5 Top Movies about Cars


Moviegoers and people who appreciate good movies can get lost in the variety of films featuring the latest car brands. A lot of interesting plots involve not only acting but also the presence of expensive cars in the frame.

Luxury cars are often considered the cherished dream of lots of people, thanks to which films showing cars from new collections get additional fans. Sometimes it may seem that the main role went not only to the artists but also to the machines.

All of you are aware that nowadays there are plenty of possibilities to experience this in real life. Even if you think that buying a luxury vehicle is not the best solution then you can easily rent a car!

Various rental services worldwide from the USA to the UAE can offer you numerous cars for hire, no matter if you want to try Bentley rental Dubai or rent a sports car. This is a city of beautiful scenery, hotels, and luxury cars. The top high-quality and interesting films about cars are presented below.

#1. The Fast and the Furious (2001)

Probably the most famous film about street racing, which at one time was watched practically by everyone. Brian O’Connor is a talented racer and, concurrently, a policeman.

His task is to ingratiate himself with the leader of the local street racers gang, Dominic Toretto. But the more Brian joins this team, the more he gets into their carefree lifestyle.

Why is it worth a look?

This film is a classic of this genre, combining a strong detective story, romantic scenes, and spectacular action racing with lots of tricks.

#2. Need for Speed (2014)

Based on the computer game, the film tells about an auto mechanic and street racing participant Toby Marshall. The death of a friend, the deception of a competitor, two years for manslaughter – and now he is ready to take revenge on the enemy by beating him at an elite underground race, at the end of which the winner gets all the cars of the participants.

Why is it worth a look?

There is a minimum of computer graphics, and maximum participation of the best racers and Hollywood stuntmen who make stunts and races more realistic

#3. Ford v Ferrari (2019)

The film, based on real events, is partly a production, and partly a sports drama about how in the 1960s Ford was going through a severe crisis, slowly closing factories and laying off workers. The corporation needed a breakthrough to attract the attention of upper-class buyers.

The invention of the Ford Mustang bore fruit, but to strengthen the position, it was also necessary to get the championship in the French race “24 Hours of Le Mans” and win them a fast and stylish Ferrari.

Why is it worth a look?

The film is very eventful, there is not a single extra minute in it, not a drop of delay, and it constantly keeps in suspense. It deeply reveals the theme of the struggle of the individual against the bureaucratic-corporate world.

#4. Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)

A Hollywood remake of the 1974 film of the same name. The plot centers on Randall Rains, a former hijacker, and now a law-abiding citizen who is forced to return to his hometown to help his younger brother Kip.

In the past, he was known for his ability to steal a car in exactly 60 seconds. This is what he has to do since Kip did not fulfill the order of the criminal authority for 50 expensive cars.

Why is it worth a look?

For the sake of a wonderful cast with Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie in the main roles, whose romantic line, however, loses to the love of the main character for high speeds, endless roads, and beautiful cars

#5. Rush (2013)

The story of the legendary rivalry in the world of sports between two outstanding racing drivers of the 60s-70s. Risk versus calculation. Recklessness versus caution.

Their rivalry will reach its peak during the 1976 race when they will already get to know each other inside and out and sit in cars with approximately the same power. And then at a deadly speed, when their whole life flashes before their eyes, they will understand what their similarities are.

Why is it worth a look?

For the sake of cool camerawork, creating an epic spectacle of the motorsport championship, and this is not an unfounded remark – cameras are filmed from everywhere: from the pilots’ helmets to the roofs of cars, making something exciting out of a monotonous race around the circle.

The best films about cars are not only action movies with an exciting plot and collisions of elite cars. The favorites are films with incredible races and narratives about the difficult fates of the main characters.

Among the pictures in which cars occupy an important place, you can choose good comedies suitable for viewing with the whole family.