7 Low Calorie Biscuits for Weight Loss

Low Calorie Biscuits

A single regular biscuit supposedly provides 73 calories, simple sugars of 2.6 grams, a reasonable 3.2 grams of fat, and high amounts of sodium. It adds up to around 150 calories overall.

If you are conscious enough to consume only oats biscuits, since you want to consume the healthiest biscuits out there, you will be surprised to know that three regular oat biscuits give off about 120 calories, 3 grams of fibre, 5 grams of fat, and almost 2 grams of protein.

What are Low calorie biscuits?

Low-calorie biscuits are the kinds of biscuits that have carbohydrates replaced instead of the usual fats present in normal biscuits. These biscuits are usually associated with weight loss plans for people who cannot help but munch on the occasional biscuit now and then.

Do Low-calorie biscuits Help in Weight Loss?

If your body mass index stands over 30 (which is generally called “obese”), then very-low-calorie diets that include low-calorie biscuits (such as low-fat biscuits and low-sugar biscuits) may enable you to lose about three to five pounds in a week.

It amounts to a total average weight loss of 44 pounds within 12 weeks.

7 Low calorie Biscuits That Help in Weight Loss

Fox’s Officially Low-Fat Apple Crumble Cookies

Fox's Officially Low-Fat Apple Crumble Cookies

Fox’s Officially Low Fat says it all through its name. It is, in fact, officially low-fat and also officially the best low-calorie biscuit here.

The claim made by Fox that their biscuits are “officially” low fat is per the Food Advisory Committee’s directives and regulations on fat levels. It rules that consumables must comprise 3 grams or less fat every 100g to be considered low fat.

Nevertheless, Fox maintains a decent balance of moisture and sweetness, whilst not becoming too soggy. It does have a flavour associated but it doesn’t outstay its welcome.

All this and the fact that it consists of such low calories per 100g as a good-sized cookie makes it worth it.

McVitie’s Light Milk Chocolate Digestives

McVitie's Light Milk Chocolate Digestives

It might seem to misdirect because neither the chocolate nor the biscuit suggests that this is a reduced-fat version. Quite contrastingly, McVitie’s Digestives is an excellent alternative to low-fat biscuits.

It does not feature that meek salty aftertaste that most digestives leave. These biscuits are slimmed down and rank around the top of the list of healthiest biscuits.

A single milk chocolate digestive comprises 31 calories, a great number for a biscuit.

They further comprise 1.9g sugar, 0.06g salt, and 1.5g fat, with considerably high nutritional value.

The best thing about these biscuits is that you can munch down on two of these things and it will still be fewer calories consumed than a normal-sized biscuit.

Maryland Reduced Fat Choc Chip Cookies

Maryland Reduced Fat Choc Chip Cookies

Maryland is a pioneer in healthy biscuits that has not seemed to sacrifice flavour along with its fat content.

Although it is relatively small compared to other brands, it does not do badly for a healthy biscuit that has chocolate chips.

However, one should be aware that these cookies are not low-sugar biscuits.

Speaking from a nutritional point of view, these biscuits are a lot healthier for you than most. You can also avoid ten extra calories by choosing the sugar-free pack instead.

Its new no-sugar version comprises 94 calories for every two biscuits, compared to the sugar-loaded pack’s 104. Moreover, it has added artificial flavours, colours,s or preservatives.

Tesco Reduced Fat Digestives

Tesco Reduced Fat Digestives

The blandness of a good digestive is what you will expect from Tesco but never actually receive or be disappointed due to their sheer recipes which manage to nail every biscuit as delicious yet somehow, really healthy.

The first thing to notice about Tesco Reduced Fat Digestives is that it is hard to acknowledge the fact that they are low-fat biscuits as well as low-sugar biscuits.

This is because its astounding taste quite easily fools the mind along with the tongue. It has a very low amount of fat per biscuit. You can much on these biscuits guilt-free since they rank as the lowest in sugar content.

Furthermore, the malted milk’s version also has low sugar and low saturated fat content. All in all, these biscuits are a no-brainer.

Waitrose Reduced Fat Stem Ginger Cookies

Waitrose Reduced Fat Stem Ginger Cookies

Waitrose Reduced Fat biscuits contain at least thirty per cent less fat than usual, standard Waitrose biscuits.

The prices and nutritional content of Waitrose Reduced Fat biscuits are almost identical to the range of values of other products such as Sainsbury’s Basics, Asda SmartPric,e, and Tesco Value.

Waitrose Reduced Fat Stem Ginger performs impressively for healthy Low-Calorie Biscuits. The chewy ginger fragments included quite moderately with each cookie make up for a smooth flavour and a decent texture.

Although it does have a sufficiently noticeable, salty kick of an aftertaste, its significantly low-fat content does more than it is supposed to.

Marks & Spencer COU Apricot, Raisin & Honey Cookies

Marks & Spencer COU Apricot, Raisin & Honey Cookies

If you have ever tried following a diet or tried to consciously habituate and eat healthier, the first and foremost thing that we remove from our daily intake is snacking.

Marks & Spencer’s biscuits defy this fact with their COU Apricot, Raisin & Honey Cookies. With these cookies, you can much on what you fancy while staying on track with your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

The cookies are of a fascinating and mixt texture along with a delicate cakey base. It tastes crunchy due to the chewy fruit and the sugary pieces included (not a low-sugar biscuit).

However, the taste of these biscuits is not great, they are bland with a lasting aftertaste and a little too sweet to be one of the healthiest Low-Calorie Biscuits.

Weight Watchers Oat Digestive Biscuits

Weight Watchers Oat Digestive Biscuits

Weight Watchers Oat Digestive Biscuits stand out from this pack as it is seemingly the one with the sweet (quite literally) touch of homemade-ness to it.

These biscuits are not exactly the pioneer in maintaining a great taste (they are digestives after all) but they are very sweet.

Although Weight Watchers Oat Digestives are not the healthiest of the bunch, they are more suited for you if you have a knack for dry aftertastes. They are certainly not that low on fats or sugar, to say so.

What biscuits can I eat for weight loss?

Ans- Rice cakes, oatmeal cookies, and digestive biscuits are some options to consider for weight loss.

A Final Word

This article is a fair attempt to highlight the wide range of biscuits manufactured in the low-fat style. While some are altered versions of non-healthy biscuits, they are relatively healthy and nevertheless tasty snacks.