10 Top Commercial PR Agencies in London to Promote Your Business in 2023

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If you are launching your own business in London you will require more than managerial skills and high-quality products to be a success.

A PR agency can play a vital role in elevating your communications to a level you might not achieve on your own. Top PR agencies include contacts, relationships, and expertise to obtain your public relations goals effectively and quickly.

London is a world of finance, advertising, media, culture, and just anything else beyond your imagination. Further, London is home to such top commercial PR agencies that enhance every aspect of promotions and brand communications.

From small startups to global giants London PR specialists have an impressive track record of delivering creative ways to their clients through an ever-changing media landscape.

If you need support from a top commercial PR agency then this guide is for you. Let’s take a look at 10 top commercial PR agencies in the UK that will be helpful to promote your business in 2023:

10 Top PR agencies in the UK:

PR companies promote brands through editorial coverage. PR agencies push their clients to feature in magazines, newspapers, TV programs, and websites.

The task of PR companies sometimes includes writing and distributing press releases, writing pitches, creating special events, networking, copywriting, blogging, social media promotions, and crisis management. PR agencies help to build the reputations of their clients through media.

PR agencies find the right messages for the organizations and translate these to be worthwhile through media. Besides, they can take bad news and govern the best response to lessen the harm.

Here are 10 top PR agencies to hire:

#1. City Press:

PR Agencies

City Press is one of the fastest-growing PR Companies in London. The firm was founded in 1961 and now it has 90 consultants working across its four offices.

City Press has additional offices in Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburg, and Birmingham. Over the years the firm has won countless awards including PR agency of the year, Best place to work, and consultant of the year. City Press also holds the PRCA consultancy management standard.

The team of this agency consists of many talented, skilled, energetic, multi-award winning, offering the best PR services to its clients. The main focus of the firm is to manage and nurture the reputations of its clients.

The services that they offer are marketing and communication strategy, app development, web development, crisis management, etc. If you hire this firm for your brand then they will provide you with all the guidance till you get successful in getting the desired outcome.

#2. Hope and Glory:

PR Agencies

Hope and Glory have grown to be the best PR agency in London. With a team of 70 people, the agency is a regular award winner. This Hackney-based company covers a wide range of industries, from sports and entertainment to food and drink.

As one of the best PR agencies not only in London but also in the UK, Hope, and Glory works with some of the biggest industries in the country which include Adidas, O2, Red Bull, and Ikea.

The company was founded in 2011, growing year on year, the company has an annual turnover of £7m. They offer services that cover each format of modern PR, from digital and social solutions to traditional press engagement.

#3. Milk & Honey PR:

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If you are struggling to improve your brand’s reputation then it’s not an easier task due to the competition. You can seek the service from Milk & Honey PR which is one of the best public relations agencies in London.

The team consists of many talented, skilled, energetic, multi-award experts, offering the best PR and marketing services. The major goal of this firm is to identify and nurture reputations for its clients. The company has many offices that are located in London, New York, and Munich.

The Milk & Honey team works with various companies all over the world. Client satisfaction is their top priority. You can hire this firm and order professional PR services and make your brand story more creative, innovative, eye-catching, and less complicated for your existing clients.

#4.  Hustle:

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Hustle is one of the most reliable PR Companies in London. The team consists of highly talented, skilled, experts, and working in well-known brands like Wise, The CO operative Bank, BBC, Next, Direct Line, etc. Clients get fast and noticeable results.

Hustle makes strategic plans for its clients to improve its brand reputation. So if you hire the firm you will get a result. It’s a guarantee. Not, many PR companies can do the same.

All PR activities are enabled by creative insights and professional media relations. Public Relations campaigns will provide a good impact on your business.

The list of services that Hustle offers to its clients is marketing communication strategy, app development, web development, e-commerce, web design, crisis management, etc.

#5. Berkeley communications:

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Berkley Communications is the right public relations agency in London. The team of this firm consists of expert and highly talented professionals.

The team works in a certain innovative way to bring a Hollywood touch to the highly competitive world of B2B PR and marketing communications. The team works hard to update and modify the ways of your brand storytelling.

The ultimate goal of this firm is to increase the level of your band engagement, make the web content more eye-catching,   and make the PR campaigns more powerful.

The firm offers services to its clients with brand messaging, market research, web designing, corporate identity, content creation, and internal/external communication. You can use the services of this firm to boost brand awareness and drive up sales.

#6. Pearl Lemon:

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Pearl Lemon is another reputable PR agency in London. It offers high-quality services in sales, SEO, content, and B2B lead generation.

It will be a pleasure to work with this firm; this is an award-winning PR agency based in London but the clients come from all over the earth. You must not waste your budget working with inefficient PR agencies.

Pearl Lemon will help you to grow in a highly competitive business world. The way of conducting its operations is transparent and highly effective.

If you hire Pearl Lemon then they will offer you proper guidance until you get your desired success. It is the best chance to position your company at top of the Google ranking thanks to White-Hats links.

#7. Gabrielle Shaw communications:

Gabrielle Shaw Communications offer high-quality PR services to its clients all through the world. It is a global PR agency with a high reputation.

The team of this firm work with many business and brands to help them unlock their initial purpose, cultivate their brand, boost their sales, structure their perceptions, and ensure commercial success.

The team of Gabrielle Shaw Communications focuses on designing creative communication strategies for their clients in the following sectors such as luxury, lifestyles, food, drink, wellness, travel, beauty, culture, arts, etc.

All the team members have excellent skills, knowledge, and passion to present your brand in such a competitive market.

#8. Don’t Cry Wolf:

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Don’t Cry Wolf is another public relation agency in London with an excellent reputation. The team of the agency is very ambitious and famous for approaching public relations campaigns in such a creative manner.

If you hire this PR agency for your brand then you will make your target audience pay attention to what matters.

Don’t Cry Wolf deals with many progressive brands and promotes the brands to a higher level. Some of the well-known brands for whom Don’t Cry Wolf works are Elvie, Vivobarefoot, etc.

The team at the agency has excellent skills, and knowledge, and works for the clients till they achieve their target outcome. So you can hire this PR agency, and your business can benefit a lot.

#9. Absolute Digital Media:

Absolute Digital Media is a team of qualified PR experts who works with motivation and passion. The agency has launched various successful PR campaigns in the sectors of pharma, healthcare, finance, gambling, crypto, eCommerce, CBD, and digital marketing. Each team member has a deep understanding of marketing and public relations, SEO, and paid advertisement.

If you hire Absolute Digital Media for your brand or business, you will make the best investment towards the growth and development of your business.

#10. Frank:

Frank is a reputed public relation agency with offices in London, Glasgow, Sidney, and Manchester. The team of this agency consists of qualified experts who will offer their services for your brand known on a national or international scale. You will get professional recommendations on how to deal with marketing conversations, boost brand awareness, and attract your target audience.

Frank is well known for launching PR and marketing campaigns innovatively and creatively. This will generate much buzz and a fast reaction from the target audience. After hiring PR services from Frank you can see a real difference. Your offline or online presence will be taken to a next level.


If you are eager to grow your business and build your brand reputation then a good PR agency is necessary for your brand. But finding the right PR that offers relevant services is crucial. As you can see there are plenty of excellent PR services are there in London to help with your communications need.