Customer Retention Strategy: why you need one

Customer Retention Strategy

It is a well-known fact that getting current customers to buy again is easier than gaining new custom. For many businesses, particularly eCommerce, re-engaging your customers is the way to boost conversion rates and increase profitability. 

Customer retention is defined as the processes and procedures a business puts in place to increase repeat customers. Offering your customer an incredible customer experience will entice them to stay loyal and buy into your business. The more this occurs, the more valuable customers will become as they continue to devote their time and money to your company.

Ecommerce SEO agency must work on their customer retention to keep customers wanting more. Often, businesses will create a customer retention strategy to finetune their customer relationships and maximise profits. So, how important is a customer retention strategy and why should you implement one in your business? 

Customer feedback 

Listening to customer feedback is essential when improving your customer experience. As the ones using your eCommerce site, they have the direct experience that you should listen to. Being a company that values their customer and pays attention to their experiences is essential for success. 

There are many ways eCommerce businesses can gather customer feedback. Onsite areas can be built specifically for onsite customer reviews. These reviews could be about specific products or your business generally. Often, reviews are published publicly which means customers can also see your responses. Publicly acknowledging customer feedback shows your companies cooperation and willingness to progress as a business. 

Post-purchase care

Following customer feedback, post-purchase care is crucial for helping your customer feel valued. Whether they have feedback, issues, or questions, supporting your customers post-purchase will increase the likelihood of them using your business again. 

There are many ways to provide excellent post-purchase care for your customers. However, arguably the best is email marketing. Implementing email marketing into your customer retention strategy is a great way to maintain post-purchase communication. Combine email with SMS for best possible results.

When discussing email marketing automation strategies, Amy Birch from email marketing specialists Wired Plus states: “A huge range of companies could benefit from some level of automation. We encourage clients to think of their whole sales and marketing funnel and somewhere along the way there is a task someone begrudges, data is siloed, tracking is lost, customer experience could be improved – and it’s these parts of the funnel where we suggest automation is added.”

Reward loyal custom

Rewarding loyal custom is a great way to entice repeat custom. Customer loyalty programs offer your customer an incentive to come back for more. There are various ways to reward customer loyalty including discounts, exclusive access, access to secret sales, free gifts, and event invites.  Implementing customer loyalty schemes into your strategy is a tangible idea to boost your customer retention. The more you give back to your customer, the more they will shop with you. What’s more, happy customers will share their experiences. Therefore, you increase your repeat customer, new customers, and your business profitability.