How to Book Furnished Short-Term Rentals in Luxembourg?


Many expats prefer furnished short-term rentals for accommodation.

The primary advantage of a short-term apartment rental over a hotel is the savings in both time and money. Apartment rentals found via online platforms may sometimes be obtained for as little as half the price of comparable hotels.

Moreover, The kitchen and pantry in a short-term rental are convenient facilities. You have complete freedom in the kitchen and meal planning is a breeze. In addition to being a healthier option, cooking at home is also considerably more cost-effective than resorting to takeout or dining out.

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What Do Short-Term Rentals Mean?

Renting out a private residence or residential outbuilding for a brief length of time is sometimes referred to as a “short-term rental.” Short-term rentals are those with a duration of less than one month (30 days), the maximum of which varies by state and region.

Resort apartments are sometimes known as transitory apartments, holiday apartments, or short-term vacation rentals.

Therefore, depending on the region, agency, or organization you’re dealing with, the response to a query like “what does short-term rental mean?”, is the following answer mentioned above.

Effective Way to Book Furnished Short-Term Rentals in Luxembourg?

If you want to book a furnished Rent Apartment in Luxembourg, then you need to keep some things in check. Let us look into some of the important considerations-

Search smart

Finding a temporary place to stay is something you need to get started on right immediately. Few rental properties are fully equipped, but in trendy areas in the heart of the city, you could get lucky. If you don’t start looking for a rental until you really need one, you can end up having to settle for a less-than-desirable location or a short-term lease.

Understand your needs

You should prioritize your requirements above your desires while searching for a lease or a short-term furnished rental. An amazing view is something that seems like a need but is really a necessity.

Bed, sofa, dishes, and maybe an addition like a TV are all part of the essentials. You’ll likely prioritize location, aesthetics, and proximity to nightlife and dining options while looking for a place to live. It’s not uncommon for goals and needs to coincide.

If you don’t have a vehicle and want to walk to work, for instance, a certain area may be a must. To that end, it may be necessary to move to an area with access to a variety of allergy-friendly dining and shopping options.

Several Varieties of Short-term Rentals

Rooms, apartments, and complete houses are just some of the many types of short-term rentals available. A residence is deemed to be owner-occupied if its owner lives there at least 51 per cent of the time. If not, the house would be classified as a rental unit. Let’s look into some of the types-

Complete home

If the owner of a rental property lives there full-time but periodically lets out the whole house for a few days or weeks, up to a certain number of days each year, the property may qualify as a short-term rental. It is also termed a short-term rental if an absentee owner allows guests to stay for a certain number of days each year.

Partial Dwelling

Another example of a short-term rental would be if a homeowner rented out a separate structure on their property, such as a guest house or garage apartment, to visitors for a limited time. It would similarly be deemed a short-term rental if an absentee owner rented out a comparable accessory home on their land for a certain number of days each year.


Renting out a portion of your primary residence such as rooms for a certain number of nights each year is an example of a short-term rental. Even if the owner were to move out of the property and into another, it would still be classified as a short time rental.


To conclude, is it best advised to narrow down your needs and requirements before you decide on a short-term rental? And if you don’t want any extra hassle in finding the perfect one for you then you can put your trust in to find you the finest short-term rental at the best price.