10 The Worst Places You Can’t Live in The UK


It is a moment of pride for cities ranking among the top-rated ones in any country. However, when the contrary happens, it is not such good news. Recent annual reports in the UK have shown shocking results.

Some cities have consistently ranked among the worst places to live in the country. Various factors play a significant role in determining the locals’ dissatisfaction level while living in these places; hence such drastic feedback is reasonably anticipated.

Ranking places on dissatisfaction and disappointment may vary from person to person in the UK. Some may find the weather uncomfortable, while others think the basic amenities are missing.

Such situations occur regularly in some of the popular cities in Britain. Here is a list of the top 10 worst places to live in the UK, as per current press reports.

10 Worst Places You Can’t Live In the UK

When talking about the top 10 roughest places in England, it always includes different reasons each one made it to the list.

Don’t be surprised to see Britain’s most famous cities coming into this list because the present scenario speaks volumes about their deteriorated situations. Here are the ten infamous cities that have unfavorable living conditions in the UK:


Worst Places You Can't Live in The UK

This city has been recently crowned as the worst city to live in the UK. This is mainly because of the rapidly increasing crime rates here.

The latest Crime and Investigation. Bureau reports show that the city recorded 54 crimes per 1000 people in 2021. It has improved with time, making the entire place unsafe to live in regularly.


Worst Places You Can't Live in The UK

Luton has adequate transportation facilities sprawling all over Britain; its sanitation properties and lack of cleanliness make it infamous. Recently Luton has received the bronze medal ranking third among the worst cities to stay in the UK.

It has also received the bad name of being “England’s toilet” as the locals constantly complain about the sanitation problems in Luton.


Worst Places You Can't Live in The UK

This city has the highest crime rate in West Yorkshire, making it one of the most troublesome places in England. The crimes being mainly sexual or violent makes the city infamous, with many regular tags given as the worst city to Huddersfield.

If you are ever planning to settle permanently in Britain, you should avoid this city as much as possible to lead a safe and secure life.


Worst Places You Can't Live in The UK

Whenever you talk about vandalism, drugs, and theft in Britain, Bolton is the first city that comes to the forefront. Recently, it has consistently made headlines about being the worst city related to many crimes here.

The teenagers are the ones who are primarily targeted and become the victims as well as assaulters of the committed crime.


Worst Places You Can't Live in The UK

This city has the poorest rates of unemployment and income stability. You will also face numerous troubles related to sanitation and cleanliness if you start living in Sandwell permanently. The city also grabs headlines now and then for having a high mortality rate.


Worst Places You Can't Live in The UK

One of the main reasons Peterborough has consistently ranked among the poorest places to live in the UK is its isolated nature.

It is completely detached from the rest of Britain, making it difficult to establish strong communication with the significant parts of the city. Moreover, it is not a good place to settle your life with utmost safety and security because crime rates are high.


Worst Places You Can't Live in The UK

The Personal Wellbeing reports in the UK claim that the people in Corby are the unhappiest in Britain. It is mainly because of the Brexit issue that has been doing rounds in recent years. There is no fault in Corby’s geographical vicinity or its amenities.

What it mainly needs is proper communication between people regularly. You will not be able to enjoy Corby’s community programs and social activities. It will make you socially degenerated.


Worst Places You Can't Live in The UK

Reports claim that Slough is like the “Brutalist Jungle” in the UK. It is because it is not only dull to stay in this city but also dangerous.

You will face constant troubles and anxieties regarding your safety and security. Therefore it is not a good place to live with your family members, especially with elders and children.


Worst Places You Can't Live in The UK

Being the most deprived area in Britain to date, Jaywick is one of the worst areas to live in. It was initially an agricultural town with no significant modern features.

However, what is most striking is the fact that it has not undergone any substantial changes over all these years. It remains a rough and rigid place that is unsafe for regular residents.


Worst Places You Can't Live in The UK

The city of Bradford is known to be highly expensive without any such accessible amenities regularly. Unemployment rates are also high, which adds to the trouble of the commoners looking for a stable and better standard of living.

Whenever you start looking for a house in Bradford, you will need more budget even if you want a luxurious one. Therefore, it is always better to avoid such places like Bradford, which has been ranked among the top 10 roughest places in England.

Suggest to me the name of the best area for living in the UK.

Ans- North Berwick in East Lothian is the general best spot to live in the UK, as per a yearly rundown distributed by the Sunday Times.


After learning about the worst cities in the UK in detail, let’s look at some of the minor changes necessary. Studies show that basic amenities can be altered to bring about positive alterations.

What Britain lacks is the equitable distribution of resources over major areas throughout the country. Moreover, the administrative reforms have yet to be imbibed into every state in the UK, which is why such dire consequences have happened.

Therefore, the worst places to live in the UK can eventually be developed into the best ones to stay in. What is required is an organized approach to improve British society at present.