t smoke and are annoyed by people who do, specify that. The irritation will build up and it won’t be good for business. Describe as accurately as possible the portrait of the future employee in terms of psychological compatibility.

You can now put together a job posting. The more accurately you describe the candidate you want, the less time you will spend on the search, you won’t have to weed out a large number of unsuitable candidates, and you will save your own time.

There won’t be many applicants, but they will be exactly the ones you need.

A Steady Paycheck Isn’t a Motivation

Wages are taken for granted by employees. Even by constantly raising a fixed salary, you won’t increase sales. An employee needs some kind of goal which he will strive for, then he will be motivated.

You can introduce a ranking of employees, rewarding the leaders with praise or a certificate of merit every month. It doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is your attention and praise.

No need to shame those who, for whatever reason, don’t cope. You can cite the example of school typos and bullies, who are constantly publicly condemned, they do not need to strive and grow somewhere, all the attention and without it on them.

But you should not concentrate only on non-material motivation, although this resource is infinite. Earnings can be broken down into salary, bonus part, and bonuses.

So the bonus will depend on the overall success of the company, motivating employees to cheer for the common cause. And the bonus part is the personal motivation of the employee’s work.

Don’t Forget About Remote Work

Remote work has gained tremendous momentum these days, even in large corporations. Employees working from home can be even more responsible and motivated.

And the offer of remote work can be your advantage in the labor market in this area of business.