4 Little Marketing Tips that Make a Big Impact

Marketing Tips

Marketing doesn’t always happen in big campaigns. It doesn’t always have to occur on a billboard or with a large, comprehensive digital marketing campaign. Small marketing methods, from doing up your store for the season to marketing on the go by decking out your vehicle, do a lot towards boosting your visibility within your community and increasing the number of calls, hires, and sales that come your way.

Little marketing methods continue to work and build your reputation over time. They don’t replace your big campaigns, but they do work day after day. They are small but mighty, and they can be quite fun, too.

So, boost your business with these four little marketing tips that will make a big impact on your business:

1. Market With Your Vehicle

Your company vehicle should absolutely have wrapping of some sort. This could include a full wrap that advertises your business (ideal if you do house calls, as this can immediately advertise your business to your customers’ neighbors), or it could be something as small as having your business name on your private plates.

Driving around and having others either take notice of your plates or the marketing on your vehicle are all instances where you may get another call. At the very least, driving around with such visible marketing within your target area is an absolute must because it helps make your name a household occurrence and helps increase the trust and authority your business holds within your community.

2. Get Eyes on Your Store with Seasonal Décor

Operate a café, boutique, or store? Not only can you bring in more customers by decorating your location beautifully for the season, but you can also encourage them to stay longer. This doesn’t just apply to big seasonal celebrations like Christmas. Decorate for Autumn and Halloween, decorate for Valentine’s Day, for Easter, and so on. You can even create your own celebrations and decorate accordingly. Have a big summer sale? Decorate for it to draw the eye and to get people inside.

3. Guest Post and Spread Your Expertise

A great way to advertise online with the goal of building your reputation is by guest posting. This means getting your articles published on high-quality sites that have high readerships. By choosing a niche or local publisher, you can showcase your expertise. Those looking for that type of content or solution will read your article and then may go to your site to learn even more. You can follow up with a great blog or by investing in a great landing page.

4. Package Marketing to Spread the Word

There are so many ways you can use your packaging to spread the word about your business. From having custom paper or tote bags with your logo and branding on it to using beautiful unboxing experiences to elevate your brand, the ways that you can delight and market your business just by investing in better packaging design is almost limitless. You can start a cult following within your community with expert packaging.

There are many little ways that you can delight, inform, and spread the news about your business. These small methods are longterm and continue to work to build your business’s reputation online and in-person.