Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 and Beyond

Digital Marketing

If you are marketing manager, adding value to your annual sales must be one of your top priorities. To achieve your marketing goals, you must have researched the top trends in the field of digital marketing world. It is also important for you to have a better understanding of these top marketing trends if you want to build your career in the digital marketing industry.

With the fast-paced technology, it is inevitable for a marketer to attain the knowledge of the latest marketing trends and polish his skills to adapt for better business performance and productivity. The adaptations to these new changes will not only give you a competitive advantage as a marketer but to your organization as well. You will simply become indispensable for your company. Additionally, hiring a PPC agency in London can help you manage your digital marketing in an effortless way.

As we are heading towards the end of 2022, the world of digital marketing has witnessed exciting new trends especially in the areas of voice search optimization and artificial intelligence. There are tons of blogs available which highlight the top marketing trends in 2022 and beyond, but this article will be a good learning experience for you as it will touch multiple marketing trends in websites, social media and search engines. 

Few of the latest trends in 2022 are:

YouTube ‘Shorts’

The latest addition in YouTube is “Shorts” which seems quite an interesting feature that is almost similar to Instagram Reels. It enables you to create a 15 seconds or reduced short videos to grab instant attention. It is an excellent opportunity for those who are already having their existing audience on the YouTube.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has remained top-practiced marketing trends in 2022. This has proved a highly beneficial marketing strategy for the businesses by increasing their conversion rates. It greatly enhances the customer’s confidence when it comes to purchasing something online. It drives the users 50 times more than just a plain text marketing.


It is an amazing AI based technology introduced by Starbucks which utilizes the instant chat or messaging with your potential customers or site visitor. Your business can gain a competitive edge over others as with the help of Chatbots you can answer the quarries of hundreds of people at once. Around 63% of people love to use Chatbots to communicate with different brands to get every bit of information about a product or service.

Voice Search Optimization

55% of the teenage lot loves to use voice search instead of typing their quarries on internet search engines. The popularity of this trend could be well assessed by the latest designs of smartphones. Today all devices are fully voice search controlled which is a big sign of success of this new marketing trend.

AI Marketing

The AI buzzword seems to sweep in our lives fully in the future. Around 60% of the users are already using AI Chatbot to find the solution of their quarries across various websites and apps. The content we see on the social media is wonderfully-tuned by using artificial intelligence technology in UK.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR provides a unique interactive experience to the user of a real world by taking them into a real-world environment with the help of computer-generated perception information. This technology integrates the virtual as well as real world at one time which enables the user to experience a real-time interaction. In addition to that this superb AR technology perfectly displays a 3D form of real and virtual worlds. This is an extremely believable technology and as it seems that AR might outdo VR in future.