5 Clear Signs You Need a Freight Forwarder For Your Business

Freight Forwarder

Businesses that do not have a freight forwarding specialist in their employ can make use of a freight forwarding firm instead. In fact, it is often more beneficial to do so because you will only need to pay for their services as and when you need them. That’s a good thing to know if you only deal with physical consignments every now and again as opposed to supplying services to your customers. What are the indications businesses usually experience that suggest now is the right time to find a reliable freight forwarding firm?

Logistics Costs Are Going Up

Perhaps the most obvious sign you need a freight forwarding firm to help your inbound and outbound goods to get to where they need to be more cheaply is because you are spending more and more on consignment movements. As businesses grow deliveries and supply chain operations tend to get more complex and costly to organize. What a good freight forwarding firm should be able to do is to streamline your logistical operations and make them run with fewer costs and better value for money.

Tracking Systems Do Not Function Reliably

Many haulers say they offer tracking systems for consignments whether they are delivering orders to your clients or shipping items from your suppliers to you. However, these often do not provide the level of detail that managers need nowadays. Again, this is an issue that a freight forwarding specialist ought to be able to resolve for you, thanks to their expertise in this field.

More Than One Shipping Option Is Needed

Some firms rely exclusively on one solution to fit all requirements when it comes to freight. Perhaps your company only turns to road haulage firms when it might be better off with other options? Ocean-going shipping containers are often cheaper for long-distance consignments, for example, whereas air freight is much more direct but will not necessarily be as expensive as you might think – certainly if you know what you are doing when making the necessary arrangements. Freight forwarding firms should look at all of the available options and choose the best method depending on the particular circumstances at hand.

Imports and Exports Cause Administrative Problems

Shipping within the UK is one thing, but there is a whole extra layer of red tape when you are dealing with international borders. True, customs clearing agents can help you to get the paperwork needed for imports and exports in good order. However, some freight forwarding firms, such as Barrington Freight, provide both sorts of services. According to their operations team, this means everything is handled under one roof, thereby offering a significant economy of scale to firms that operate internationally.

Goods Are Lost, Stolen or Damaged in Transit

Finally, freight forwarding know-how also means getting expertise in cargo insurance. This will mean you are properly covered should anything go wrong with your supply chain or customer deliveries. If you leave matters to in-house staff without the experience that’s required in this area you may be under-insured or even have no cover whatsoever!