Why Is Great Content Important For Your Business?


Bill Gates once opined that “content is king”. He was talking about the fact that no matter how you dress up a site – how you design it and optimize it – the content on that site is what will determine whether it has lasting appeal or not. That adage still holds true today; creating and publishing great content on your site is what will set you apart from your competitors. The importance of excellent, well-crafted content cannot be understated, so without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the reasons great content is important for your business.

Content helps the Sales Team

Great sales content helps the sales team sell more. Without an organized sales content strategy your sales teams are going to struggle to make sales. What are the challenges of your niche? How does your product help solve those problems for your customer? Do you have content that addresses the concerns of your potential clients and do you have the content and case studies to back it up? A solid sales content strategy and a sales enablement platform to deliver the content at the right time and help the sales team understand how to use it will skyrocket revenue.

Content helps with social media

When you’re trying to popularise your business and market yourself on social media, having great content is half the battle. You won’t convince people to click your articles or videos if they’re not high-quality, after all. Great content shows that you’re willing to put the time and effort into actually engaging with people on social media rather than just expecting them to engage with your brand with no benefit to them. If you want a robust social media marketing strategy, you need great content.

Content shows quality

If you have great content on your site, it shows that you’re a quality brand that can be trusted. Poor-quality content will demonstrate that you don’t take a holistic approach to your business; you’re being cavalier with people’s time because you’re expecting them to read and respond to something that isn’t worth their while. That’s why many businesses reach out to websites such as this blogger outreach service to construct content for them. If you don’t have good content, it reflects poorly on the overall quality of your brand.

Content equals leads

Great content isn’t just of interest to your audience; it’s also a great way to generate leads and increase sales. If people read your content and enjoy it, they’ll be more likely to avail themselves of your services. It makes sense; if people feel respected by a brand, then they’ll have a more positive opinion of that brand, leading to better engagement and a better understanding of the brand’s values. Creating great content isn’t just its own reward, after all.

Content boosts SEO

SEO is one of the fundamental principles of digital marketing and modern web design. If your site isn’t optimized for SEO, you don’t stand a chance of becoming well-known on the internet. Content is a huge part of how Google and other search engines rank your site for SEO; if you have good content that’s well-structured, well-written, and hitting all the important keywords, you’ll be ranked better on Google. If your content isn’t good, you’re setting yourself up for a fall in this incredibly important area.

Content establishes authority

Any brand or business worth its salt wants to become or be seen as a leading authority in its field. If your business sells PC peripherals, for example, you want to be seen as knowledgeable when it comes to those devices. Content helps you to achieve this goal. Writing articles about your chosen product, or creating videos showing consumers how to use them, shows that you’re engaged with your service and not just looking to make some money.

Content does your marketing for you

Your goal as a business should be to get consumers to spread the word of your existence without doing much work on your part. You can achieve this using content. If your content is good enough, people will share it apropos of nothing; they won’t need your campaigns or marketing to tell others about you. This is, in essence, the Holy Grail of marketing; you’re spreading word without actually doing anything. Creating great content means a huge amount of your marketing is being done for you.

Content creates relationships

Building relationships with customers is important if you want to create a lasting brand. That’s where content comes in. They’ll look to you for quality, authority content if you keep creating it, and by extension, a relationship will be created between them and your brand. If they look to you for good content, then it stands to reason they’ll also look to you for great services or products. This is the essence of good content marketing; constructing relationships by crafting quality content.

Content shows people you’re not like the rest

Everyone will be trying to create high-quality content and corner that market. You need to show customers that you’re not like the rest. It’s important to engage in market research to discover what your competitors are doing, and set yourself apart from them using your content. Often, the only thing that differentiates one business from another is the quality of its content, especially if both businesses are selling something similar. That’s why you need to nail the content you create.

Content helps build links

Backlinks are one of the most important aspects of bringing in online traffic. A backlink is a method by which other sites link to your page; the more organic the backlink, the better, as it shows Google that you’re an independent authority that’s worth linking to on any given topic. Good content generates more backlinks by necessity because if the content is great, more sites will find it and want to link to it. There’s no better way to get backlinks and other authority links than simply to create excellent content.