What Is Meant by The Term “Sales Funnel”?

Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is the path buyers take to buy. Depending on a company’s sales strategy, a sales funnel has three steps: the top, middle, and bottom.

Missing a sale hurts every company owner. The prospect slips out of the sales funnel after weeks of pitches and demonstrations.

With funnel page builder from Creabl, it occurs less frequently. Patched-together spreadsheets, sticky notes, missed meetings, and forgotten follow-ups leave gaps in many small company sales funnels.

Better options exist. Automation software helps fill sales funnel gaps and transform near-misses into sales.

How crucial are the sales funnel?

A sales funnel helps you understand what buyers are thinking and doing at each step. These insights help you spend on the proper marketing activities and channels, produce a relevant message, and convert more prospects into customers.

Sales funnel phases

From hearing about your product or service to making a purchase (or not), prospects walk through your sales funnel. Each prospect will assess your funnel depending on their degree of interest. They’ll consider the issue they’re seeking to address and do competitive research to ensure your service is the best.

Four key stages:


First in the sales funnel is “awareness,” where customers learn about your product or service. Your advertising, social media, or word-of-mouth may bring them to you.

How and why they travel down the funnel relies on your sales and marketing skills. You should focus on prospects in the middle and lower sales funnel phases since they’re interested.

A prospect discovering your firm is an example of awareness. Maybe they clicked on one of your adverts, read your blog, or discovered your website on Google.


Prospects will assess your brand depending on their degree of interest after they’ve learned about it. In order to make sure that your product or service is the greatest answer to their issue, they will undertake research on your competitors.


With corporate information, prospects will investigate price and packaging. In this stage, sales websites, webinars, and calls assist prospects to buy.


This step determines whether the prospect buys. The agreement isn’t lost if they didn’t. Nurture programs keep you top-of-mind.

How to set up a sales funnel for your company?

Your sales funnel can’t exist without prospects. Once you have prospects, you can use lead scoring to monitor their activity and engagement.

Here are five sales funnel steps:

Create a landing page

Most prospects will discover about your organization on a landing page. They’ll go to a landing page if they click an ad, join up for a webinar, or download an ebook. This page should explain your company’s perks (after all, this could be the one and only opportunity you have to wow prospects). Make sure the landing page offers a form for prospects to input their information, so you can keep in touch.

Give value

This is the point where you must provide something in return for your prospects’ email addresses. A lead magnet, such as an ebook or whitepaper, is a good approach to give your landing page visitors something useful.

Begin to nurture

Your prospects will have progressed from the Awareness stage to the Interest stage at this time. You may also construct an email nurturing series to deliver instructional information about your business since you have all of their email addresses from the landing page.


As prospects enter the Decision stage, provide whatever that will sway them to buy. This might be a demo, free trial, or discount.

Continue to do so

In the action phase, you’ll get new customers or learn why prospects won’t buy. Keep talking. Educate, engage, and retain new consumers. Build a nurture series to contact non-buyers every few months.

How might sales funnel management assist you?

The three most typical causes of sales funnel leaks are as follows. The good news is that sales funnel management may assist with each of these issues.

  • Getting rid of “no’s” too fast
  • Failure to follow-up
  • Quick reaction

Organized sales funnel management isn’t enough. It’s about providing each consumer with personal attention. Always follow up at the correct moments. And use not only one sales funnel management, but also use the heatmap web tool to achieve maximum results. So you can spend more time closing deals.