Benefits of using aluminum garden furniture in UK weather

aluminum garden furniture

There is no such thing as excellent garden furnishings material. Mother nature is harsh. No matter what material your furniture is constructed from, if you don’t protect it with a cover or store inside during the winter, it will potentially get dirty. There are advantages and disadvantages, wicker, be it wood, metal, or plastic.

Types of all-weather aluminum garden furniture

The following is a list of 3 types of metal commonly used to build metal patio furniture, along with the pros and cons.

1. Molded iron:

This metal is among the heaviest and most wind resistant on the market these days. Other than an F4 tornado, you won’t have to worry about anything wrought iron blowing the yard!


* The high degree of craftsmanship and intricate details are often seen in wrought iron pieces result is classically beautiful furniture that can be virtual works of art.

* Integrates perfectly with other garden elements made of the same material, such as trellises and entrances.

* Considering its solid and heavy nature, wrought iron is a durable material that can take a lifetime of abuse.


* Weight can be an issue when moving this furniture around the property. What makes it so durable can also be a significant downside if you have to frequently move your items around the yard.

* The cost of cast aluminum garden furniture is quite high compared to other types of metals, but you can save a bundle by buying used parts at auctions and/or garage sales and restoring them to yourself.

2. Steel:

furniture made from this metal is comparable to iron. In this, it tends to be serious and is prone to rust problems. Otherwise, steel is a strong, sturdy material ideal for items such as tables that need to support a lot of weight.


* One of the more affordable base metals on the market, unless you use stainless steel, which can be quite expensive. One of the distinct advantages of stainless steel is that it retains its value long after the initial purchase.

* Very durable and wind-resistant – an excellent choice for furniture that will be used frequently throughout the summer.


* Rust may be a constant concern. That is why it’s wise to select either steel with a powder-coated end or stainless-steel construction if you can afford it.

* Due to its heat-retaining qualities, steel furniture should be insulated from the touch with fabrics and cushions.

3. Aluminum:

Perfect for areas that have rainy and salty climates, aluminum patio furniture simply won’t rust. There are two main types of this furniture: the tubular structure and the cast aluminum. The construction of the frame tubes costs less but is still quite strong. Cast aluminum is extremely versatile and will last virtually forever.


* One of the best value for money, aluminum furniture is currently very popular, and there are many contemporary styles available to suit all budgets.

* Cast aluminum patio furnishings are lightweight enough to move around the yard simply, however strong enough to last a lifespan. The design details and expertise is usually seen in premium cast aluminum furniture that rivals traditional wrought iron.

* Maintenance and cleaning is a snap, especially if you purchase a powder-coated or cast aluminum frame. This finish is baked and outperforms sprayed base coats by several years.


* Pay special attention to any solder present on outdoor furniture. Aluminum can be difficult to assemble, and better quality parts usually incorporate reinforcements or bellows for additional support.

* All outdoor aluminum furniture has the potential to blow into the yard in strong winds, but the hollow frame type is particularly vulnerable. Any significant bends or bumps resulting from this overturning can make the furniture unsafe to use.

Why choose aluminum garden furniture in UK weather?

1. Aluminium garden furniture is classically styled. That would not date and will fit in Uk gardens and homes.

2. Aluminium garden furniture will last for 10years or more, not just a few summers.

3. Aluminium garden furniture is low maintenance and easy to clean

4. Aluminium garden furniture is weather resistant and can be left out in the sun, wind, rain, and snow

What is cast aluminum?

Cast aluminum is, in a nutshell, a metal that has gone through one of the various processes known as casting.

Essentially, it is created when molten aluminum is poured into a pressure mold (pictured above), mold, or sand casting to temper metal for use in creating the components that make up a piece of furniture.

Of course, cast aluminum is also used for several other items and aluminum garden tables and chairs around the house, and the machinery and other components needed to make a multitude of different products. Components such as connecting rods, pistons, housings, reservoirs, and other essential “engine” parts are all created using die-casting and casting methods.

You’ll find cast aluminum in everything from patio furniture and cookware to car and boat engines.

Molds are used in the casting process to allow us to create delicate and intricate shapes/designs, and the benefits of “casting” aluminum result in a material that is:

• Strong and durable

• High corrosion resistance

• Requires less machining than other metals

• Relatively low production cost compared to other metals

• Beautiful fine surface finish

• Lightweight

• Close tolerance

• High quality

Why cast aluminum garden furniture?

Cast aluminum is used because of the many advantages and qualities we are looking for.

  • Metal cast aluminum garden furniture will not rot or rust, plus it is relatively maintenance-free and will not need to be replaced every few years, as is often the case with other materials. A quick wipe down with warm soapy water now and then will often suffice.
  • Our parts are painted with a coating that protects the metal below from the sun and rain. The key to longevity is ensuring that this paint is not compromised so that moisture cannot enter.
  • Stone shards in the legs of tables and chairs when placed on a stone patio, for example, are a common culprit. The solution, a quick touch-up with our kits as stated below:
  • The furniture can also be left outside all year round, so you don’t have to worry about taking it in a shower (or several, as is often the case here in the UK) during the day. Summer months.
  • If you don’t want him to move, this weight is a plus, but it makes him extremely difficult to pick up if you do. It will also require more maintenance as the paint peels often, and the cost is much higher than a similar cast aluminum set.

Aluminum is cast in many of the same intricate iron designs, however, without rust, maintenance, and weight issues.

Cast aluminum garden tables and chairs

I think it’s fair to mention that the weather within the UK is unpredictable. That is why a collection of garden furniture that may be left outside unprotected at all times is the perfect fit.