10 Best Xmas Markets in Europe to Shop for This Christmas

Xmas Markets in Europe

Nothing is exciting as similar to the holiday season in Europe.

The holiday time is the best time to make a trip to Europe with the full festive spirit. The cold weather just works as an influencer. From drinking the mulled wine to petite cookies, cakes in display windows, and snowcapped cathedrals, put all of it together.

As you can hop your way through the food stalls and chalets throughout the entire of Europe you have a unique experience and treat yourself to cherishable memories all through your lifetime by visiting the most amazing Christmas destination in this coming festive season.

Here, in this article, we are going to round up the 10 best Xmas markets in Europe to shop for this coming Christmas.

Which European country has the best Christmas market?

German Christmas markets are the best Christmas market in Europe. It is the most famous and traditional Christmas market in Europe. These German Christmas markets offer some of the most magical moments, with a lot of twinkling lights like stars, angels, and many more.

In Germany, every city and town has beautiful Christmas markets. Sometimes, these Christmas markets may experience snowfall. You will be delighted with seeing the snowfall over the Christmas markets.

German Christmas markets sell things from jewelry to Christmas decorations festive foods to leather goods, and so on. So, you and your kids will love the Christmas markets you surely won’t be bored in these Christmas markets.

10 Best Xmas Markets in Europe to visit this winter-

1. Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market: Berlin, Germany

Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market: Berlin, Germany
Image source: Barlin.de

Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market lies between two twin ecclesiastical buildings that are the French Cathedral and the German Cathedral. This market has been started over 20 years and it experiences 600,000 visitors annually.

One of the most important aspects of visiting Gendarmenmarkt is experiencing all of the delicious foods. Some of the most popular foods available in this Christmas market are spaetzle, langos, hot cheese balls, roasted chestnuts, etc.

There are plenty of beverages that include hot mead, hot apple juice, and Gluhwein. Further, there are many stalls of exclusive crafts, Christmas decorations, and Souvenirs. You may get cold in Berlin so it will be great to go into the warm-up tents and enjoy the servings.

2. Strasbourg Christmas market: Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg Christmas market: Strasbourg, France:
Image source: World travel magazine

The whole city of Strasbourg becomes the big magical Christmas market during the festive season with amazing Christmas decorations, food, and so on. Plenty of fairy lights illuminated the city along the Rhine River.

Strasbourg Christmas market is famous for its wooden toys, and blown glass candles from more than 300 market stalls. Here you can find the perfect souvenir. Throughout the entire city you can find out drink stands from where you can buy non-alcoholic hot cider, mulled wine, or hot chocolate.

There are plenty of very large stands full of figurines for crèche villages, ornaments, all kinds of gifts, and course a lot of tasty local foods and sweets.

3. Winter wonderland, Hyde park: London, UK

Winter wonderland, Hyde park: London, UK:
Image source: The Telegraph

Embrace this coming Christmas spirit by visiting the winter wonderland, Hyde Park in London. A large Christmas event holds in London’s Hyde Park each year. Winter wonderland is the most amazing Christmas event in the UK full of fun.

There are so many gift stalls across the Christmas market in the winter wonderland. From the gift stalls, you can buy gift items that you can gift to your friends and family. You can also find out homemade candles, ornaments, pottery, jewelry, Christmas decorations, traditional toys, and so many others.

You can surely visit winter wonderland to try new seasonal foods such as churros smothered in sugar coating or chocolate, pretzels, bratwurst sausages, etc. further you can experience some classic drinks like mulled cider, mulled wine, hot chocolate, and so on.

4. Salzburg Christmas market: Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg Christmas market: Salzburg, Austria:
Image source: Austria.info

These historic Christmas markets existed since the 15th century and hold in several towns throughout the city. It is located at the foot of the Hohensalburg fortress and across the venerable Cathedral of Salzburg.

Salzburg Christmas market is one of the most wonderful Christmas markets in Europe to visit during the festive season.  You will be overwhelmed with the wonderful festive goodies on offer. You can find a lot of chalets of adorable wooden carvings, pretty candle holders, bauble galore, cozy hats, and gloves. You will surely become confused with your choice.

As you wandered through the market you will be delighted with the aroma of festive cookies, roasted chestnuts, toasted almonds, and so many others.

You can also make great presents for your family and friends the pretty gingerbread, and fancy chocolates. Further, you can explore the classic taste of gluhwein and hot chocolate served in custom mugs.

5. Budapest Christmas market: Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Christmas market: Budapest, Hungary
Image source: The Guardian

The most famous Christmas market is the one located at Vorosmarty Terin the heart of Budapest, Hungary. At this Christmas fair, you can get a lot of traditional Hungarian handicraft items, and plenty of delicious foods which taste extremely well.

This Christmas fair has a lot of tables and benches which makes this Christmas fair one of the best Christmas markets in Europe. You can find decorative pieces made from dry fruits and plants; Christmas scents essential oils, winter-themed decorations, chocolates, and leather goods.

If you love bringing some rustic decorative pieces into your home you can surely look at Hungarian ceramics at the Christmas market.

6. Cologne Christmas market: Germany

 Cologne Christmas market: Germany:
Image source: The unknown enthusiast

It will be the best thing to visit the Cologne Christmas market, in Germany; there is plenty of holiday cheer to go around. The Cologne Christmas market is known for its artisan stands with wooden crafted items and ceramics, and plenty of good foods and drinks.

As you wander across several Christmas markets in Cologne you can find stalls with clothing (hats, scarves, gloves, animal slippers, and many more), intricate wooden model kits, and some fun colorful fun toy stalls.

The focus of most stalls is Christmas decorations such as candles, baubles, ornaments, and other decorations. You can experience the taste of German Classics like Christmas cookies, cakes, sweets, kasespatzle, kaiserschmarrn, craft beer, crepes, and even fancy fair trade coffee.

7. Gothenburg Christmas market, Sweden

Gothenburg Christmas market, Sweden:
Image source: DFDS

Gothenburg Christmas market is one of the most classic Christmas markets in Europe that takes place in Liseberg amusement park. It is nearly 100 years old largest traditional Christmas market and nearly pulls half a million visitors regularly.

You can find beautiful Christmas gifts including designer goods and crafts from renowned Swedish brands. Christmas fair is full of accessories, Christmas decorations, beautiful candles, gifts to toffee chocolates, boutique shops, etc.

Swedish Christmas markets are also full of food and drink stalls where you can buy delicious treats like bratwursts, crepes, cheese fondants, gluhwein, steins, hot chocolate, and more.

8. Vienna Christmas market, Austria

Vienna Christmas market, Austria:
Image source: Le logo weekend

Step into the Vienna Christmas Market this coming festive week to experience seasonal food and you will get the Christmas spirit with handicraft goods. The Christmas markets in Vienna are truly traditional ones.

The Viennese Dream Christmas Market holds in front of the City Hall is an unforgettable Christmas market for those who want to experience the spirit of the festive season. As you wander across the fair you will be delighted with the aroma of the festival season.

You can find plenty of stalls offering traditional wooden toys and overflowing with artisanal handicrafts such as handmade soaps. When you will get chilly with the outside atmosphere you can have mugs of mulled wines, roasted chestnuts, and freshly baked pretzels.

9. La Defense Marche de Noel Christmas market: Paris, France

La Defense Marche de Noel Christmas market: Paris, France
Image source: Christmas market in Europe

A visit to a Paris Christmas market is the best way to get into the holiday spirit in 2022 when you will visit the city of light during the best days of the year. La Defense is one of the most amazing Christmas markets held in Paris.

This market is the biggest in the Paris region, with more than 300 chalets offerings Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, and winter attire(gloves, hats, fluffy slippers, and all the gift items). La Defense Christmas market includes many toy stands, miniature animated villages, and Paris souvenirs like magnets and t-shirts.

While wandering across the fair you can find delicious food and drink stalls that could indulge you to shop for hot chocolates, cheese, and hot mulled wine.

10. Edinburg’s Christmas market: Edinburg, Scotland

Edinburg’s Christmas market: Edinburg, Scotland
Image source: Daily Record

Each year Edinburg’s Christmas markets come up with an exciting array of events to put everyone in the spirit of the festive season. The Christmas market consumes every stretch of the park and sometimes overflowed over the other side of the train track.

Drinks come in festive mugs which is another charm of this festive market. As you wander through the Christmas market you can come across plenty of stalls selling Christmas decorations, hand-carved wooden candle holders, traditional tartan ornaments, winter clothes, colorful candles, and so on.

While you will be wandering shopping you may get chilled by the outside atmosphere. To get warm up you can experience some Scottish drinks such as mulled wine and hot cider. You can get the taste of Christmas cookies, burgers, spiral potato fries, sweets, and so on.

You may also want to know:-

What European city is famous for its Christmas market?

Ans: One of the best Christmas markets in Europe is located in the city of Budapest, Hungary. It is the most amazing Christmas market in the world and is also worth a visit.

Which city has the best Christmas market UK?

Ans: Manchester’s Christmas market has been ranked as the best Christmas market to visit in the coming festive season. If you want to get into the best Christmas spirit then you must visit Manchester’s Christmas market.

Will European Christmas markets be open in 2022?

Ans: It is hopefully expected that most of the European Christmas markets are going to be fully opened in this coming festive season. These festive traditions are the main reason to visit European Christmas markets in winter.


Christmas is knocking at the doors that mean among other things- Christmas markets. Christmas markets are the best places to shop for handicrafts, Christmas decorations, gorgeous pottery, traditional toys, and festive foods and drinks.

Christmas markets enhance the charms of festive spirit with the excitement of an open-air marketplace. We have put together a guide with some of our suggested Christmas markets in Europe.

You can choose anyone from the list and treat yourself to get into the charm of festive spirit.