Christmas Outdoor Decoration Ideas

Christmas Outdoor Decoration Ideas

It is the most wonderful time of the year. We all wait all over the year for this festive time. And, this is the time for gatherings, parties with family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc.  This is the time for making sweets, watching movies, and Christmas decorations. Your front yard is ready for decorating. There are a lot of Christmas decorating ideas; there is no limit to what you can create.

To enhance your artistic thoughts, here we have put together a list of some innovative Christmas outdoor decorating ideas. Pick anyone from the list to bring seasonal cheer to your doorstep.

Classic outdoor Christmas Decoration

From simple wreath ideas to classic Christmas door décor ideas, we have put together the most charming Christmas outdoor decorating ideas. By picking one from them you can create this Christmas the most magical one!

1. Christmas Porch Decoration

Christmas Porch Decoration
Image source: Wayfair

You can use the string lights for wrapping the railing and your staircase. You can decorate it with greenery or can match it with your roof light. If you don’t want matching lighting with your roof lights then you can contrast it.

Or, you can pick three colorful string lights to make a stunning light-filled Christmas collage.

2. Light-wrapped trees

Image source: Christmas designer

One of the best Christmas outdoor decorating ideas is wrapping the outside trees with string lights. The perfect string light is mini lights for the trees. But for greater impact, you can also use C7 or C9 light strings.

3. Look at the stars

Look at the stars
Image source: Family holiday

You can decorate your balcony or yard with sparkling starlights. It will give a truly festive feel and these can be used throughout the year for any celebration. Lights are the perfect way to illuminate the outside of your home in the winter.

You can also decorate your garden with these starlights to transform your garden into a magical winter wonderland.

4. An amazing wreath on the door

An amazing wreath on the door
Image source: the English home

You can style your front door by hanging a beautiful handmade wreath. You can add a touch of greenery to the exterior. You can also add some mini lights to sparkle the brightness when the daylight will fade.

5. Front door with foliage

Front door with foliage
Image source: Ideal home

You can wrap a foliage arc around your front door and decorate it with some baubles, balloons, and ribbons. Also, you can wrap it with outdoor fairy lights. You can add a greenery look by choosing any type of bushes of your preference.

 Hang homemade natural foliage to complete the outside look for the coming festival.

6. Welcoming windows

Welcoming windows
Image source: Pinterest

You can hang grapevine wreaths on each of the windows to style the outside Christmas decoration with simple charm. Wrap them with string lights to add sparkling.

 You can hang them from the windows using a red colored ribbon. You can use the pine springs to tuck the wreath.

7. Gorgeous green

Gorgeous green:
Image source: Shelterness

The fun and excitement for the holidays begin with decorating a pine or fir tree. Some people have these trees in their yards and some people plan to grow their Christmas trees at home. You can also purchase a huge artificial Christmas tree for outside decoration. It doesn’t matter whether it is real or artificial.

You hang some sparkling lights, baubles, balloons, stars, and droplets, at the end of the branches. You can also put a red bow at the top of the branches. This would be an amazing Christmas outdoor decoration idea to add holiday curb appeal.

8. Light up the pathway

Light up the pathway
Image source: Amazone

You can create a charming outdoor Christmas scene by lighting up the pathway with some beautiful lights. You can make a frosty path for welcoming your guests by setting up pathway border lights. A row of white lights will create a celebratory atmosphere on Christmas night.

9. Fairy lights around the bushes

Fairy lights around the bushes
Image source: Pinterest

Use some fairy lights around the bushes and the hedges, Add an element of fun. You can drip battery-powered fairy lights around the bushes to add a whimsical feeling to the overall effect. Christmas is party time; so the better way you can decorate outdoors is by twinkling lights also.

10. Wintry Candles

Wintry Candles
Image source: Kindred fires

Put some amazing candles on the lawn. Light up the candles and sense the rhythmic feel of the winter festive night. You can also put candles in front of the bushes that will enhance the Christmas luminaries. This will be the perfect texture for an evening Christmas celebration.

11. Wrap the front door

Wrap the front door
Image source: pinterset

Style your front door with a huge ribbon, tied like a bow. This cozy outdoor decorative idea is easy to make a wow statement for your exterior decoration. This is a trending outdoor decorative idea for Christmas for a few years.

You can use a light weighted material in two lengths. It must be long enough to drape top to bottom a long way and across horizontally. Staple the material on the edges of the door to keep it in place.

The wrapping of your front door seems to be a gift to the outside.

12. DIY outside Christmas accessories

DIY outside Christmas accessories
Image source: Gathered

You can hang some DIY Christmas beach balls to complete your outside Christmas decoration. You can opt for this theme decoration for your yard this coming festive season.

These decorative pieces can be made in your home with some easily available things. For making this beach ball you only need huge plastic balls, a daily used container, baling wire, spray paint, a garden hook, and a knife.

You can use the containers for hanging and color the balls with spray paint. It will be the most innovative Christmas outdoor decoration idea ever. 


There is a variety of ways to make your outside look festive; from sparkling lights to DIY accessories and more.

You can choose from the list to décor your outdoors for this Christmas for greeting your guests and neighbors.

Even if you are going away for Christmas, take pleasure in décor outside for everyone that passes to enjoy!