5 Best Dinner Cruise in London

Cruise in London

London is one of the most visited cities on the planet, attracting a whopping 65 million tourists.

A long and vibrant history of breathtaking venues and delicious food stops makes London truly fascinating. One of the best ways to experience the best British food while looking out over the city is to cruise the famous River Thames, Britain’s longest river. Here are 5 best dinner cruises in London:

1. Go sightseeing while eating 

Dinner Cruise in London

Make the most of both worlds and discover some of London’s most popular tourist destinations while dining on a Thames River Cruise. This dinner cruise in London will showcase iconic landmarks such as London Bridge, London’s Eye, Big Ben, and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Enjoy a two-and-a-half-hour journey down the Thames river cruise dinner while enjoying a stellar dinner. This 5-course dinner cruise is sure to be an unforgettable night!

2. Enjoy a dinner cruise with a live show 

A unique cruising experience awaits you on the London Showboat Dinner Cruise.

A welcome drink will be served on the champagne flute upon arrival. Enjoy incredible cabaret, burlesque performances, and complete entertainment while dining onboard a four-course meal.

If you’re feeling like a perfect party, this is a dinner cruise for you.

Tip: This is best enjoyed with friends!

3. Experience a luxury cruise on the Thames

Cruise in London
Cruise in London

Enjoy a stylish meal on this luxurious dinner cruise on the Thames. Enjoy a 5-course meal on a luxury yacht or enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Thames.

The trip begins at the embankment pier and is followed by a nearly three-hour river cruise. The formal setting is perfect for a date! Please note that the cruise is very strict regarding the dress code.

They must wear elegant formal clothes; otherwise, they will be denied entry to the ship. Also, please note that children under the age of 12 are not allowed on board.

4. Enjoy a dinner cruise and jazz 

If you are a big fan of jazz music, this London dinner cruise is for you. After a 3-hour cruise with a frothy drink from night, take a short tour of London’s most popular attractions, including Big Ben, the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, and the Tower of London.

This cruise offers a 3-course meal in a heated cabin with live jazz music in the background. Expected dishes include cheese and cold cuts, chicken schnitzel, and rich cheesecake with red berries.

5. Enjoy a delicious meal at Baotou

A 5-course menu of duck liver parfait, simmered veiled feather leaves, white chocolate, raspberry ingots, and truffle Cornish brie awaits you. So what do you need to do after dinner? Of course, dance! Enjoy live entertainment on board and experience the full journey.

Feature of Best Dinner Cruise:

Some call it the Time Dining Room, while others call it a personal choice or freestyle dining. Instead of giving guests a fixed dinner time, they can dine with their favourite people, when and where they want.

Flexible dining options allow guests to choose when to eat daily in the main dining room on board, allowing guests who want to spend more time at a particular port of call to spend the day more flexibly.

Casual Dining-If guests don’t want to dress formally at dinner, there are casual dining options. Most cruise lines serve casual meals, which are buffet-style dinners, and can also be ordered from the menu with table service (evening). This is a great option for guests who don’t want to worry about packing formal wear.

Alternative Dining: Most cruises have a free dining room and buffet, as well as several alternative restaurants. These specialty restaurants offer guests a more personal experience, along with menu items not found elsewhere on board, but most of these locations have an additional charge. A variety of specialty restaurants and cafes on old and new boats are sufficient to pamper guests throughout the cruise.

Healthy Choices: More and more cruises are offering low-fat and low-calorie light meals for those who are worried about their diet. All cruise lines offer alternative healthy or spa menus. Therefore, if guests want a low-fat, salt, cholesterol, vegetarian, or another low-mix diet, they are available. However, if you need a special meal, it is recommended that you notify the cruise line in advance. 

Our Conclusion:

We really enjoyed our dinner cruise on the River Thames. The food was really very tasty and delicious and alcohol was also available unlimited for the wine lovers. The crew was very friendly and helpful to every kind of visitor. The whole experience was unforgetable.