How To Change Name On Passport In The UK?

change name on passport

Humans have many aspects physically and mentally. In both terms, you can differentiate things. But, when you consider them mentally, what comes first to your mind about them? Of course, their name! Yes, a name is an identifiable noun used to refer to or call a person with that. 

On every certificate, you get from the government and your name, you can see your details like age, origin, parent name, and many others. So, right from your birth till death, your name is the one that travels with you. But, do you ever think life-changing it on the certificates? If you want to change name on passport in the UK, you can read the below stuffs where you can see the step-by-step instructions on it. 

Do I Have To Change My Name On My Passport UK?

If you prefer being or roaming inside your country, it is enough to change the name on the driving license. But, if you would like to go overseas under your name, you need to upgrade your UK passport. Yes, you will not get allowed to fly on the flights with the name that is mismatched with your certificates. 

So, it is a must to change name on passport uk, and if you are a traveler, you have to maintain a legal passport. By any chance, you have flown under an illegal name, and you will get arrested by that country’s police by considering the government laws. For monitoring it, a group of technicians will be there in each country, and they will cancel your passport. 

Do I Have To Change In Name That Is Different To The Name On the Birth Certificate?

With the passport, you need to give some additional forms at the airport. It would help if you had the same name with exact details in all the proofs. Even for a small change, you will get charged and asked to change that. Among all proofs, the birth certificate plays a major role. So, the team will check that to see whether the name of that and the passport are the same.

If you ever changed your name legally, you have a new birth proof. According to that, you need to change name on passport uk. Then, you won’t see any restrictions on any verification technicians. You can fly wherever you want. If your details are messed up on your proofs, you should apply online and try to get a new one with the correct data. 

Do I Have To Change My Name In my Passport Following Divorce Or Civil Partnership?

Yes, you need to remove your ex-spouse’s name from the passport after you get a divorce. All you need to have is above 18+ years old. Couples who feel like getting separated can form a civil legal partnership; they will get new legal status. They need to show that to the passport team when you come forward to change name on passport uk. They need evidence of your separation, which the divorce status can do. 

Below, you can see the legal way of applying for a new passport and the proof you need to give the divorce-proof. And, it would help if you gave the place where you are making changes on the passport. 

  • Buy application form from passport office (be aware of world choice travel agents and post office branches), 
  • Fill in the form and request online.
  • Passport service sends you a new form over the post, 
  • Make an e-application, and fill and send it. 
  • After done with the verification by the team, you will get it from the passport office, or you can see that online to include the digital sign and to return it with photographs and all necessary documents, 
  • After 24 hours, you will get a new passport.

Do I Need To Change My Name On My Passport After Marriage UK?           

It may be before or after you are done with the ceremony; you can update the name on the passport. It is an easy process that you can make over the process within a month. First, however, you will get a marriage certificate from the registered office. So, it is enough to submit that along with the birth certificate. 

Of course, a woman will include her spouse’s name along with her name; or she might think of changing her name. So there won’t be a problem in changing the records after marriage. If you give the documents to the team, they will constructively handle your case and provide a new passport with correct updated details.


What Documents Do I Need To Change My Name On My Passport UK?

The primary required documents are a marriage certificate, self-attested photocopy, current address proof, birth certificate, and the first and last page of the old passport. By analyzing all these, the team will send one or two members to your current address for the verification process. If you get approval from their verification process, they will work for you eagerly. 

How Much Does It Cost To Change Your Name On Your UK Passport?                

Generally, UK people hire an agent to change their name and other details on their passport. But, it is not necessary because everything has come on the internet platform. So, even you can apply online and request the passport team to change the name. The average cost of this work may be 75.50 pounds, and it may change according to the present status of the jurisdiction.

How Long Does It Take To Change Your Name On Your Passport UK?

You can’t predict the actual time it takes to change the name on your passport UK. If the reason that you say makes sense, it will get done in 3 weeks. But, try to take action legally and avoid making mistakes in the upgrading form. If so, it would lengthen the process, and even you will be pushed to pay a bit higher to the passport office. So, right from the form filling to the submission, you need to be very careful not to make any delays in obtaining the new passport.