5 Stylish Winter Coats to Help You Brave the Cold in the UK

Stylish Winter Coats

As the weather gets colder, you may want to throw your style out the window and get the warmest coat from your wardrobe.

You know one now, this year when you discover that fashion and function work together, it’s time to get the coat to collect dust. From discreet trench coats to practical raincoats to trendy cocoon coats, here is the perfect outerwear to update your winter wardrobe.

Whether you’re investing in just one or buying an entire batch, these coats will turn this cold season into the most stylish.

1. Trench coats

Winter Coats
Trench coats

Trench coats are an essential wardrobe item for all women. Despite starting life as a British Army raincoat, this understated style has become a feminine classic for women around the world.

If you don’t have one yet, make it the season to invest this season. The lightweight and weatherproof style is perfect for winter entry and exit and can be worn on anything.

Dress up with jeans and sneakers during the day and dresses and heels at night. It is one of the best warm winter jackets for women.

2. Coat and belt

Winter Coats
Coat and belt

If you’ve ever wanted to wear a robe outside the house, this is the coat style for you. The front of the double-breasted and belted coat has additional material for layering zips for added warmth.

Next, a thick fabric belt is tied at the waist to define the shape and maintain a feminine and sophisticated look. This robe-like style is perfectly warm for the warmest winter coats and comfortable for anyone to wear, but if you’re not tall, consider wearing a heel.

3. Mac and waterproof

Winter Coats
Fisherman coats

The raincoat is not the old one. They are so good! The era of oversized shapeless yellow fisherman coats is over. Think of trendy colours, cute patterns and stylish shapes.

Whether you’re wearing wells or high heels, you have a warm winter coat that suits your style. Choose a long, slim style if you want a sleek look or a short length for casual daywear.

Then place a layer under the knitwear to protect it from rain and cold.

4. Parka and anorak coat

Winter Coats
Parka and anorak coat

Parka and anorak coats tend to end in the thighs, are loose and have a drawstring waist anorak. Thick and sometimes made of waterproof material, both styles tend to have a hood and zip/snap button closure.

This laid-back style is traditionally found in khaki and army green shades, adding a slightly masculine touch. This style is perfect for both casual and urban looks and goes very well with black skinny jeans and boots.

Choose anorak on warm days and down or shirring hoodies on cold days.

5. Pea coat

Winter Coats
Pea coat

Pea coats are classic style outerwear for both men and women. Originally worn by sailors, this traditional wool coat is well-designed to keep you warm in the winter and looks perfectly trendy.

The pea-style coat, which has a wrap front and is usually finished just below the hips, can be stylishly added to any outfit.

Wear this style with your pants to offset long shorts and add a contrasting sweater underneath to give your style some dimension.

Here are some features  

1. Look for a removable hood.

Hoodies are a great option for winter coats, especially if you live in cold regions. However, you may not always want to wear a hood. When it’s hot, the hoodie can be bulky. Find out if you can find a jacket that suits your style with a removable hood. This expands the use of the coat.

2. Look for stylish extras that add warmth.

There are various extras that come with a particular coat. Look for extras that do more than just aesthetic purposes. Extras also need to add warmth.

3. Find a coat with a storm flap.

It is important that the zipper is covered with a wind flap. If you live in extreme weather conditions or windy areas, the wind can pass through the zipper. Windbreaker flaps are essential for your winter wardrobe.