10 Best Place to Visit in Egypt in December This Winter

Egypt In December

Many people interested in travel have not heard of Egypt and the natural and historical treasures that this country has. Egypt has long been one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

If you find yourself in Egypt in December, this travel guide was written with you in mind to ensure that you have the time of your life there.

Did you not know Egypt’s Weather In December? December is the most pleasant time of year to visit Egypt in 2024. Your family and friends should hurry up and join you on a trip to this amazing country as soon as possible.

Why is December the best time to visit Egypt?

Since you’ll escape the crowds, many individuals advise you to go to Egypt in the summer or autumn. But it’s not necessary to understand hieroglyphics to understand why winter is the ideal season to visit Egypt.

There are many benefits of visiting this country’s famous sights from December to March. Here are four reasons why you must visit Egypt in December.

You are welcome to partake in the Coptic Christmas meal

This festival is so wonderful that it is observed twice. Christmas is observed on December 25 in Egypt, while Coptic Christmas is on January 7. Christmas is still the same at its essence whether you celebrate it on December 25 or December 7.

Fasting is the primary distinction between Coptic Christmas and Western Christmas. Coptic Christians observe a strict vegan diet for 40 days as part of The Holy Nativity Fast.

You may see a remarkable, rare occurrence

At the Temple of Ramses II, one of Egypt’s seven wonders, the Abu Simbel Sun Festival begins in February. The sun lines up to light the centre chamber on two days of the year: February 22 and October 22. (Typically, the whole year is dark.)

Ramses II’s birthday and the day he assumed the throne are commemorated by lighting the chambers of the hand-carved sandstone temple.

The ideal time to go on the Nile is now

The most incredible time to visit Egypt and take a Nile cruise is in the winter. Even more, heated than usual during the summertime may be found within the temples and tombs.

Therefore, the winter in Egypt is the best time to make the most of day visits to hotspots like Luxor and Aswan. Fortunately for you, our excursions to Egypt include Nile River cruises just waiting for you to join them.

5 Best Beaches in Egypt in December

According to the average levels of sunlight, water temperature, rainfall, and temperature during December, these are Egypt’s most incredible beaches. Even though many things might influence your decision, beach weather is almost always the most important.

We have compiled a list of the Best Beaches in Egypt in December based on the typical weather and water temperature that may be expected there.

1. Sharks Bay Beach

Sharks Bay Beach
image source: Thomas cook

Sharm El Sheikh is home to Sharks Bay Beach. The coral near the shore makes this beach an excellent place for snorkelling. The beach offers various underwater activities, making it one of your best bets for deep dives and encounters with strange and rare aquatic species.

This beach provides ship cruises you may enjoy with your family. At this beach location, parasailing and banana boats are also highly popular. 

2. Hurghada, Egypt

Hurghada, Egypt
image source: Egypt tour portal

Hurghada is a lovely seaside town with a lengthy Red Sea coastline. The town’s stunning, well-maintained beachfront and water sports opportunities make it a popular tourist destination.

Around the beaches in this area, there are several bars and restaurants with a thriving nightlife. Egypt’s beaches are a popular destination for windsurfing and other marine activities. 

3. Dahab, Egypt

Dahab, Egypt
image source: Surfhouse dahab

Go to the covered bay known as Dahab Lagoon just to the south of the town if you’re seeking a natural beach. With the jagged Sinai Mountain Range in the background, this curving stretch of golden sand borders the sea.

The Lagoon region focuses more on tourists who want to laze on the beach. At the same time, Dahab continues to be recognized for its scuba diving prospects and backpacker-friendly lodging options.

4. Marsa Alam, Egypt

Marsa Alam, Egypt
image source: The travel shots

Marsa Alam, located 289 kilometres south of Hurghada along Egypt’s sprawling Red Sea coast, has long been the beach location that divers have been speculating about. This remained obscured, barely known outside the diving community.

At the same time, Hurghada, to the north, and Sharm el-Sheikh, on the Sinai Peninsula, were flourishing diving hot places and often featured on the top ten lists for diving globally.

5. El Gouna

 El Gouna
image source: Trip advisor

On Egypt’s eastern coast, near the northern Red Sea, sits El Gouna, one of the country’s most stunning beaches. This beach is quite fashionable, well-maintained, and surrounded by excellent services. This is one of Egypt’s well-known resort areas with upscale beaches.

Best 10 Places to Visit in Egypt in December

1. Temple of Hathor

 Temple of Hathor
image source: Journey to Egypt

During the late Pharaonic era, construction began on the Temple of Hathor at Dendara. During the Roman period, the temple was expanded, although Dendara was already a vital cult centre during the early stages of the Ancient Egyptian period.

Due to the temple’s relative youth compared to other Pharaonic temples is one of the most complete and well-preserved temples that has survived in Egypt. As a result, a day excursion from Luxor is well-spent seeing this site.

The reliefs and embellishments found here are in excellent condition considering their age.

Specifically, when you are in the hypostyle hall, which the Roman Emperor Tiberius constructed, pay attention to the columns crowned by the heads of the Egyptian deity Hathor and the wall reliefs that depict the emperor paying respect to the Egyptian gods.

2. Cruising the Nile

 Cruising the Nile
image source: Travel Leisure

The Nile River is the descriptive part of Egypt. The Nile River is a famous river throughout the advent of the Pharaonic period. It is considered by many travellers to be the most memorable part of their journey to Egypt.

A Nile cruise is also the most pleasant way to view the temples that litter the river banks on the path between Luxor and Aswan. Additionally, the dawn and sunset over the date palm-studded river banks, backed by dunes, is one of the calmest panoramas in all of Egypt.

The Temple of Kom Ombo and Edfu’s Temple of Horus are two of the most well-known attractions visitors may see on a Nile Cruise. Both sites are located at Edfu, where the larger cruise ships make their stops.

If you would rather have a less crowded and slower experience, though, and don’t mind “roughing it” a little, you may also cruise the Nile by felucca, Egypt’s classic wooden boats that are sailed by lateen sails. This option also gives you the freedom to construct your route.

3. Gayer-Anderson Museum

Gayer-Anderson Museum
image source: Exploratation vaction

In the Egyptian nation’s capital city of Cairo, the famous Gayer-Anderson Museum may be found adjacent to the equally renowned Mosque of Ibn Tulun.

The museum is located inside an old home that was constructed as far back as the year 1645; the building underwent restoration in 1935 and was presented to the public as a museum in 1945.

This indicates that every component of the home, from the ceilings to the doors and even the flooring, is an integral part of the rich history of Egypt. Make a beeline for this location if you find yourself in Egypt in December.

4. Montaza Palace

Montaza Palace
image source: Egypt time travel

The Montaza Palace was the home of Egypt’s last king, Farouk I, who was forced to relinquish his throne in the 1950s. King Farouk, I resided there until his forced abdication.

The El Salamlek Palace is a resort and casino that can be found in the vicinity of Alexandria. It is also known for its name before being converted into a hotel.

While the majority of the palace is now used as a resort and casino, a portion of it has been repurposed as a museum that displays the gems and jewels that belonged to the royal family.

It is strongly suggested that you make this location your only holiday destination in Egypt during December.

5. Mummification Museum

Mummification Museum
image source: Dreamstine.com

In ancient Egypt, the mummification process was thought to make the afterlife more straightforward. The procedure consisted of removing all of the person’s organs and then wrapping the remainder of the corpse in a linen cloth.

Surprisingly, this procedure enabled the remains to be fully preserved, which has allowed us to learn more about these ancient individuals and their lifestyles in greater depth.

The museum has mummies of humans and animals, in addition to the implements used by ancient Egyptian priests during the mummification process. One may also get an in-depth understanding of the systematic steps involved in the mummification process.

6. Red Sea

Red Sea
image source: Al-Monitor

Both Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada are well-known for being popular destinations for vacationers seeking to enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea in Egypt. Aside from this, these resorts usually give the impression of being inexpensive compared to the level of luxury and services they provide.

The critical takeaway here is that you can’t pass up the opportunity to see the rich marine life of the Red Sea.

These kinds of resorts are the ones that provide in-depth guided tours of the spectacular marine life that can be found in the depths of the ocean close to the coasts where these types of resorts are located.

When the Egypt Weather In December is mild and lovely, your time spent snorkelling in Egypt in December will be all the more memorable.

7. Valley of Kings

Valley of Kings
image source: journey to Egypt

Two main factors contributed to our comprehensive understanding of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. To begin, Egypt’s arid temperature and the Egypt Weather In December helped preserve all of the marvels of the Egyptian civilization.

Secondly, the tombs of the Pharaohs of Egypt were hermetically sealed, which helped to protect their mummified corpses. The graves of these pharaohs can be located in the same valley, also known as the Valley of Kings, for the same reason.

This is the one thing that links all of these pharaohs together, which is also why this valley has that name.

Everyone who has even a passing interest in the Ancient Egyptian Civilization should make it a point to stop by here at some point. December is the most fantastic time to visit Egypt because the Valley of the Kings comes to life this month and does so spectacularly.

8. Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple
image source: Encyclopedia Britannia

The Karnak temple is the largest temple constructed during its period. Dedicated to the god Amun-Re, the temple comprises 134 massive sandstone pillars every 21 meters in height, creating something of a labyrinth inside the structure.

These temples, which date back to a time even before the New Kingdom period of the Egyptian civilization, are considered by many to be the best that have ever been constructed.

Due to the pleasant daytime temperatures in Egypt in December, the winter months are the ideal time to explore these monuments because of their location.

9. Pyramids of Giza

Pyramids of Giza
image source: National online project

It is enough to bring people to the sites of Egypt’s famed Pyramids just by mentioning the name of this fabled masterpiece, which is why it is a strong candidate for the title of “best place to visit in Egypt in December.” Before the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, the Pyramids of Giza were widely considered the most popular tourist destination in the world.

They are located near the city center of Cairo. The increased sense of safety in the nation has been cited as the primary reason for the increase in the number of tourists visiting Egypt; nonetheless, the winter months, namely the month of December, are the busiest period of the year.

10. Abu Simbel Temple

Abu Simbel Temple
image source: Swedish nomad

The monumental engravings that can be seen atop Abu Simbel Temple were once used to restrict the boundary between ancient Egypt and Nubia in earlier times.

These imposing and enormous engravings, which took their inspiration from the great Pharaohs of Egypt, also warned potential invaders about the might and grandeur of the Egyptian civilization.

These sculptures were found again in 1813 by Swiss Explorers. They had been buried in the sand after being buried in sand by a powerful sandstorm that occurred sometime after the end of the Egyptian civilization.

Since then, they have remained on display in front of the temple at Abu Simbel, where they continue to elicit admiration from tourists as they enter. The climate in Egypt during December is perfect for sightseeing in Abu Simbel.


Is Egypt a good place to visit in December?

Yes, December is an excellent time to visit Egypt because this time the weather is mild and comfortable. So tourists can enjoy the outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Is Egypt warm enough in December?

December is considered to represent the beginning of Egypt’s winter season. The temperatures vary from 11 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius on average. The weather is lovely and mild throughout the day, but it becomes much more relaxed at night.

How busy is Egypt in December?

The months of December and January in Egypt are the height of the country’s tourism season. Hence the population surges at this time.

Is Egypt Good for Christmas?

Travelling to Egypt for Christmas in December is often quite pleasant since there isn’t much heat or humidity, which is ideal for enjoying and experiencing Christmas in Egypt.


Our list of 10 Best Places to Visit In Egypt In December This Winter you must not miss. The nation is home to a plethora of natural landscapes, a considerable number of temples, museums, galleries, and souks.