FAIN (Irish Lift services) Grows In Ireland After The Purchase Of Doyle Lift Services

Doyle Lift Services

Spanish lift company, FAIN has taken long steps towards conquering a broader European market with its acquisition of Otis Ireland.

Otis Ireland is a subsidiary of Otis Elevator. It is also a lift service company that owns a more than 20% market share of the Irish market. after settling down this acquisition, Otis Ireland’s name recently has been rebranded as Irish Lift Services

Otis Elevator company is an American company that was founded in 1853, and it has a prominent worldwide presence too. It was acquired by United Technologies in 1976.

But this comes off the back of FAIN’s entrance into the Swiss market, FAIN has also operating in France and Belgium since 2014 and 2018 respectively. The business of Otis Lift services has been sold to FAIN Ascensores. 

About FAIN:

FAIN has been operating since 1972, But it was not named FAIN at that time, The FAINISA name was a spin-off from Ascensores Mediavilla.

Until 1989, the name of this lift services organization was not changed to FAIN Ascensores. After one year, it opened its Headquarters in Doctor Esquerdo in Madrid. This was the first commercial office of FAIN that focused on customer services. 

By 2003, FAIN lifts as well as corporate offices started to expand all over Spain, Catalonia, Murcia, Almeria, Valencia, and more. The expansion occurred vastly until 2013. At that time, three local French companies were purchased and a complete French expansion took place a year later.

Besides the expansion, FAIN’s initiated the most dramatic strategy that was in 2019 when they launched ION. ION was a new lift that did not require a machine room and also offered energy savings. 

Then FAIN diversifies towards the electricity supply, solar planets, and electric car charging points. The increasing involvement in electronics and saving energy enhances FAIN’s expertise in lift services all through the world.

It started to produce more energy-efficient designs which was very important in the present market. 

Doyle Lift services:

Doyle Lift Services expert in lift maintenance, refurbishment, repairs, and installation of new lifts, access platforms, and goods lifts. This company bears a reputation of 25 years, so they can resolve any lift-related issue.

Doyle Lift services provides services and installation of any kind of lift including passenger lifts, Dumbwater service lifts, and Goods lifts. Also, they offer lifts for commercial, residential, retail, and industrial applications.

Doyle Lift Services also provides annual inspections of marine and offshore lifts. They also ensure the quality, maintenance, and safety of the products.

FAIN expands in Ireland after purchasing Doyle Lift Services:

After purchasing Doyle Lift Services, Irish Lift Services becomes an expert in the maintenance, upgrading, and installation of lifts and elevation systems.

Thanks to the continuous training of the entire team, they are now able to maintain any brand of lift or elevator. The team is adapting to new technologies, which is why the team can provide high-quality service. 

Ireland Lift services now offer personalized advice on every kind of project, in addition to the accessibility, energy efficiency, improvements, new construction, replacement, and upgrading of lifts. 

Irish Lift Services Commitments:

There are various commitments are taken by the Irish Lift Services and those are endorsed by the team as well as the available tools. Some of their commitments are:

How has FAIN expanded in Ireland following the acquisition of Doyle Lift Services?

Ans- After the acquisition of Doyle Lift Services, FAIN has filled altogether in Ireland post-procurement, strengthening its presence and service contributions. Thus, it expanded its operations in the country.

Wrap Up:

Since FAIN purchased Doyle Lift services in Ireland, it has expanded in a great way. Now FAIN has become one of the leading lift services companies in Ireland. FAIN will bring you on a new journey that offers you the best quality solutions in lifts, escalator installation, maintenance, repair, and more.