An Insider’s Guide To Finding the Perfect Serviced Apartment In Singapore


Singapore is a hub for global business and attracts a large number of business travellers every year. One of the most important aspects of business travel is finding the right accommodation that can meet all the needs of the traveller. In recent years, serviced apartments have become a popular choice for business travellers due to the many benefits they offer. If you’re a business traveller, you know the drill. You fly in, you hit the hotel, you work all day, and you fly right back out. But what if there was a better way? Enter serviced apartments. These fully furnished apartments offer all the amenities of a hotel, plus a little extra: a kitchen, a living room, and separate bedrooms. That means you can cook your own meals, spread out and get comfortable, and really feel like you’re living in a city, instead of just passing through. Plus, serviced apartments often offer 24-hour reception and security, just like a hotel, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. So next time you’re planning a trip for work, consider the serviced apartment option. You may just find that it’s the perfect way to mix business and pleasure.

Benefits of Staying in Serviced Apartments in Singapore


One of the biggest advantages of staying in serviced apartments in Singapore is the flexibility it offers. Most serviced apartments come with fully-equipped kitchens, which makes it easy for guests to cook their own meals whenever they want. This not only allows them to save money on dining out but also gives them the freedom to eat what they want when they want. Additionally, serviced apartments usually offer more space than hotels, which is ideal for business travellers who need room to work and relax.


Another benefit of staying in serviced apartments is that it can be more cost-effective than staying in a hotel. While hotels may offer special deals and discounts, serviced apartments tend to remain consistently priced throughout the year. This makes it easier for guests to budget their stay in Singapore without having to worry about the costs of accommodation soaring during peak periods.

Safety and Security

Serviced apartments also offer an extra layer of security and safety compared to hotels. Most serviced apartments are private and secure, offering extra peace of mind to those travelling alone or with their families.

A Home Feeling

Just like at home, you have your own schedule. You’re able to come and go as you please without any formalities.  In addition, serviced apartments provide a fully equipped kitchen so you can make your own meals. You’ll also have access to laundry facilities and other amenities which can help make your stay more comfortable.

How to Find the Best Serviced Accommodation in Singapore

Accommodation in Singapore

1. Find the Right Location

Choosing the right location is an important factor when looking for a serviced accommodation. Consider your needs and budget to decide what area will be best suited for you.

2. Compare Prices

It’s important to compare prices when booking a serviced apartment as costs can vary depending on the location, season, or amenities available.

3. Be aware of additional costs

When researching serviced accommodation, be sure to ask about any additional costs such as cleaning fees, security deposits, or taxes that may be applicable.

4. Check the Reviews

Check customer reviews for serviced apartments before booking a stay, as this can give you a good idea of what to expect from your experience.

Get the Full Experience with Serviced Accommodation

Serviced apartment providers are upping their game when it comes to leveraging technology to enhance the guest experience. With features like mobile check-ins, smart home technology, and virtual concierge services, guests can enjoy a seamless and stress-free stay. But it’s not just the technology that’s impressing guests. Serviced apartment providers are also catering to individual needs and preferences, including offering pet care services. This means that guests can rest assured that their furry friends are being taken care of while they’re away. It’s all about providing the best possible experience for guests, and serviced apartment providers are rising to the challenge with innovative solutions and personalised services.


Serviced apartment providers are ambitiously competing to deliver the very best in hospitality and guest experience. By leveraging technology, creating personalised services, and offering pet care amenities, they’re ensuring that their guests have an enjoyable and stress-free stay. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extended holiday, serviced apartments are setting the bar for delivering unparalleled comfort and convenience.

This is why serviced apartments are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer the perfect balance between comfort and convenience. With pet care services available, guests can rest easy knowing that their beloved four-legged friends are being taken care of while they’re away. As serviced apartment providers continue to develop their offerings, it’s clear that they are aiming to create an unforgettable experience.