Advantages To Using Your Local London Taxi Company

London Taxi

At one time, it seemed that the London taxi transport sector was forever lost to the app taxi companies like Uber. But along with legislative reforms surrounding the gig economy, consumers have rediscovered the many benefits of traveling by local taxi companies. As a result, black cabs and London taxi companies are back in vogue with the average London passenger and in high demand. But beyond the loss of ultra-cheap fares, there are far more factors that make local London taxi companies a great choice to travel with. We’ve listed a few of our favorites below as to why local companies are the best choice.

London Taxis are Safer and Faster

Black cabs (the classic image that comes to mind when thinking of a London taxi) are safe as drivers and vehicles operate under the regulation of the Public Carriage Office, a department of Transport for London. Drivers also study to pass geography tests of London streets to know the ins and outs of the best and safest routes. Black cab and local taxi drivers are professional, which shows with the wealth of knowledge requirements.

Ease of Use

Black and local cabs can be hailed off the street, or taken from hundreds of taxi ranks across London, meaning you’re only ever a stone’s throw from your ride. Nowadays, they can also be booked and paid for by phone or the app, Gett making them easily accessible on the go. Every taxi is also kitted with a card machine these days, so payment can be made using credit, debit, or contactless cards. This is an ideal payment method in our crazy COVID times.

New Local Taxis Are Better for the Environment

London’s taxi drivers are invested in the push towards green zero-emission taxi models, which has sought to transform the fleet of diesel cars of the past into an environmentally sound taxi for the future.

Cheaper Than Apps

As mentioned previously, the cheap fares offered by the likes of Uber and Bolt have now become a thing of the past. Many younger app-using passengers are now instead of turning to Gett – The London cab app. This has provided an immensely needed comeback for the taxi companies and drivers, who are all now able to reclaim the market share after a decade. This shift and resurgence are being seen far beyond London, where local companies are now the more reliable and often cheaper choice.

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