The Best pottery classes in London, UK

pottery classes in London
The Best pottery classes in London

Creating ceramics and pottery crafts out of imagination is far better than double-tapping on posts on social media platforms. The Pottery classes London have made way for those interested in learning the art of pottery. Many artisans conduct classes and workshops at their studios. The duration of the courses varies, depending on the prior knowledge and skill of the learner.

Professional potters teach distinctive techniques to the learners and share tips to create a perfect art piece. In this article, the pottery classes suitable for beginners or intermediate or advanced level in all four directions of London are covered.

Few best classes and pottery courses London are listed in the following points:

  • The Kiln Rooms: This pottery studio is located at Peckham. This studio is an open-access member’s studio. It has three studios in total in the Peckham Levels. The 4-week or 12-week course is offered at a beginner level; the 12-week course is for intermediate level and pottery Workshop London for advanced-level pupils. Other courses are like the afternoon taster sessions, drop-ins, and masterclasses. The sessions include all the basic techniques of balling and crafting desired shapes. They have a professional studio that can be rented to professionals.

Price: Starts from £85.

  • Crown Works Pottery: This East-London pottery studio is located at Bethnal Green, London. Apart from training the people, they have nine permanent full-time potters creating exquisite ceramic pieces to put up for sale in the shop. This studio is perfect for beginners and intermediates. One is taught weighing, balling the clay, to placing and shaping it differently on the wheels in the sessions. This studio helps one to master their pottery skills with their intensive throwing courses. Weekend courses of one or two days are also offered. The most chosen course is the four evenings in a 1-week course. The class seats are limited to 8 people per session.

Price: Starts from £55.

  • Kana London: This pottery studio is located at 5A Gransden Avenue, Hackney, London. This is best for beginners to discover their likeness and skills. The artistic pieces are organically handcrafted; wheels are not used. They focus on crafting useful pieces to be used in the home and kitchen. They prepare you to make your own set of tableware. Classes in the form of a single session or three sessions per month are offered. Workshops for crafting clay mug, breakfast set, dinnerware are offered. In the three- week workshop, one will be capable enough to make their whole tableware set. Each session only permits 10 people.

Price: Starts from £55.

pottery classes in London
  • Turning Earth: This pottery studio is located under the arches of Hoxton station at Argall Avenue. This place is the best stop for both mastering the art and for beginners. The long-term 6 or 12-week course for beginners is offered. They teach hand-building as well as throwing down on wheels. The whole process of crafting is meticulously taught. This will be ideal for those pupils who are serious about taking the art as their career or even as a passion. Once the skill is mastered, they can become a studio member to gain access to 15 hours per week in the studio.

Price: Starts at £300.

  • SkandiHus: This famous pottery studio is located at De Beauvoir, Hackney. This is one of the Pottery classes in London, which is inspired by the minimalistic Scandinavian designs. Most of the pieces are recreated from the studio clay. One will be taught the hand-building techniques, which include coiling, pinching, and slabbing. Weekdays or 6 and 12-week courses are offered to beginners and intermediate-level learners. Other courses are like the taster sessions, drop-ins, and workshops. The weekend class runs the handcrafting sessions. Only 12 people are permitted per class.

Price: Starts from £45.

  • Jess Joslin: The plant-filled studio is located at Stepney City Farm, London. They will enrich the learner with the knowledge of the finishing stages. This studio will help one to hone their skills. Jess Joslin offers beginners and taster classes at the weekend. The 4-day intensive course covers the fundamentals of throwing, utilizing different clays, and creating various shapes. Private lessons and advanced-level courses on the weekends are also available. In the follow-up classes, 10 different glazes are offered. The customized tableware courses are aimed to craft coffee pots, plates, or jars. This pottery class will help one to build up their confidence.

Price: It starts from £55 for a taster class.  

  • Clover Lee: This pottery studio is located in South Wimbledon, London. Weekly classes for beginners, private lessons, and masterclasses are offered. The one-day, 12-week throwing course and the Japanese Pottery course are the most popular ones. She ensures high-quality teaching in these sessions. She prefers to utilize different firing techniques like pit-firing and raku. Even pottery parties are thrown. One can take their best three clay pieces home.

Price: Starts from £65.  

  • Ceramics Studio Co-op: This South-Eastern pottery class in London is owned and organized by the artists who work there.  This community workshop aims to make ceramics and pottery more usable. Evening classes, weekly and weekend classes are offered to amateur as well as professional artists. All the essential elements of ceramic making, centering, and throwing are taught. They train their pupils to throw in the wheel, glazing and kilning. They offer 12-week courses as well as one-off workshops.

Price: Starts from £57.  

  • Islington Arts Factory: The ceramicist Kayley Holderness teaches the basics of throwing on wheels. The four-week course will enrich one with a deep understanding of basic hand-building and other techniques like throwing down. Learners will be allowed to experiment with their stunning piece with a plethora of clay, textures, and decorations. The evening classes are kept aside only for the advanced-level ceramics-lovers and potters.

Price: Starts from £175 for a 4-week course.

These ceramic studios are the best go-to places for interested beginners, amateurs, or practiced makers. Due to the high demand for this art, seats are always filled. So, advance booking is recommended. Get yourself enrolled in these classes, buy an apron, and get excited!