Why You Should Choose Devon as Your Next Staycation Destination


If you’ve got itchy feet and are keen to travel, you may quickly put off when you read news reports of cancelled flights and look up the cost of travelling in a time of inflation. The pandemic not only increased the demand for travel but pushed up the prices too.

In this current economic crisis, a holiday abroad may be a luxury that many can’t afford. However, the good news is that you don’t have to travel far to take a holiday and make memories that will last a lifetime.

The UK is scattered with beautiful destinations, perfect for a budget-friendly holiday, to help you escape the struggles and stresses of everyday life without breaking the bank. One such beauty spot is the gorgeous area of Dorset.

A Hotspot Growing in Popularity

The General Manager at Manor & Ashbury Resorts in Devon, Neil Bevanacknowledges that in just one area you can experience breathtaking views of the endless moors while also taking a trip to nearby sandy beaches. Over the years, Devon has proved to be the perfect UK holiday destination, especially for families.

With crashing waves and rich history, Devon has captured the hearts of tourists of all kinds. Whether you want a lazy day by the sea, an adventurous trek, or a sophisticated afternoon tea in a little café, you can find it all in this beautiful area of Southwest England. Let’s just take a few of the reasons that might sway you to visit too!

  1. Rich history.

In Devon, you can find the highest concentration of both Neolithic and Bronze Age settlements. The country has been inhabited for centuries and as such, you can find ancient castles, historic fortifications, and medieval homes across the county.

People have been working, living, and enjoying life in Devon for so long that they can experience all kinds of history and culture in the county. The mining history of Devon is interesting to discover and there are many ancient sites that you can visit and experience.

  • Beautiful coasts.

Devon is unique in the fact that it is the only country that boasts two coastlines, creating a wonderful plethora of empty, secluded beaches, secret coves, and stunning ocean views. For those who are a fan of wild swimming, you’ll find the perfect spots to unplug, unwind, clear your mind and reconnect with nature. 

  • Exhilarating hikes.

There are hikes for all levels of experience in the county of Devon. You can take a walk on Dartmoor to see the dramatic landscape, climb the ancient rocks of the Tors, or take the coastal path to soak in the sights of the sea.

Epic hiking trails and hidden waterfalls are there to be found in the wonderful wilderness of the Southwest.

  • Try local cuisines.

There is a great variety of fresh food available to sample in Devon, from local cheese to traditional beers. The food of the area is delicious and comforting, especially if you get to try a cream tea! With a scone in hand and a view of the sea, you’ll really get the true Devon experience.

  • Visit cute towns and villages, and even busier cities.

There are towns and villages that date back hundreds of years ago that you can now take a wander through and enjoy. With picturesque streets, historic buildings, and the feeling of homeliness, you will want to visit as many of these beautiful towns as possible on your trip.

If you want to experience a bit more culture and liveliness, you can visit the cities of Exeter and Plymouth.