4 Practical Tips – Carefree Sailing in Croatia on Your Own Yacht


Imagine planning an exciting trip to Croatia, a region filled with landmarks, historical sites and a host of traditional attractions and scenery, before embarking on your own Adriatic adventure on the waves, where you can explore, drop anchor, swim, or enjoy an evening under the stars.

That sounds pretty appealing to us and if you feel the same, then you’ll be pleased to hear that in this article, we’ll be talking about 4 helpful tips to ensure that your boating adventure is as exhilarating as it is safe.

Tip 1 – Can You Really Sail Around the Croatian Coastline on Your Own Yacht?

The simple answer would have to be yes, but with a few stipulations. If you’re a holiday maker, then you’ll have access to a selection of small vessels that can be rented – but if you’re hoping to charter your own cruise ship, this won’t be an option unfortunately, especially if you were planning to dress up as a captain and command your fellow guests to do your bidding.

With that being said, plenty of rental agencies provide their boats up to a certain size, and these can be taken out onto the waves with a simple boating license.

These types of licenses include those that are internationally recognised, such as the International Certificate of Competence license (or ICC for short), which will allow you to hire a boat up to a certain size, such as one of the nicest catamaran Croatia has to offer, all without needing to go through years of training.

Tip 2 – Understand Your Options

If you want to take your own boat out, then you’ll typically have two options. The first is mentioned above, whereby you obtain a general boating license and then hire a small vessel to suit your needs.

The second is by taking on the services of a chartered vessel, whereby you’ll have a captain, possibly a crew, and the option to sit back and relax.

Companies like Boat Around offer both of these solutions, whether you choose to sail alone, or hire a captain for a tour of the local landmarks and attractions on the waves.

Sailing in Croatia

Tip 3 – Plan Ahead

Not many people wake up in the morning, decide to hire a boat and then find that everything falls into place – and that’s because these types of adventures need to be properly prepared for to ensure that everything goes to plan.

Boats aren’t always available at the drop of a hat, especially with a professional agency and to avoid disappointment, set a date for your adventure and then contact the boating company to secure your trip.

This is a great way to plan a hen or bachelor party, and we’ve even heard stories of men proposing to their wives-to-be on these types of experiences, so be sure to plan ahead to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Many boats will include particular facilities, but if you decide to take your own one out after renting it, you’ll likely need to bring your own amenities.

Tip 4 – Consider Your Budget

There are so many options when it comes to renting a boat. From smaller fishing vessels, right through to the largest cruise ships – your budget will undoubtedly come in to play when deciding on what you want to do.

The good thing about hiring a boat is that you’ll likely find the costs on a companies’ website, allowing you to know exactly what you’ll be spending before making your decision.

Even someone with a small budget could likely afford a boat like a catamaran, or even a small fishing vessel if they’d prefer to cast their line and try their luck – and many agencies provide information for renting by the hour, or by the day.

Sailing in Croatia

There you have it, 4 helpful tips and informative pieces of advice to assist you as you plan your next adventure on the open sea. As Croatia is directly connected to the Adriatic Sea, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the cool breeze, calm weather and views of the coastline that stretch for miles.

It won’t matter what you’re planning on the waves – just that you’re safe, happy and comfortable as you begin your next experience with memories that will be guaranteed to last a life time.

For more information on how to book a boat in Croatia, whether you have a license, or not, be sure to contact a reputable agency such as Boat Around to learn a little more about who they are and what they can do for you.