Compare, What is the Cheapest Way to Get to Edinburgh from London?

Way to Get to Edinburgh from London

Want to have a hassle-free journey from London to Edinburgh? You can consider the top-notch vehicle options to cover the route from London to Edinburgh.

Hiring reliable transport to reach your destination on time is extremely important. Therefore, plan the tour, choose the right site, and choose your vehicle. However, in London, you can always choose the trains for cheaper yet comfortable travel. 

Affordability matters greatly in a tour, irrespective of the distance you cover. Moreover, it can be a daily commutation option or a cool tour for vacation.

When you travel on a budget, you can save for several other things. So, it is wise to search for budget-friendly transportation that can make you relax during the journey. 

Usually, you may take trains from London to Edinburgh or choose the London to Edinburgh flights. The train route can be via the West Coast or the East Coast.

However, planes can be a faster way of travelling, and you can arrive in Edinburgh within just 1 hour and 20 minutes. Luxury buses can also provide an affordable experience for this short tour.

Therefore, learn more exciting facts about travelling through this route in this piece. I hope you will find several options for a happy travel within your budget. 

Let’s Discuss the Way to Get to Edinburgh from London.

Choosing the Right Mode of Transportation

You have to choose the perfect mode of transportation from London to Edinburgh. Depending on the touring packages, the bus from London to Edinburgh will have several choices.

Moreover, these coaches are luxury vehicle options that give you a chance to have a royal ride within your budget. It takes around 9.5 hours to reach your destination. 

Besides, the easiest and most popular means of transportation is trains from London to Edinburgh. It will take only 4 hours and 10 minutes to cover the distance.

However, only 4 hours will be enough to complete your ride in flights. The buses are the cheapest mode of transport and will require only £16 to £20.

On the other hand, you need to spend around £46 for the flight tickets. £42 is the average price for the train service.

Therefore, check the times, costs and other facilities before you choose the ideal transport. 

Budget-Friendly Train Options

Budget-Friendly Train Options
Image- Trainline

You must give importance to your budget, especially when you are planning a trip. Furthermore, the distance between London and Edinburgh is a very long one.

So, selecting the fastest and most economical option is essential. The trains from London to Edinburgh will give you a spectacular experience, especially for advanced booking.

The usual fares start from £19 if you book the tickets at least 12 weeks before. However, for immediate bookings, you may have to spend £40.

You can take advantage of the attractive deals like 10% or 20% discounts. Many companies provide these offers during weekends, festivals,  or peak seasons. 

Economical Bus Services

Economical Bus Services
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The bus from London to Edinburgh is a well-curated and sophisticated service in the UK. Moreover, you may hire these incredible coaches to cover any distance in London.

They are highly affordable and never let you get upset while on board. Besides, you can expect fast and emergency services available 24/7. The AC coaches come with stylish interiors, spacious luggage rooms, and plush seats. 

You can reserve seats in advance through online booking facilities. Furthermore, these buses can provide vocational trips and give you an affordable daily commute. 

Exploring Carpooling Opportunities

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Apart from the buses and trains, you can cover the distance from London to Edinburgh by car on the road. The 4-seater taxis and 8-seater SUVs are excellent options for this short tour.

Pool car services provide a great opportunity to travel from one city to the next at unbelievable prices. Please opt for the ridesharing options to split the whole bill among the co-passengers. This will indeed result in a considerable saving. 

Poolcars in London are safe transport options with a lot of flexibility. Additionally, they are efficient options for avoiding delays in reaching your office or school.

They can arrange for improved short trips, especially for client meetings. The costs are very reasonable and will fit your pockets quite easily. 

Flying Smart on a Budget

Flying Smart on a Budget
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Going for the London to Edinburgh flights does not always mean that it has to be expensive. You can manage something extraordinary within your budget, too.

If you are planning to visit Edinburgh from London, please choose Budget Airlines as your plane for the trip. This is the cheapest airline that takes care of your interests.

However, you will get only the basic facilities here. It is not suitable if you are looking for a luxurious fly. 

The best tips for selecting a cheap flight are:-

  • Set alerts
  • Be flexible with the dates
  • Book on the cheapest day
  • Take benefits of the flight rewards
  • Choose connecting flights
  • Check the nearby airports

Flexible Travel Dates

Whenever you are willing to travel in a budget-friendly manner, you need to have flexibility with your travel dates. Indeed, a small change can help you save more.

It applies to any mode of transportation you take. Some days can give more offers than others. Therefore, check the availability and select a date that provides you with the maximum benefits. 

However, the discounts on the costs depend on the fare base. You have certain restrictions for the flights.

They say that you will get benefits only after complying with those regulations. On the other hand, in the case of buses or trains, your schedule can let you have tickets at lower prices. 

You can get the cheapest date ideas from various websites. Some of them are Flytrippers, Jack’s Flight Club, the official government website of London, etc. 

Hidden Gems Along the Way

While moving from London to Edinburgh, you can always scout the amazing hidden gems on the way. However, it is better to explore the surroundings by travelling by train, bus, or cab.

Generally, you can take any of the two routes to reach Edinburgh. The best stops on the West Coast side can be Birmingham, Chester, Windsor Castle, Oxford, and Liverpool. 

Cambridge, Sheffield, Peak District, etc, are a few notable stops for the East Coast route. If you are touring in a car, please get down and have some interesting local food.

Admire the mesmerizing beauty of the lush greeneries. The scenic view of the route will automatically win your heart. You can visit the lesser-known tourist spots or cathedrals for a remarkable tour. Have fun to the fullest when you travel without spending a fortune. 

Accommodation Tips

It is essential to keep your accommodation fixed when the tour is not for one day. In case of a London to Edinburgh tour, look for some budget-friendly staying options in Edinburgh.

The top choices can be Holiday Inn Express Edinburgh Leith Waterfront, St. Christopher’s Inn Old Town, ibis Budget Edinburgh Park, etc. 

Undoubtedly, you have the privilege of online advanced booking at any of the hotels or lodges in Edinburgh. The best websites for this are Easyrider, Airbnb, Kayak, MakeMyTrip, etc. 

Local Transportation in Edinburgh

Want to explore the beauty of Edinburgh? Please take the local transport to know the lanes better.

Furthermore, this Scottish city will give you ample opportunities for pleasant walks across various narrow lanes. You can get the 24/7 bus facilities for a great time in different spots. 

Besides, the local trams are always an attraction for the visitors. You can check out around 15 locations by buying affordable tram tickets.

Besides, you may hire bikes and go for an independent trip. The budget-friendly taxis will also help in admiring the city greatly. 

Pack Wisely for Savings

Travelling affordably is one of the intentions when you are in a new place. Therefore, think about higher savings and pack wisely for a tour.

Avoid taking unnecessary things to cut down the weight of the luggage. Keeping the luggage within a limit is better to avoid extra fees. 

Please travel light as it lessens the checking, primarily at airports or hotels. Moreover, there will be fewer chances of losing your belongings when you take only a few things. 

Taking Advantage of Student and Senior Discounts

In London, you will get multiple discounts if you are over 60 years old. However, to avail of the discounts in rail, please get the Senior Railcard, It costs £30.

Furthermore, the students must also have student benefit cards to save a good amount on travelling in London

Please be aware of the cards and discounts available. You can get them through online websites. You need to check the validity of any card before continuing the tour. 

Planning for Deals

Early booking comes with plenty of benefits. Therefore, please plan to ensure your seats are confirmed and at low prices. Many companies provide early-bird discounts.

So, be prepared for these amazing deals. 

Always keep an eye on every promotion, offer, or innovative deal. Your trip from London to Edinburgh will be happening with every such advantage. 


Are budget airlines reliable for travel between London and Edinburgh?

Yes, absolutely. Budget Airlines are reliable and affordable options to travel from London to Edinburgh. However, they provide only basic amenities and no luxurious facilities. 

How far in advance should I book my transportation for the best deals?

It is better to book the transport at least 12 weeks in advance to get the maximum advantage of the deals. 

Are buses a comfortable option for long journeys?

Buses in London come equipped with all the luxuries and desirable amenities. So, they guarantee a smooth, affordable and comfortable long journey. 

Can I find student discounts for attractions in Edinburgh?

Yes, you can find multiple places to take advantage of the student discounts in Edinburgh. One such popular scheme is Dungeon Discount. 

Is carpooling safe for solo travellers? 

Yes. London provides safe journeys through carpooling when you can share the ride with multiple co-passengers. 


I hope you are now ready to take a tour from London to Edinburgh with more confidence. Be it the bus, train, taxi, or coach, satisfaction is guaranteed with every transport. Please intimate your criteria while booking the vehicle. Indeed, your journey will be enjoyable and free from stress. 

Keep all the updates about deals, offers, and discounts. Moreover, the special cards for old passengers and students can help greatly in travelling.