10 High-Demand Jobs for the Next 10 Years in the UK

High-Demand Jobs

The United Kingdom is undoubtedly a land of various opportunities and a transforming world of cultures.

The UK is one of the highest economic hubs in the world. It is home to thousands of Fortune 500 companies and medium and small enterprises resulting number of graduates looking for the most demanding jobs in the UK.

You can find thousands of recruiters and corporate houses constantly looking for talents like engineers, managers, and analysts. Apart from these, there are plenty of other in-demand jobs that are waiting to be grabbed by both the locals and migrants in the country.

This article will look for 10 high-demand jobs for the next 10 years in the UK that you can try in 2023.

10 Most high-demand jobs in the UK:

Here is a list of the 10 most in-demand jobs in the UK for the next 10 years. To get hired for the jobs you need some specific qualifications as well as some relevant work experience to perform your responsibilities in certain ways possible.

#1. Software Engineer:

High-Demand Jobs

Nowadays, software engineers are ruling the world and it is one of the most in-demand jobs not only in the UK but also in parts of the world. Because of the rapid growth of tech, software engineers have always been on the rise.

The role of a software engineer is to develop and design software with the help of programming language according to a client’s needs and requirements.

Entry criteria: recruiters look for a degree in computer science, basic programming knowledge, information technology, mathematics, etc.

Average salary: approximately £60,000 per annum

#2. Business Analyst:

High-Demand Jobs

Business analysts are important resources for any business establishment due to their strategic and management skills. A business analyst acts as a bridge between the operators and the clients.

Business Analysts understand the client’s requirements and convert them into functional specification documents and then they hand them over to the development team to make the solution.

Business Analysts are found in the information technology sector.

Entry criteria: recruiters look for excellent writing and documentation skills, communication skills, and decision-making skills.

Average salary: £42,000 per annum

#3. Human Resource Director:

High-Demand Jobs

Each company has a human resource department that is responsible for recruiting employees, addressing employee grievances, dispatching salaries, managing disputes, etc. The human resource director is the head of the human resource department.

The role of the human resource director is to ensure all the employees are satisfied with their job and are aligned with the work culture. The human resource director has the responsibility to plan, design, and execute human resources initiatives in the organization. Professionals who are qualified and regularly participate in HR courses are given priority as they are always up to date with the latest developments.

Entry criteria: recruiters search for a human resource director who has at least 10 years of work experience in the human resource department and has the managerial skills to resolve issues.

Average salary: £120,000 per annum

#4. Digital marketing Consultant:

High-Demand Jobs

With the advancement of digital technology, the demand for digital marketing consultants is rising day by day. Thanks to the advent of eCommerce and because of the internet people spend more time online, and the digital marketing market is boomed.

Various companies have started their digital marketing campaigns with some experts. As a consultant in this field, you have various responsibilities to perform such as generating leads for the company, creating SEO-optimized content, designing a website, and so on.

Entry criteria: recruiters look for graduates with a degree in business marketing. You need to have a thorough knowledge of using the internet and be skilled in digital content creation.

Average salary: £45,000 per annum

#5. Cyber security Specialists:

High-Demand Jobs

Cyber security specialists are another high-demand job in 2023 in the United Kingdom. Most companies as well as government organizations express their interest in hiring cybersecurity specialists. 

As a cyber-security specialist, you will be responsible for keeping the information of the organization safe. You might be building cyber defences someday and setting up encrypted communication you may think of this job.

Entry criteria: recruiters look for graduates with computer science or related fields or extensive experience in coding.

Average salary: £65,000

#6. Project manager:

A project manager is another in-demand job in the next 10 years in the UK. Every business organization requires project managers to manage their teams and enhance productivity. A project manager needs to plan and execute a project by extracting the work of their team.

A project manager is an authority to plan, design, execute, and monitor a project from its root till completion. Only graduates with professional work experience are considered for recruitment.

Entry criteria: Recruiters look for graduates with excellent leadership qualities, the ability to extract work from the team, and project management skills.

Average salary: £45,000 per annum

#7: AI developer:

Nowadays, because of the advancements in technology, all business establishments need to be updated with time. That is why AI developer jobs are in demand in the UK. AI developers develop AI software and applications that a particular business might require.

AI developers design systems that will change as per the requirements and needs of the business based on the data collected and analyzed.

Sometimes, AI developers need to work with program developers, machine learning engineers, data engineers, and data scientists.

Entry criteria: Recruiters look for graduates with relevant subjects such as computer science, statistics, data science, and information technology.

Average salary: £65,000 per annum

#8. Sustainability officer:

Nowadays, as per the regulation by the concerned government, all industries are asked to hire a sustainability officer. The sustainability officer is not only responsible for observing a company’s ongoing ecological outlook and environmental issues, but he is also responsible for various factors.

A sustainability officer is responsible for looking after the working conditions in the business supply chain, planning for better safety procedures, etc. He also reaps profits from products that address social and environmental problems.

Entry criteria: Recruiters look for a bachelor’s or masters in the environmental science field, in addition to some working experience in any organization for years.

Average salary: £31725

#9. Healthcare professionals:

The healthcare industry encompasses all the segments of healthcare professionals who offer their services to treat patients. These services come in a variety of forms such as Nurses, Physiotherapists, and Physiotherapy assistants, to look after us.

As our living conditions and medical science have improved, chances are there to live our golden days in good health. All areas of healthcare sectors exist to provide crucial care to patients in need.

In addition, job satisfaction plays a vital role in this sector as you can feel your hard work has been worthwhile. Jobs in healthcare in the UK tend to be highly competitive salary, and these can be increased according to your experience and skill.

Entry criteria: Recruiters look for graduates in a relevant field such as nursing, physiotherapy, etc.

Average salary: £37,000

#10. Customer Assistant:

High-Demand Jobs

Though the remuneration of this job is not similar to other jobs in the list customer assistant is another high-demand job in 2023 in the UK. This job comes with lots of opportunities as every business requires customer assistance to increase their sale which leads to revenue enhancement.

The role of this profession is you need to face different kinds of customers and inform them of different kinds of offers and discounts that your company is offering.

Entry criteria: Recruiters look for high technical knowledge, and the ability to clear all the queries of customers.

Average salary: £20,000 per annum

Which jobs will be in demand in the next 10 years in the UK?

Ans- Nurse practitioners, Physician assistants, Data scientists, and Physical therapist assistants are the jobs which will be in demand in the next 10 years in the UK.


There are various equally in-demand jobs in the UK such as content specialists, accounts managers, sales agents, etc. Every job requires specific educational qualifications including working experience.

If you are lucky enough to have the required skill for any on-demand job then don’t waste your time; just apply for it. You can expect to be picked by recruiters with higher wages.

Otherwise, you can choose anyone from the list and educate yourself as per your desired job.