What Percentage Do Personal Injury Solicitors Take for No Win No Fee?

No Win No Fee

As a victim of an accident that might not happen due to your fault, you may be thinking of starting a case for compensation against the faulty person.

Serious injuries may cause serious health treatments that lead to massive financial expenses.

However, suing somebody may sound like a daunting step. You might be thinking about if the process is much more expensive or not. You must be worried about the cost of hiring a lawyer for your case to win. Perhaps you might be ready to start your case.

This guide will provide you with important information regarding how a conditional fee agreement may be helpful to fund a No Win No Fee solicitor.

Everything you need to know about what percentage solicitors take for personal injury no win no fee- your claim is successful

If you get injured due to somebody else’s negligence, you can claim compensation. I

n many cases, this claim can be made on a No Win No fee basis. In this case, you don’t require to pay your solicitor unless and until you get your compensation.

In this case, a percentage of your compensation is deducted to pay the solicitor. This percentage is also known as the success fee. Here the question arises” what percentage will solicitors take?”

When you work with a No Win No Fee solicitor then they may offer you to represent your claim under CFA (Conditional Fee Agreement). In this case, you need to provide a percentage of your compensation legally to the solicitor.

A No Win No Fee is a way of funding the effort of your solicitor. It means that you will be not obligated if you have lost your case to pay the solicitor. Besides, you also need not be worried about the ongoing fees. This will be helpful if already you are upset with your financial expenses.

On the other hand, your solicitor will deduct a lump sum amount of money if you win the case and your claim does succeed. You should remember that no win no fee covers damaged-based agreements and conditional fee agreements.

The damaged-based agreement is also known as a contingency fee agreement. The Damaged based regulations 2013 also has a legal cap, of 25% of personal injury cases that should be awarded to the solicitor.

A Conditional fee agreement is a category of no Win No fee arrangement. Solicitors who work under this category will charge a percentage of your success fee if they win your case on your behalf of you.

The success fee that might be charged is capped by law at 25% of your received compensation. The amount will be calculated according to the amount that you have received as compensation.

Will you have to pay personal injury solicitors to win no fee if your claim fails?

Other than the success fee, solicitors can charge certain court fees. If your case is won by the solicitors then these fees must be paid by the defendant. But, if they are unable to pay then these fees can be deducted from your settlement on top of your success fee.

However, if you use this arrangement No Win No Fee Solicitors, they can accept that they will cover these costs.

So, it is very important you need to be sure of the terms and conditions of No Win No Fee Solicitors. You must fully understand the terms of this service very clearly. You must clear the fact of how much you need to pay the solicitors if your case wins or lose.

Disadvantages of no win no fees solicitors for personal injury claims:

  • After agreeing on the No Win No Fee, if you cancel your claim and your solicitor has started working on it, you might be asked to pay the fees of the solicitor.
  • If your claims are false, or fraudulent, or you don’t cooperate with the solicitors then you also might be asked to pay the fees of the solicitors for their work.
  • If your claim gets unsuccessful, then the defendant may ask you to pay their legal costs.

Do all solicitors claim the same amount for No Win No Fee solicitor personal injury claims?

The charge for a solicitor’s service for a No Win No fee solicitors personal injury claim differs from case to case. They will charge you depending on the status of your case.

You need to clear all the doubts regarding the solicitor fee before making an agreement with the solicitor for your case.

Are No Win No fee Solicitors for personal injury claims worth it?

Without a No Win No Fee Solicitors you might be asked to pay the charges of your solicitor for their service even if your case gets failed. If you don’t receive the compensation and you are asked to pay the solicitor fee then it will be a burden to you.

Without a No Win No Fee Solicitor service you may also be asked to provide large upfront fees to start working with them.

However, if you have agreed with the solicitor based on the No Win No Fee, then these costs can be mitigated. You only need to pay if your claim is successfully settled. A success fee will be deducted from your compensation if your claim is successful.


A No Win No Fee solicitor personal injury claim means you do not need to pay any fees to the solicitors if you don’t win your case. It means that you don’t have any financial risk if you are not awarded compensation then you don’t require to pay anything.

After experiencing an accident you have to focus on various factors such as health care without having to worry about your finances.

So, No Win No Fee solicitor service provides you with an opportunity to obtain the compensation that can help you to get back to your best. There is no risk to your financial condition.