London Calling: 10 Best Websites for Renting in London

Websites for Renting in London

Staying in a new place comes with lots of challenges. One of the primary issues will be reading the accommodation. You have to rely on the local rental services for an elongated stay.

Even in a central point like London, you must have these facilities. It can be difficult to get a room overnight. Therefore, searching in advance is always recommended. 

It is essential to be aware of the London property market. This will give you an idea about the current market rates of the properties.

Therefore, you will be in an advantageous position, to buy, sell, or hire any property in London. 

This list highlights the best websites for renting in London. Take a little survey of these sites to learn the accurate rental rates. Your convenience is the primary focus of these websites. 

Benefits of Rentals in London

Most London citizens stay in these rented houses and enjoy a grand living. Furthermore, the city welcomes you with a warm heart even if you are only an occasional visitor.

To find the best houses at the best rates, you must refer to the best websites for renting in London. 

There are multiple benefits to property rentals in London. I am giving on a few of them to ensure a great stay in this city. 

  • It is easy to possess a budget-friendly apartment 
  • Repairing costs are the burden of the landlord
  • Easy moving if you make sudden shifting plans
  • Better location, as per your choice
  • Flexibility is always there

Top Websites for Renting in London

The best rental websites in London not only highlight the cheaper properties but also give an idea of the London market. So, property hunters, here is your golden chance to find out the most profitable property in London. 

Discover the best dwellings to match your expectations. The undermentioned top 10 websites will indeed fulfil your wishes. 

1. Rightmove

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Rightmove is undoubtedly one of the best websites for renting in London.  It gives tough competition to various other renting websites on a national level. You can get guidance about the best areas, safe to take a rent.

Furthermore, there are suitable rental properties for the students. The arrangement and graphics of this site give you a detailed picture of all the local areas. This is indeed a sign of great UI, ensuring an integrated view of all the London properties. 

If you are the landlord, check for the blue banner. This indicates that the site considers your property to be listed. This will fetch more customers within a short time. The renters or buyers can see your property at the top of the search results.

Besides the residential properties, this site also informs you about the commercial lands. Check out the benefits of each area before you take any of them on rent. 

Rating: 3.7 stars

2. Foxtons

Image- www. foxtons. co. uk

Want to have the latest news on London properties? This site will not betray you. Moreover, it is the largest among the best rental websites in London.

You can find more than 50 offices in this online hotspot. Filter out the regions you don’t want. It is quick and convenient. Self-customization is thus one of the pro features of Foxtons.

Check the map and you can easily draw the spots you wish to visit. Moreover, the site shows you exact locations near a particular university, mall, historic building, school, office, etc.

Therefore, you can have the most convenient location to reach your everyday junction. 

However, you should register with a unique account on the site of Foxtons. For regular updates, please download the Foxtons app.

It will help you get immediate notifications of your desired properties. Compare the prices and select the best dwelling for a permanent or temporary stay. 

Rating: 4.2 stars

3. Zoopla

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This is one of the most navigable websites to search for the London properties on rent. Moreover, all the top-notch real estate agents promote their properties through this site.

Therefore, you can get a wide range of options in different areas. Be it the prime locations or minor spots, you have the details of all the properties. 

Furthermore, most property searchers rely on the search results of Zoopla. It is considered to be one of the best websites for renting in London showing accurate results.

There is no chance of fraudulent activities or false claims.

Your search will become smoother with an innovatively designed website. It allows using filters and advanced tools to get the right property.

Get only authentic addresses of the local properties within your budget. 

Rating: 4.4 stars

4. PrimeLocation

Image- Google Play

Just like the name, this website shows only the prime locations in London. Therefore, specify your budget and get appropriate results with a click.

It displays correct property details along with the rates in every range. Of course, it is a little different from Zoopla in its way of dealing with property queries. Get enough coverage of your target locations without much effort. 

PrimeLocation is the ideal site if you are looking for premium properties. The firm has a great reputation and offers incredible rates.

London is one of the major spots you will find listed here. It focuses on the exact requirements and provides the best solutions to the buyers. Undoubtedly, it is a star in the world of the real estate sector of London. 

Rating: 4 stars

5. OpenRent

OpenRent is comparatively a newer platform among the best rental websites in London. 

However, its features and services are very attractive. You can have a transparent sales pitch on this site. Moreover, you can escape unnecessary charges and hidden fees from the agents. 

OpenRent came into existence in 2012. Within a short time of three years, it captured the market with brilliant results. It projects every London property in detail, depicting the pros and cons.

Indeed, such an accurate website is preferable for both tenants and landlords. Therefore, whether you are ready to rent an apartment, or take a rental accommodation, this is the best solution. 

Rating: 4 stars

6. Gumtree

Gumtree is one of the most user-friendly websites for London property rentals. Want to crack a fair deal without any loss? Take suggestions from this website. It provides listings not available on most of the other competitive websites. 

Moreover, Gumtree offers several safety tools to avoid scams and frauds. Although there were some issues recently, the website is now modified, and free from any scams. Find the safest way to take a property on rent. 

Rating: 3.5 stars

7. Boomin

Among the newest entries in the list of the best websites for renting in London, Booming must be on the top.

People became accustomed to this site only in 2021. You will love the tech-driven approach of Boomin.

Moreover, it highlights the best features of every property, considering your budget. The renters can access every detail faster with detailed information. 

Boomin is gradually flourishing in many other countries too. Property Playground is one of the special features on this website. You can get information regarding improving your properties and maintaining them in the best condition. 

Rating: 3.9 stars

8. Spareroom

Image- Google Play

Spareroom is a site showing you information on the availability of rooms in London. The renters have different demands.

They must display these requirements online to get the most suitable accommodation. Furthermore, you can choose your roommates. The site will show all the arrangements for a satisfying stay. 

The homeowners can give ads including different videos and photos. This will attract more customers and ensure quick access to the rooms. Have impressive views and obtain potential matches at once. 

Rating: 4.7 stars

9. Love to Rent

This site is ideal for hunters looking for the Build to Rent properties. Moreover, you will get extensive listings covering all the major properties of London.

However, it is an all-rental site. Therefore, if you are willing to buy a property, this is not the right place. 

The new developments in the city also find a prominent place on this site.

Hence, it gives insights into under-construction and well-furnished properties simultaneously. Choose your office or home appropriately without wasting much time. 

Rating: 3 stars

10. HomeViews

Image- Facebook

Are you looking for new residential buildings in London? HomeViews will provide accurate information on all of them. Please mention the locality you want and other specifics.

Furthermore, it is a trustworthy site with the comments of different residents. As a result, you will get only first-hand information on the properties. 

Moreover, there will be details about the pet-friendly developments. so, if you are planning to keep a pet, get the best solution. It offers several extra services without any charge. Refer to the innovative blogs to understand the properties. 

Rating: 4.5 stars


Which is better: a rental website or an estate agent?

It is better to go for a reliable rental website as the search is charge-free. However, if you go to an agent, there will be several hidden costs and other charges. 

Is the price for London rentals rising continuously?

Yes. Many reports indicate that the hike will be around 5.5% in 2024. Moreover, by 2028, it can even touch a higher level of 18%. This is mainly because of the high demand for property rentals in London. 


The best websites for renting in London are the go-to options for the room hunters. Moreover, you can take rentals in London for a temporary period at your convenience. The properties is London are quite expensive. Therefore, instead of purchasing, most people prefer to take the properties on rent. 

These websites feature location, features, advantages and other related information on the sites. You will have insights on both new and old properties. Therefore, solicit the support of these websites to get a suitable property within your budget.