What is The Home Office Reference Number for Life in The UK?


Make sure the participant has their complete address, date of birth, Home Office case ID, and reason for undertaking this Life UK exam ready since the examination supervisors will enter all of this data while the participant is entering the room.

In addition, they would examine one’s picture ID as well as the fee for this examination following the checking process of the records. 

Taking the exam:

Individuals then get allocated the home office reference number, and then a computer once users have completed the initial stage of the procedure. Participants would be given directions about getting onto the computers by the testing administrator.

An example or practice exam would be offered well before the Life assessment. The outcome of such a practice session would have no bearing on the outcome of one’s examination.

Simply take it easy and pay attention when the test inspector instructs students to begin the assessment and all the details to complete it.

The next version of such a guidebook will help the users to practice the authorized guidelines as well as resources for something like the Life with UK test.

Therefore, this is preferable if users could concentrate on issues such as travel, population and youngster development, culture and ethical principles, regional languages and housing requirements, education, and work.

Moreover, make preparations to study important facts further regarding the UK where people reside, even as the examination will include particular queries regarding that as well.

Related Guidance:

If users have the home office reference number and include some additional sources of information outside the authorized guidebook, then they should think about them carefully.

Many are not acceptable, and they may cause complete confusion. Several people have been tricked into remembering solutions to bogus problems, which are very distinct upon examination.

While people may repeat the examination as many times as they like, a suitable guidebook might be helpful for everyone’s money, energy, and struggle.

What is the duration time?

The test may consist of 24 inquiries asked to enter the home office reference number. Every inquiry would have a maximum time limit of 45 minutes for answering. Make the most of one’s opportunity.

Need not hurry, since this will just lead them to make additional blunders. Constantly realize that users get more opportunities if users don’t accomplish them in the whole round. Test takers with specific medical problems can have their period extended.

While scheduling one’s exam, students need to have a health note with them. Current legal systems throughout the United Kingdom are growing increasingly complex. Get used to the Life exam, and United Kingdom test immediately, and get charged for one’s career.

Is it important to take the Life Exam?

The accomplishment of ever being a UK person seems to be a major in somebody’s career. When people want to permanently stay or become residents of the great nation, people must demonstrate that they are active and responsible members of society.

It could be accomplished by showing all the real experience required to participate in Western societies. It is the most important aspect of undertaking the life exam.

If you pass the examination

You should rack up 75% or even more to pass the examination

You’ll get a ‘unique reference number’. You’ll need this number to complete your citizenship or settlement application. The Office will certainly utilize it to inspect that you’ve passed.

If you took your test before 17 December 2019, you’ll have a letter with an ‘examination recommendation ID’ as opposed to a distinct recommendation number.

If you have shed your letter, send a letter explaining that you have lost it with your citizenship or settlement application.

If you fail the examination

You can take the examination as many times as you require. You must wait 7 days before taking the examination once more so you can prepare to retake it. You are required to book and pay again each time.

Do people have the possibility of taking tests a second time?

If someone didn’t pass, don’t be worried; everyone has the opportunity to take it again.

By practice, the users have the option to reappear for a second test, and that has the chance to apply infinite times to give the maximum opportunities for individuals whose aspiration to be residents of that same European Union.

But it would always be strongly advised for people to prepare enough to take tests before taking the test which helps in saving cost, expense, and energy. 

Can I check my visa status with a Home Office reference number?

Ans- Yes. You can check the visa status online by visiting the authority site of the visa giving power of the country you wish to go to. Moreover, you can also utilise your visa number or, application or reference number to check the visa status.


People may study by reviewing the citizenship booklet. The employment laws inside the United Kingdom are growing increasingly complex. So, taking the test immediately after planning is recommended.