7 Actionable Tips to Build Your Email Marketing List that Converts


Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. And, it starts with a solid email list of your customers and prospects who might be interested in your offerings. A quality email list consists of all valid and active emails. It increases the chances of click-through rates and serves the intended purpose of your email marketing campaign.

In this blog, we’re going to share with you some tried-and-tested tips for building a quality email marketing list.

Let’s begin:

Inform Your Audience

If you can create actionable blogs with relevant information, it will help you build a good email list. You can start off by creating high-quality content that grabs the attention of the visitor. Choose a topic that’s popular and answer a possible query of the reader.

Now, add the email sign-up option at the end of the blog page. With this tactic, when your customers read the blog and want to learn more about your business, they will enter the email address in the sign-up section. Once they do, you will get a new contact for your email list!

Offers and Discounts

Discounts and offers are a great way to create a useful email list. When you offer something to the customer (in exchange for their email address), they are more likely to sign up. You can entice your customer with various things, say a discount on the subscription or free downloadable content.

But, be aware of disposable email addresses as they might want to sign-up too! Also, familiarise yourself with the possible ways disposable email addresses can harm your business to stay clear of any drawbacks.

Email Sign-Ups on Pages

As soon as a customer enters your website, you gain an opportunity of creating a valuable email list. You can add email sign-up options in crucial areas of a website, say the header or a footer, and ask them to enter their email address for updates. If a customer is interested in your website, they will enter their email addresses, and you will get a convertible email contact.

Make Your Emails Sharable

Always make your emails shareable with others. If one of your email subscribers finds something useful for their friends/family, they might want to share it with them. In that case, if your content is sharable, you may earn a new lead. Also, try to focus more on the content quality as actionable content has more power to gain leads and new customers.

Social Media Advertisements

Advertisements are a great way to grab your customers’ attention. Try and create an advertisement or simply a social media post to inform the users about discounts/offers for sign-ups. As social media has better reach, your email list is likely to be filled with valuable email addresses.

CTA Copy

CTA has the power to entice your audience’s interest. So, try to write a unique and innovative CTA that instantly makes your customers go click-click. You can also add humor and wit to the CTAs as those are more convertible and engaging to read. 

Take Your Time

Don’t rush while creating an email marketing list.  If the common methods aren’t working, take your time and try to explore other strategies. For example, instead of websites, you can use SEO to gain leads and potential subscribers. Think about alternatives that may attract leads and stick to your plans.

Try out these steps, and you will soon notice an increase in customer numbers with time.