The Ideal Getaway-Fun Activities in Oxford

Activities in Oxford

For travelers in Ireland or the United Kingdom to the US, it is essential to get ESTA visa permits in order. This will help you get to any place in the USA as long as your travel permit is valid. It is important to note that an ESTA permit is valid for two years.

Sometimes, the travelers are moving in the opposite direction, from the US to England. In all its glory, perhaps Oxford is best known for its rustic cobbles and imposing spires. Here are a few fun activities that you could explore in the majestic city.

What Can You Do in Oxford?

Those that appreciate nature will want to pass by the Oxford Botanical Gardens, the authentic botanical gardens in the United Kingdom. These gardens house some of the several extensive plant species collections worldwide. Additionally, if you want to experience Victorian England’s rustic feel, the Inspector Morse Trail is a perfect place to start. The tour will cover many famous buildings, colleges, and pubs. Some of these places are mentioned several times in the series Morse, Lewis, and Endeavor.

You could visit the Thirsty Meeples Board Game Café and play a game. Thirsty Meeples has numerous board games, and on a typical day, you will find players relaxing as they play their favorite game. If visiting the board game café is on your to-do list, you may want to reserve a table. The café can quickly be crowded in a matter of hours thanks to many players there.

Sightseeing in Oxford

The alleys built using red bricks and the cobbled streets are arguably factors that make Oxford a city to remember. Coupled with the essential spots such as mausoleums and graves of famous authors, seal the deal. In addition, there are social sites, including museums devoted to the high-profile figures of the 1800s.

Winston Churchill is among the few people that have defined UK’s modern history. He took the lead in one of the most aggressive wars in England’s history. The public figure was born in a country house, Blenheim Palace. The giant house has an attached parkland and vast gardens. Today, Blenheim Palace serves as a marker for one of the most respected leaders in England.

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (J.R.R Tolkien) is the man that gave the incredible world series such as Silmarillion, The Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings. His work brought forth The Lord of the Rings, a classic series alongside Harry Potter and Discworld. You can visit his gravesite at Wolvercote Cemetery, Oxford. J.R.R Tolkien is buried alongside his beloved wife.

Another place that carries a deep history would be the Pitt Rivers Museum. This museum has strong evidence of compelling ethnography and archaeology. The museum has a wide array of English armor and arms, tribal eggs, and ancient manuscripts.

Endnote: Touring Oxford

There’s a long list of places to visit and fun-filled activities for anybody willing to explore the city. Oxford is home to sports museums, pubs, and famous poets. You can tick off many spots that you wish to cover on your bucket list once you visit the place.