The 4 Ways To Make Your Landing Page More Effective

Landing Page

When you have a digital marketing agency in Birmingham working on your Google ads campaign, then you want to make sure that you are getting good conversions from those ads. The person clicking the ad and going to your landing page needs to be converted into a lead.

It doesn’t matter how good your ads are if your landing page is not optimized and converting visitors. Poorly designed landing pages with confusing messaging can sink your ad campaign and cause you to throw money away. In this article, we will go over the marketing tips that will help you optimize your landing page for more conversions.

1 – Make it relevant

When people click on one of your PPC ads, they have a certain expectation based on the type of ad that it was. When they arrive on your landing page, the look and content should match what they expected to see when they arrived.

The message should match what the ad was about so it acts as a sort of extension of the ad itself. In other words, they shouldn’t land on a generic webpage that isn’t relevant to the reason they clicked.

For instance, if the ad was about a new product launch and they click to learn more but the landing page is about all of your products without focusing on the one that they were promised more information about then they aren’t likely to continue. They should get what they clicked for and find the information they were promised front and center.

2 – Make a clear call to action buttons

Once people end up on your landing page they have to understand what to do next. This is where a clear call to action is supposed to do its job. A visitor to the landing page should know exactly what the next step is so the button should be easy to see and easy to click. It’s very important that the button is above the fold so they don’t have to look for it.

3 – Easy navigation

Part of the call to action needs to be easy navigation for the user. Each step of the process to get them into your funnel should be intuitive and obvious. They shouldn’t ever have to guess what they should do next.

The best way to do this is to offer a very simple menu. Better yet, there should be almost no menu but simply navigable links in the right place to encourage people to go to the next step.

4 – Be optimized for mobile

These days, the number of people using their phones to go online is far higher than those using their PC. Usually, people use a computer at work, and then when they are on the go or even at home, they prefer to navigate on their phone.

With this in mind, the landing page needs to be optimized for mobile for a better user experience. It can’t be a page designed for a desktop that doesn’t look right on a small screen.